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By: Charles W. Boatright


The Golfer’s GPS Golf Swing Mechanics


The golfer’s GPS (Geared 4 Power and Speed) golf swing mechanics sequence allows the golfer to Preset their wrists and Sync their elbow. The premise of this type of biomechanics gears the golfer with the ability to generate power and speed without incurring injuries. Usually when golfers are discussing gear and GPS, they are referring to golf clubs, shoes, bags, clothing, rain gear, range finder, and GPS gear. But the golfer’s GPS golf swing sequence is just as important as the golfer’s GPS unit for distance control. The golfer’s GPS golf swing mechanics discussed in this article are how the golfer’s elbow and shoulders function like gears, or sprockets, similar to a ten-speed bicycle.


Ten Speed Bicycle model used for the golf swing

The ten-speed bicycle model use for the golfer’s GPS golf swing technique.


This strategic advantage of the golfer’s GPS golf swing technique uses the elbow and shoulders as gears. Arnold Palmer alluded to this golf swing technique in a Pro-AM with President Eisenhower. Professional golfers use this technique to produce what seems to be effortless distance with control. Undoubtedly, many amateurs have witnessed professional golfers making those effortless golf shots, where the ball seems to explode off the face of the club. Then when the amateur tries to replicate the same golf swing technique, the golf ball doesn’t quite have that same explosion of distance and control.



The H. E. Q. Boatright and Dr. Choate GPS Golf Swing Mechanics


My Grandfather, Homer E. Q. Boatright in 1927 at Yellowstone National Park on Vacation.

My golf swing coach, my grandfather, had a playing partner who played golf with us each Saturday at the North Hills Golf Course in North Little Rock Arkansas. Dr. Choate, a medical doctor, conducted extensive research on the mechanical advantages that the human body could offer in developing power and speed. His research revealed that the right-handed golfer could use their right elbow and shoulders like gears, similar to a ten-speed bicycle.


The reason that the ten-speed bicycle model is effective for GPS golf swing mechanics is how the golfer can produce power during the takeaway swing, then from the top of the golf swing, switch gears to produce speed during downswing. The GPS golf swing mechanics allow the golfer to transfer power at impact.


The GPS golf swing mechanics allow the golfer to take the same ten-speed bicycle gear concept of the right elbow and shoulders, acting as gears, and apply the same golf swing mechanics used by professional golfers. The GPS golf swing mechanics were a technique that Arnold Palmer gave to President Eisenhower before a Pro-Am while they were on the driving range. Arnold Palmer instructed the President to keep his right elbow next to his right side during the initial part of the takeaway swing and again right before impact. This GPS golf swing technique that Arnold Palmer gave President Eisenhower was recounted in a magazine article in the Kingdom Magazine.



Common Misapplied Golf Swing Mechanics


What Arnold Palmer noticed about President Eisenhower’s golf swing was that the President’s right elbow was separating from his right side. This allowed the President to lose a key mechanical advantage. This was what caused the President to lose power, distance, and control in his golf shots. As soon as the President corrected this separation, the President gained the power and speed at impact.


By the President keeping his right elbow next to his side, he essentially was using his right elbow and shoulders as gears. I cover this gear GPS technique in my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, in Section 2.16.


To use the right elbow and shoulders as gears for the right-handed golfer’s case, the golfer must Sync and lock the right elbow and Preset the wrists. Presetting the wrists was demonstrated by Ken Duke in an interview with Lisa Cornwell and by David Duval with Charlie Rymer. Both of these interviews were aired on Golf Channel. Charlie Rymer was so impressed with David Duval’s golf swing technique that Charlie Rymer referred to it as That Wrist Thing.


It is not enough for the golfer to just keep their right elbow next to their right side. The golfer has to establish what I call The Critical Swing Path to accomplish this Sync and Preset GPS golf swing technique. The Critical Swing Path isn’t the path the handle of the club or clubhead takes in the takeaway swing, but how three key muscles in the forearm and wrists are used to Sync the right elbow and Preset the wrists.



The GPS Muscles in the Forearm and Wrists

While attending a Kinesiology class in New Orleans, Dr. Bunch, our professor, discussed a key muscle called the Supinator, or the Gear. This muscle is a strategic muscle because of where it is located, right below the right elbow. The first muscle in The Critical Swing Path is the Supinator muscle, or the GEAR, Illustrated below.



The second muscle in The Critical Swing Path are the Thenars. These are the Preset muscles located in the wrist of each hand, right at the base of the thumbs. Even Ben Hogan alluded to these muscles in his book. The reason these Preset muscles are critical to the golfer is because they are the biggest, strongest, and most dexterous muscles that have direct contact with the handle of the club.

Now, since we have identified the G and P muscles in the golfer’s GPS golf swing mechanics, we can identify the S muscle, the Sync and linkage muscle.


The Sync muscle, the Brachio-Radialis muscle, is shown below. This muscle originates at the Humerus bone and runs down along the Radial bone to a nodule called the Radial Styloid Process. The early pioneers in the Medical field must have realized the importance of this nodule in sports and where this muscle terminates, because of the term Process. The Brachio-Radialis muscle is unique in that unlike other muscles having one function, the Brachio-Radialis muscle has three maneuvers- Supination, Pronation, and flexes (or bends) the forearm at the elbow.


Brachio-Radialis Muscle

The Golfer’s Brachio-Radialis muscle, the third muscle in The Critical Swing Path.


Using the golfer’s GPS golf swing technique places the golfer’s right elbow and wrists into the Lock Position illustrated below. This Lock Position in the GPS golf swing technique was what Ken Duke and David Duval demonstrated during each of their interviews.


Golfer's GPS Preset and Sync golf swing technique


The golf swing sequence in the GPS golf swing technique of GEAR, of PRESET, and SYNC allows the golfer to synchronize the golfer’s right elbow with their shoulders for the right-handed golfer. The completion of PRESET and SYNC maneuvers LOCKS the right elbow with the shoulders. The only thing left to complete is to take the club handle to the top of the golf swing. This is performed by the third muscle in The Critical Swing Path, the Brachio-Radialis muscle.


Remember one of the most important laws of motion, Sir Isaac Newton’s third of motion- for every action (Takeaway swing), there is an equal but opposite reaction (Downswing). Newton’s third law of motion provides a significant degree of confidence to the golfer. This means that if the golfer uses the ESPY GPS Golf Swing technique in their setup technique, they will naturally return the clubface square at impact.


On the Feherty Show, David Feherty had as his guest Jackie Burke, Jr. A great point Jackie Burke, Jr. made during the interview was If the golfer could return the clubface back square to the ball, this is the main objective of any  golf swing. This is what the Ergonomic Synch, Preset, and Yaw Golf Swing allows the golfer to accomplish if the golfer properly sets up The Critical Swing Path. The term Ergonomic refers to the golfer’s golf swing mechanics.


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Golfer's Rhythm w/o the Blues


Also, learning The ESPY Golf Swing Coach process is an excellent way to develop Rhythm without experiencing the Blues in your golf game for confidence; learn how to take your baseball-style swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.



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