A 321 Yard Drive Fitness Program for Golfers

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By: Charles W. Boatright

A 321-Yard Drive Fitness Program for Golfers that focuses on Medicine Ball/AB Roller Workout with Pilayoga to increase flexibility at age 63

I have been focusing increasingly on core strength and flexibility during my CASPER Fitness Program in my Home Gym. Even at age 63, my objective was to strengthen my core (shoulders, torso, hips, and quads) muscles and improve my flexibility. These two components are key is creating power and clubhead speed in one’s golf game.

I hit pay dirt yesterday (5Jun2020), or should I say the fairway, on the third hole at my home course, a 399-yard, par 4, with a slight dog leg to the right and a slight uphill grade. With my wife on the bag, I preset and synced my wrist and elbows into the lock position and proceeded to take my driver to the top of my swing. I have been also working diligently on my GAP during my training sessions in my takeaway and downswings.

Working on My The GAP in My Golf Swing

The GAP is a Gradual Acceleration Process, both to start my takeaway swing and to initiate my drop element. There is a huge side benefit to increasing your core strength and flexibility, as you are able to make an easier swing and feel you’re creating more power with control.

Yesterday, on Friday, I just focused on using my left elbow (the power side for right-handed golfers) to take my driver up along my swing plane. This is also a significant factor I’ve been concentrating on for more power and control. To establish the correct swing plane, I use my left elbow and right ear lobe.

Using this type of orientation for your swing plane, you naturally engage significantly more of your core muscles. Here is where your discipline using the GAP is incredibility important, because your first tendency is to rip at it; WRONG THING TO DO, as you want to gradually accelerate down toward the golf ball with your left elbow.

This is exactly what I did, once I got into my zone on the third tee box. From the ball’s flight, I knew I had hit my best long distance tee shot ever. I use my SkyCaddie wrist meter to measure the distance and my range finder. I wanted to double check my tee shot distance.

321 Yard Drive I Reached My Objective in my Golf Game

I asked the group behind me if my wife could remain at the tee box while I checked my driving distance. They were just as interested in knowing the distance as I was. Once I walked to by golf ball, I punched my SkyCaddie to give me my distance, and the distance was 322 yards. Then I took my range finder and shot the distance, and it was 321 yards.

I had approximately a 12-yard rollout distance because of the rain we had on Thursday, and the fairway was damp. Then I used surveyor’s signals to relay my distance to my wife who told the gentlemen in the group behind us what distance I just hit my tee shot, and I received an applause.

I had an 85- yard approach shot, because the pin was tucked in the back of the green. I made birdie on a the third hole. The GAP Training and my CASPER Fitness that I have posted my YouTube Video below:

The CASPER Fitness Program Part No. 1

The CASPER Fitness Program Part No. 2

The GAP Golf Drill

Bunt-Rap-Rip Golf Swing Video No. 1

Bunt-Rap-Rip Golf Swing Video No. 2

The Photo Results Speak for Themselves

My results from Following my CASPER Fitness Program and my KOSHER 925-MET Diet Program where I lost 52 pounds and over 8- inches in my waist at age 63. A fitness program is the best fountain of Youth you can have.

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