THE GREAT QATSPY® TOP ACE Collection is a simple, natural look and style, what some might refer to as a George Strait or Ernest Hemingway look. This look consist of basic boots, blue jeans, button-down Oxford Shirt, and a Top Ace Bomber Leather Jacket, either an A-2 or G-1. Both of these gentlemen, George Strait and Ernest Hemingway, are naturist similar to that of Henry David Thoreau who stressed natural approach to life.

You can never be out of place with this natural look and style that travels well and retains its shape and its classic style that goes anywhere do anything outfit for almost any occasion. This TOP ACE Style can hold up against the elements without the need of dry cleaning; just the basic wash and wear on the fly care. I even wear my Leather Flight Jacket while I’m riding my INDIAN Motorcycle or flying.

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