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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my Readers

Our Baileys’ Irish Cream Cheesecake that make the Holidays with Family and Friends Special, perfect for a dinner party.

By: Charles W. Boatright

A Holiday Special Irish Cream Cheesecake– I Don’t Often Indulge in a Dessert, but when I do it is an Irish Cream Cheesecake Thanksgiving/Christmas  

One of our specialties that we did around the holidays was a Baileys’ Irish Cream Cheesecake at our bakery where I worked with my grandfather. The only way that I indulge in a dessert is two times per year that I bake where I can control the ingredients, especially the amount of sugar and the chocolate in the topping and crust.

I significantly cut back on the sugar and the chocolate and instead increased the Espresso that I use to offset the amount of sugar that I use. Unfortunately, I’m seriously allergic to chocolate, so I have to remove the topping. I also limit the amount of sugar that I have to control my glucose levels. I also control the serving size for my twice a year treat. If I’m going to indulge myself into a dessert, Baileys’ Irish Cream Cheesecake is my dessert of choice.

Around the holidays this dessert is a hot commodity in our bakery that we batched out by the dozen each and every day starting the week of Thanksgiving and running right through the New Year’s Day. With a hot cup of coffee, you can’t beat the combination that goes even better with family and friends over the nice cold holiday weekend watching football.

I baked this one for our dinner party that we are having this coming week. Even though this is a cheesecake it is mildly rich and sweet with a great creamy texture that will fill your taste buds with delight. But again I limit the serving size, sugar, and the time that I indulge to two times a year. Just because I’m on a diet, doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy life’s pressures, especially during the holidays season.

Like in all of Life, Moderation is the Secrete.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, God Bless You all and have a safe and prosperous

New Year!