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Benefit of Golf Swing Videos and Photos of a consistent Golf Swing

Golf Swing Videos help overcome one of the biggest obstacles to manage in golf is the perception of the golf swing transposition. A golfer’s perception of the swing does not always reflect reality. It is practically impossible for golfers to maintain objectivity about their golf swing. With the availability of I-phones, the golfer has the opportunity to analyze their swing after the round of golf. The golfer can check for some of the common flaws such as:

  • Poor gripGolf Swing Videos | improve your golf swing
  • Improper setup and posture
  • Low takeaway and approach angle
  • Quick takeaway
  • Shifting the hips instead of rotation
  • Improper swing plane
  • Poor weight transfer
  • Flying elbow
  • Over the top swing
  • Casting the club
  • Lifting up the head
  • Unbalanced photo-finish

I personally have benefited from both videos and photos taken of my golf swing. One was the golf swing in slow motion and the other was time-lapse photography that actually showed the golf ball just after impact. A golf swing video should be done at least once a year to detect and compare changes or improvements from previous years. Two positions are preferred — one from the trail side, on the target line, and the other head-on. The trail side time-lapse photography was the most beneficial for me. After that round of golf in Madison, MS, I had my best friend, my wife, put my Canon T5i on a tripod and shoot from both positions, with both video and time-lapse photography. The time-lapse photography showed exactly what was causing the weak fades. The issue that I needed to correct was that my swing plane was too steep in my takeaway and downswing. Section 2.11 in my book, The ESPY Swing Coach, covers the problem I was experiencing. Having a swing plane that is too steep will cause the golfer to hit a weak, aggressive fade shot. I also used time-lapse photography to confirm the Synch, Protract, and Yaw elements, which are basic elements in both the baseball swing and the golf swing. I was able to confirm these elements during the 2011 World Series between the Texas Rangers and the Saint Louis Cardinals. David Freese hit a ninth inning home run in Game 6 to extend the series to Game 7. Freese’s home run was so spectacular that it was shown in slow motion, and this gave me the confirmation of the QATSPY system that the golf swing was actually a baseball-type swing. I was excited about the confirmation, because it provided the muscle memory most golfers already possess. The baseball swing can enable golfers to take full advantage of the body’s natural mechanics of synching the elbows with the shoulders. We lose a significant mechanical advantage by letting the right elbow separate from the right side (for the right-hander). The Synch element was also confirmed in the 1964 Heart Association benefit match, where Mr. Arnold Palmer played with President Eisenhower. On the practice range, Mr. Palmer noticed that the President’s right elbow was separating from his right side. Mr. Palmer suggested that the President keep his elbow as close as possible to his right side to generate more power and control. President Eisenhower did such a great job of keeping his right elbow close to his right side that he (the President) wore a blister on his right elbow.

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