Golf Basics

Professional athletes spend a significant amount of time developing the mental edge of performing in the zone. Developing the mental edge requires the athlete to have a strict and deliberate sequence, and flawless mechanics with patience. Patience has more to do with taking care of the small details of effort than just mere results. One of the seven principles that the former UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden emphasized was the perseverance of effort over the concern for results. Results can be very distracting for the golfer. Focusing on performance allows professional athletes to slow down the pace of play and focus on the basic mechanics of following a simple sequence.

The golfer, looking to have consistency in their golf game, must maintain a mental edge. The mental edge can be developed from identifying the mechanics and adhering to a reliable sequence. The golf swing mechanics and sequence can reduce the big gap in golf, the gap between the practice range and the first tee box.

To reduce the gap between the practice range and first tee box, the golfer must develop muscle memory that is dependent on golf swing mechanics and golf swing sequence. Both golf swing mechanics and golf swing sequence can be based on a more familiar sport of baseball. The baseball swing can provide a significant tool in the golfer’s bag to instill confidence and perseverance. One key to applying the baseball swing to the golf swing is that the arms and forearms are on a more horizontal orientation in the baseball swing. The baseball swing has several advantages for the golfer to use, and four of these advantages are:

  • To provide the golfer with a great way to warm up the muscles without over-contorting the body.
  • To provide a great perspective of the body’s natural mechanics of synching the elbows with the shoulders.
  • To provide the golfer a great feel for the golf swing mechanics.
  • To provide a great method to set up the proper golf swing sequence.

Performance, perseverance, and patience are three of the best golf tips that the golfer can carry onto the course. Patience is the ability to slow down the pace for course management and ensure each element follows a sequence. Working on the ESPY golf swing in Madison, MS, allows me to maintain greater focus in golf. I formed the QATSPY system to capture these strengths in sports and golf, where these can transcend to other areas. Attributes that QATSPY and The First Tee can assist kids with is developing structure and character that will serve them well in all facets of life.