Golf Tips Arnold Palmer Gave the President

Golf Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

In 1964, the American Heart Association held a Pro-Am where President Dwight David (Ike) Eisenhower was paired with Mr. Arnold Palmer. On the practice range, Mr. Palmer noticed that the President’s right elbow was separating from his right side. Mr. Palmer decides to offer some advice to the President by giving some critical golf tips before the tournament.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer, The man that changed the face of golf.

Playing golf with a former President of the United States requires a certain degree of decorum. In his approach, Mr. Palmer used a question to offer advice to the former President. A question is a great method for offering golf tips to others on the range/course or in business. Mr. Palmer asked, “Mr. President, did you realize your right elbow is separating from your side at the start of your takeaway and just before impact?”

Mr. Palmer asked, “Mr. President, did you realize your right elbow is separating from your side at the start of your takeaway?

After Mr. Palmer brought this to the President’s attention, Mr. Palmer offered a few golf swing tips to the President. The President must have taken these golf tips to heart because of an abrasion that he developed on the President’s right elbow. The President wore a blister on the medial side of his elbow that bled onto his shirt. The blister was caused by the President rubbing his elbow against the stiff canvas military belt.

President Eisenhower

President Dwight (Ike) Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States from 1953 to 1961.

General Eisenhower was the Allied Supreme Commander of all European Theater forces during World War 2 and commanded the operation Over Load on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

To read a brief history of President Eisenhower and his impact on world history and golf, please refer to the following article:

Golf Swing Sequence for Power/Speed

Keeping the right elbow next to the right side was what my grandfather, Homer Q. Boatright (Qatspy), referred to as the sync or tuck maneuver. Even boxers are taught to keep their elbows in next to their sides. This sets up a significant mechanical advantage, allowing the golfer’s elbow to synchronize with the shoulders. This establishes an advantage that no amount of muscle strength can compensate for the lost of power and speed. This advantage is contributed to sprocket mechanics, similar to how a ten-speed bicycle functions. Sprocket mechanics, applied to golf, operate on the following principle:

  • Takeaway swing- The small sprocket (elbows) coils the larger sprocket (shoulders) developing POWER.
  • Downswing- The large sprocket (shoulders) uncoils, turning the smaller sprocket (elbows) developing SPEED.
Golf tips Golf swing mechanics

The ten-speed bicycle sprockets applied to the golf swing for Power/speed swing nice/easy.

This is the perfect setup for the golfer to use in the golf swing. This provides the golfer power to coil the massive muscles in the upper and lower body, where the high-threshold muscles are located. Then in the downswing, the golfer is able to use the core muscles to uncoil, rotating the elbows, forearms, and wrists through impact. This is how to play golf like a pro to generate clubhead speed from the body’s core, not trying to move the arms or forearm faster. The golfer who attempts to swing the arms and forearms faster through the golf ball loses a significant amount of power and speed.

An important golf swing technique that The ESPY Golf Swing Coach is based on is syncing the elbows with the shoulders.

The Swing Sequence Golf Tips

Golf swing tips

Sketch of my grandfather presetting his wrists to synchronize his elbow with his shoulders, one of the golf tips offered by Arnold Palmer to President Eisenhower.

An important golf swing technique that The ESPY Golf Swing Coach is based on is syncing the elbows with the shoulders. This is the first Ergonomic element in the ESPY Golf Swing. This will synchronize the right-handed golfer’s right elbow with the shoulders during the initial part of the takeaway and again through impact.

This is illustrated in the drawing above, tucking the golfer’s right elbow next to his right side during the takeaway and again at impact. Presetting the wrists was a golf swing technique that Mr. Palmer provided to President Eisenhower on the range. Unbeknownst to President Eisenhower, he was following the same principles of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach by keeping the right elbow close his side.

To learn more about the Sync/Preset Technique, I have put together a series of training sessions called the STP Golf Training process that the golfer can download and keep in a three-ring-binder for future reference.

The problem with typical golf lessons are that they are presented in a lecture format where only 25 percent of the material is retained by the golfer. Two weeks after the golf lesson the retention rate drops to half where the golfer only retains 12 percent of what was presented. Paying between $80 to $150 per lesson and only retaining 12 percent isn’t the most efficient method of developing your golf game.

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