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The Baseball-Type Wrist Action in the Golf Swing

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Baseball-Type Wrist Action in the Golf Swing– This Precision Preset Technique in Golf is Based on Getting into a Batter’s Setup Position

First of all, I would like to open with a Sports Psychology observation concerning your golf game. This will explain and reveal why you can’t take your golf game from the range or from the backyard to the golf course with consistency. It is a  pretty simple principle, like most things we do in life- We don’t use the same part of our brain to practice golf on the range or backyard as we do playing golf on the course.

Ninety percent (90%) of all our activities we perform each and every day are performed by our subconscious mind, based on habits and our instincts. Think of an iceberg with only ten percent that is above the water surface and 90 percent is below the water surface. That 90 percent that is below the surface of the water is what you are depending on for your golf game, based on your instincts.

Now you begin to see the issues in trying to develop a consistent golf game in trying to reach a single-digit handicap, based on instincts and not swing thoughts. The hard facts are that we have to rely on instincts that we developed before the age of 10 or 12 years old. These are our instinctive, or permanent, motor skills that will determine our athleticism.

Develop Instinctive Motor Skills Before the Age of Ten

In Proverbs 26:6 we’ve all heard this verse- Train up a child in the way he or she should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. This especially goes for developing one’s motor skills in sports, like how Earl Woods used to coach Tiger Woods at a very young age. While we might not be Tiger Woods in developing our athleticism, we need to focus on what Kinesiologists refer to as Threshold Muscles.

The low Threshold Muscles, like in the wrists and forearms, are trigger muscles, while high Threshold Muscles in the arm, shoulders, and torso are supporting muscles by responding to the low Threshold muscles. In addition to improving our sports performance, using the lower Threshold muscles as trigger muscles prevent injuries. So, like in baseball pitching and hitting, it is all in the wrist action.

There are just two (2) very simple wrist actions that I use in coaching golf to my students that are identical to that of a baseball batter in the batter’s box presetting their wrists into the Lock Position. This is where the golfer can take advantage of their instinctive motor skills and develop instinctive motor skills in the golf swing to lock their wrists into the preset position.

Two Simple, Instinctive Wrist Actions in the Golf Swing

The two simple, instinctive wrist actions in the golf swing are maneuvers we do each and every day, consisting of the SYNC and COCK to place the wrists in a baseball-type Lock Position. This baseball-type preset Lock Position, shown in the feature image, provides a huge advantage for both the baseball batter and golfer to assess those instinctive motor skills that don’t require thinking.

Situational Awareness to Improve Sports Performance

Take the advice from Tom Cruise (Maverick) from both TOP GUN Movies, If you think up there, you are dead.

In aviation, we are taught to use Situational Awareness to compare a situation we are facing with what we have experienced before. We then use our Perception, Comprehension, and Projection skills to respond, especially under adrenaline. Adrenaline isn’t a bad thing to have because it hardwires our responses into our instincts. These work just as well for the athlete as for pilots.

What controls our adrenaline from causing a panic attack is experience and confidence. The TOP GUN Weapons School trains their aviators under actual aerial combat conditions, where the aviator can respond instinctively with proper responses. In the sport of football, they call this a type of practice, scrimmage, that is supposed to simulate gameday conditions.

Four Conditions to be able to Perform in The ZONE

On the Chuck Oliver Show on Southern Sports Today last week, Chuck was explaining that Auburn Quarterbacks couldn’t be accurately assessed, because they wouldn’t get actual pressure during their Fall Practice. I use a similar practice drill technique called The Orange Bucket Drill Challenge, where I’m hitting golf balls 295-yards, to within 15- feet of the Orange Bucket. If more than one out of five tee shots miss the 15- foot area, I have to start over while being videotaped.


There are four conditions that must be in place for an athlete, or golfer, to train and develop their instincts similar to TOP GUN Weapons School:       

  1. Develop Natural and Repetitive Routine tasks (Instincts).
  2. Practice and perform under actual conditions that must exist in both.
  3. Rely on a high degree of: relaxation, confidence, and muscle memory.
  4. Allow the Subconscious mind to project and to take over being IN THE ZONE.

These four conditions are what also causes Driving Hypnosis to occur in experienced drivers, where their driving skills are so instinctive that their subconscious mind takes over the majority of the driving. While the driver is driving along a familiar scenic highway, they don’t recall driving past certain landmarks or along certain stretches of the highway for a short period of time. This is exactly what an athlete wants to occur during their performances, like being on autopilot.

The Orange Bucket Challenge Drill:

I was contacted by a local television station to do a three (3)- part video series of my golf swing techniques for their Sports Show leading up to the 2021 US Open. I did a three (3)- part video series of my Orange Bucket Challenge that I and my student do during our practice/training sessions. Below is the raw video and the a promotional video that they produced for me for doing the three (3)- part videos:

THE Orange Bucket Challenge Link INTRO

The Orange Bucket Challenge Walk-Through

The Orange Bucket Challenge Demo

WJTV-12 made an AD from the 3- Video Series Above

I did a 3- Part Video for WJTV-12 SPORTS ZONE Show leading up to the 2021 US Open where I cover my golf training technique of taking my golf swing from the Batter’s Box to the Tee Box to hit more Fairways & Greens in regulation or better. As appreciation for me doing this 3-part video series, the WJTV-12 production team put together a Television promotional that they ran and that I could use in my golf training business.


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