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QATSPY Our Whole Wheat Rolls prep work procedures

By: Charles W. Boatright

Batch Out Health of Life in Whole Wheat– My Saturday Morning Batching Out of my Whole Wheat Rolls that have a Health Index of 3.11

One of my favorite all time movies is Scent of a Woman with Al Pacino and Chris O’Donnell scene at the Oak Room. This was where Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade (Al Pacino) described the rolls at the Oak Room to Charlie Simms (Chris O’Donnell). This indicates what the essence that rolls have in restaurant business. You can make an entire meal off Whole Wheat Rolls with a steak, soup, Pinto Beans or salad.

Twice a week I batch out two dozen of our 200 year old Whole Wheat Roll recipe that has been in our family for generations originating in France. If I have orders for that week, I can prepare as many as 15- dozen per week. If not I do just 2- dozen for meals with family and/or friends.

As a teen, I worked with my grandfather in his bakery and on his farm until I went off to college. I still use the same mill for our flour located in Pennsylvanian because of how it is grounded and the quality of the whole wheat.

To make a batch of whole wheat rolls, the temperature of the water is critical for both the base of the dough and the yeast mixture. Temperature of the water is so critical that I actually use a digital cooking thermometer to measure the water temperature down to the degree for the dough base and yeast mixtures. If you get the water for the powder yeast over 112 degrees F, you can kill the yeast.

Unfortunately I can’t divulge to you our family recipe, but I can show the procedure of how we batch out our rolls to achieve Oak Room restaurant quality rolls.

Bowl of dough the has risen for the first time:

Our QATSPY Whole Wheat Dough after the dough has risen in a 120 deg F oven for the first time. I use marble surfaces to work the dough to prevent sticking.

Knead the Dough

After the whole wheat dough has risen for 80- minutes in a 115 degree Fahrenheit oven (49° Celsius), I take the bowl out to prepare to knead and roll out the dough on a flour surface. The flour is important to make sure the rolls that I will stamp out don’t stick to the surface of the counter. You don’t want to deform the stamped rolls in order to have that Oak Room restaurant quality look.

Before Rolling out I kneed the dough on a lightly floured surface.

Roll Out the Dough

To batch out dough, you want all of your surfaces that will be in contact with the dough to be cool to reduce sticking. I use a marble top counter and marble rolling pin to achieve this, these are essential. I roll out the dough to approximately 3/4- inch thickness. This will give you approximately a 2- inch thick dinner roll after baking.

Using a marble rolling pin, I roll out the dough to a depth of 3/4- inches. I usually can get 3- roll outs per batch of dough.

Stamp Out the Rolls

Using a 3- inch diameter cookie cutter, I stamp out rolls to be placed on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.

I use only commercial grade equipment to work my dough because they are well designed and function flawlessly. The stamp cutter that I use is a deep cutter that is 3- inch in diameter. I can stamp out and roll out 3 times to make 2- dozen.


Parchment Paper Lined Cookie Sheet

Placing whole wheat rolls on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. I usually can place 20 rolls on a regular size cookie sheet. In the baking industry, they refer to this size cookie sheet as a half size sheet.

I always use parchment paper to line the half size cookie sheet to render the best baking results. I don’t have to grease any of the surfaces and I can reuse the parchment paper at least three (3) times to save paper. I place four (4) rolls abreast in five rows for a total of 20 rolls per cookie sheet.

Then I place the cookie sheet containing the rolls back into a 115 degree Fahrenheit (45° C) oven to let the rolls rise for the second time for 45- minutes. Patience is a virtue when it comes to baking bread, you can’t rush any of the steps. Presentation is truly everything!

Cookie sheet ready to be placed in a 120 deg F oven to let rise for the second time for 45- minutes before baking.

I didn’t plan on wearing a black T-shirt to batch out a batch of whole wheat rolls, but this shows the number of decades that I have been baking to wear a black T-shirt without getting flour or dough on me. Especially my Combat Engineer T-Shirt that was my unit that I was with in the U.S. ARMY. If you mix your dough correctly it isn’t messy, but relatively clean. I love my whole wheat rolls with a simple bowl of Pinto Beans or salad at dinner.

Whole wheat rolls, shown below, after they have risen for the second time before baking. These rolls that have risen for the second time have doubled in thickness.

After the rolls have risen for the second time, I remove the rolls from the oven and then I preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (205° C) and bake rolls between 12-to-15 minutes until golden brown. If you use a commercial convection oven, you can reduce the temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177° C).

Baked Golden Brown Whole Wheat Rolls ready to be served fresh out of the oven:

Whole Wheat Rolls are Great for Game-Day  

Whole Wheat Rolls are great with any meal including breakfast or with a Kansas City steak dinner with my favorite, Pinto Beans.

Saturdays are College Football Game-Day where we prepare Kansas City Steaks with our whole wheat rolls while we enjoy our favorite teams playing on the gridiron.

With the holiday seasons coming up soon, I hope this procedure for rolling out whole wheat style Oak Room rolls will help you have a great meal to present to your family and friends.

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