THE BOATRIGHT REPORT- An Open Back Road Guide to The American Experience

THE BOATRIGHT REPORT- An Open Back Road Guide to The American Experience

By: Charles Boatright

Sportswriters could never get away with how the mainstream media are doing in covering politics, economy, crime, in our country, states, cities, and communities. Sports enthusiast are too savvy in their analysis to let sports writers just offer their analysis without statistics and performances. The Mainstream media don’t provide objective reporting and do their due diligence tracking down the information.

There is a lot of discussions concerning slavery that it took a Civil War that was fought to end and to reunify the United States under the program known as Reconstruction. Reconstruction gave African Americans what could only be described as a renaissance in American History for a period of 12-years (1865 – 1877). The only reason Reconstruction lasted for only 12-years was because Southern Democrats vehemently opposed what President Abraham Lincoln wanted in order to heal the secession by 11- Southern States in 1860 and 1861 that caused the Civil War.

I found it intriguing how Democrats, and particularly Biden at a Commencement speech at Howard University, has the lack of honesty and ability to accurately portray Democrats’ dark history and part in Slavery. And our Mainstream Media don’t even have the curiosity to fact check or know their American history to do honest reporting that is accurate. Then media wonder why the American people don’t trust them to report the TRUTH.

Democrats points to others and accuse them of White Supremacy that Democrats themselves instituted with Slavery and later with Segregation. History shows that White Supremacy goes back even before the 11- Democratic Southern States that seceded from the Union that were designated as Slave States. So how can Democrats and the mainstream media get Democrats history so wrong in regard to Slavery and Segregation even by a President of the United States. Let’s go back to the period of Reconstruction in 1865.

The 12-Years Period of Reconstruction and Renaissance

Reconstruction proved a very important period that if given the opportunity even being oppressed with slavery for over a century by Democrats, the African American citizens proved that they could thrive and become a vital part of society. What was impressive during these 12- years of Reconstruction, was the sheer number of African Americans that held political office as Republicans, like Jeremiah Haralson from Alabama, started businesses, and made advancements during this period Reconstruction. Reconstruction was proposed by then Republican President Abraham Lincoln as a way to heal a nation.

History shows us that the resources it takes to oppress a group of people are actually counter productive, because even when one person succeeds, we all succeed and an example is Steve Jobs with the revolution and development of PC’s. You don’t even have to go back to before the Civil War period to see how counter productive oppression is.

You only have to go back to 1930’s, during Nazi Germany oppression of Jews and others with Death Camps. The Nazi oppression of what they deemed people being undesirables actually was their downfall. The people that was sent to death camps or escaped were artist, scientist, and engineers. The U.S. G.I. soldiers wonder what they were fighting for, until they got to the death camps. Then they understood completely what they were fighting for; for those that couldn’t fight.

Democrats’ Jim Crow Law and Colfax Massacre

After Reconstruction ended in 1877, when Union troops withdrew from the Southern States, Democrats simply substituted Slavery with Segregation after Reconstruction ended. Democrats under Jim Crow Laws restricted the African Americans’ access to education, business opportunities, social interactions, and voting. The real set back for African Americans was the Colfax Massacre that occurred in New Orleans and in Memphis in 1873. Colfax Massacre was lead by White Supremacist Democrats, that was known as the Ku Klux Klan.

Reconstruction wasn’t at all popular in these 11- Democratic control States that seceded from the Union as Slave States in December of 1860 and January of 1861. This was the reason that some in the North didn’t want Southerners to hold office that soon after the Civil War had ended, because of the oppression that they feared that would occur. Northerners fears were soon realized.

Segregation continued from 1877 until 1957 when at Little Rock Central High was integrated after the Supreme Court Order. Then Republican President Eisenhower used the 101st Airborne to enforce the desegregation order at Little Rock Central High. Segregation that was imposed by Democrats was used to control African Americans in the South where Democrats simply replaced slavery with segregation that continued for 80- years after Reconstruction had ended in 1877.

Democrats still use intimidation and segregation tactics with the FBI and the DOJ on anyone that has an opposing view especial those that are African Americans. The biggest fear for Democrats is losing the African American vote.


The 12- Years of Promise of Progress

For 12- years, Reconstruction was enforced by Union Troops that occupied the Democratic Southern States after the Civil War ended in April of 1865. African Americans saw progress during these 12- years of Reconstruction, African Americans experienced what could only be described as a culture renaissance in American History. Reconstruction provided the opportunity to African Americans to realize their potential in many areas of life.

The main reason that segregation was and is a part of the Democrats playbook that Democrats still imposed is fear of African Americans making strives as individuals. Democrats other fear is the collaborations and freedom of association between people from different backgrounds would allow for normalization and understanding between people. We as Americans have more in common in our expectations of safety, opportunity, liberty, and freedoms than our differences. This collaboration and normalization will dismantle the Democratic Party’s POWER BASE and grip on a base they have neglected and under served and now are in fear of losing.

Because if people with diverse backgrounds are able to collaborate associate with each other, they are less likely to view each other with being different, with contempt and with suspicions. Because we have discovered that we all want the best opportunity for ourselves and our families. The Democrats have ignored the African Americans for over 158- years; and since the end of the Civil War ended.

It goes back to the same premise that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and I would add opportunity to that.

The Real White Supremacist Party

Democrats fought integration tooth and nail since the end of the Civil War. Democrats were all too aware of the fact that if African American integrated into society and were able to collaborate and associate with others, the Democrats would lose their influence and POWER Base. Sports is probably one of the best examples of how association and integration has been successful and has worked extremely well for all of us. We enjoy our college sports especially on Gameday supporting our teams with sportsmanship.

Poster Boys of White Supremacist are Democrats

The four Poster Boys of White Supremacist and they ARE NOT Republicans– I give you Senator Robert Byrd, a close formal friend of Biden, Governor Oval Faubus of Arkansas, Governor Ross Barnett of Mississippi, and Governor George Wallace of Alabama. The Senator and all of these three (3) Governors had something in common with each other, they were all Democrats with a (D) in front of their names.


Between 1865 to 1877, these 12- years of Reconstruction, African Americans had the greatest opportunity to integrate into the society and take advantage of basic opportunities- in education, business, agriculture, government, arts, and sports. What was even more amazing during these 12- years of Reconstruction was that the number of African Americans that were elected to public office. Especially in the state of South Carolina and Louisiana that had the most African Americans serving in government during Reconstruction under the banner of Republican.

Republican Jeremiah Haralson from Selma, Alabama, a Great Example      

During Reconstruction there was a significant number of African Americans that held political office that were Republicans. Jeremiah Haralson, a Republican, was among the first African American to serve as a Republican in the Alabama State Representative and Senator from Dallas Country, Alabama. Jeremiah Haralson was a self-taught (referred to as an autodidact) similar to that of President Abraham Lincoln.

I used the term autodidact to show young people that are graduating from high school and college, that their biggest opportunity to learn and gain experience is after they leave and enter their perspective careers. The biggest mistake that anyone can make in life is confusing education with experience.

Some in the Northern Union States wanted to impose restrictions where no Democrat politician or person with a Confederate military background could run for governmental office. Some in the Northern Union States were concerned that Southerners would prevent African American from their basic rights as free men and women in the South. Their fears were soon realized and confirmed.

For 12- years President Abraham Lincoln’s Reconstruction proposal gave African Americans the ability to integrate into society and realize their full potential. If Reconstruction proved just one thing it was that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights. People need an opportunity.

Democrats Are Returning to Their Old MOP of Segregation to Hold Power over their Base and the Media are Helping Them

Now the Democrats and the mainstream media are going back to their segregationist position where they want to impose segregated in education, social settings, and in the workplace. This is their efforts to prevent collaboration and association among people from various backgrounds to understand that we really have a lot in common, that is that we just want the best for ourselves and our family with safety.

The list of people leaving the Democratic Party is growing NOT because of persuasion from Republicans Party or Independents, but from the failed policies of Democratic in cities and states they control that they ruin, destroying a way of life consisting of basic rights of safety, education, and expressing of views. Just remember, an idea that is scrutinized and tested can only get better and improve.

The list of prominent African Americans and other minorities who are leaving the Democrat Party that oppose the Democrats’ policies are growing, especially after they see the standards of living in these blue ruin states and cities declining without law enforcement and just basic services.

The Media Collaboration with Democrats are Well Documented

Our Media don’t even cover the decline of these Blue States and Cities especially with the crime rate on the rise. These failures by Democrats if given the attention by the mainstream media would improve our country, states, and communities.

Even in Jackson, Mississippi controlled by Democrats, the murder rate based on population is among the highest based on per capita in the nation even compared to Chicago. You would think that if the officials in the State of Mississippi stepped in to help out, Jackson leadership and the NAACP would welcome their assistance. But their response was to a failed lawsuit to stop HB 1020 to expand the Capitol City Police and appoint more Judges to handle the court case load.

I have an idea why the Democrats in Jackson, Mississippi and the NAACP opposed HB 1020, It isn’t they are afraid that it will FAIL, on the contrary, Democrats leaders in Jackson, Mississippi and the NAACP are afraid it will be successful and show how the Democrats in Government and the NAACP has failed their constituents and communities.

You seldom if ever hear the NAACP trying to prevent crime and the eliminate the conditions leading to the high crime rate in these communities. You would think that the NAACP would hold Democratic leaders accountable for their lack of action, but that isn’t the case.

Like the New York Subway case, the press and governmental officials of New York City and State aren’t concerned with the condition of crime where citizens have to take action on their own, because of the failed policies of Democrats. Guys, if you keep voting for the same failed Democrat candidates; don’t be surprised that you get the same results. That is the definition of insanity!

The Media’s Lack of due diligence

The Mainstream Media doesn’t even attempt to hold Democrat leaders accountable. Especially in cities like Jackson, Mississippi. The Mainstream Media soon pursue Republicans like in the Russia Collusion Investigation that was a total hoax that the Durham Investigation found that shouldn’t even have been launched. This is the reason that I don’t tune into local or national news except for weather and sports. It is hard to post wrong scores and get away with it. Sports enthusiasts are very savvy and know their statistics all too well for sports broadcaster to provide the wrong analysis.