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Golfer’s Ergonomic Golf Swing Fundamentals


The quintessential word in The ESPY Golf Swing Coach is Ergonomics, a golf swing sequence, based on golf swing fundamentals and mechanics. The Ergonomics of Sync, Preset, and Yaw is a process that allows the golfer to naturally develop a consistent golf swing, without incurring serious injuries. Ergonomics, golf swing fundamentals, develops the power and speed for distance that every golfer is searching for. The golfer who can synchronize their body properly can avoid severe, debilitating injuries.


golf swing fundamentals

The golfer Syncing their right elbow with their shoulders. One check point is with the right elbow pointing down toward the tailbone.


An indication that the golfer has properly Synced their right elbow (for the right-handed golfer) is that the right elbow points toward their tailbone that allows the golfer’s shoulders and hips to synchronize with each other in the takeaway swing.









Avoiding Debilitating Injuries in One’s Golf Game


The golfer will experience, from time-to-time, the occasional pulled or strained muscle. But the main objective of introducing ergonomics into the golf swing is to keep these injuries minor in nature and prevent long-term injuries. The field of Ergonomics especially looks at how a person performs repetitive motion. If the golfer can properly sync their elbow up with their shoulders and preset their wrists, they not only create an amazing amount of power and speed, but prevent injuries to the muscular and skeletal systems.

NOTE: The Critical Swing Path isn’t the path the club handle or clubhead takes during the takeaway swing, but a series of critical muscle memory sequences the golfer can use to naturally setup their golf swing mechanics.

The only thing that is more important than the golfer developing power, speed, and distance is avoiding irreversible injuries to the lower back, shoulders, forearms, or wrists. The major emphasis of my book is to develop golf swing fundamentals that utilize The Critical Swing Path. Each of the Sync, Preset, and Yaw elements represent three crucial muscle memory maneuvers that develop the golfer’s swing sequence that can become second nature.


An excellent demonstration of Syncing and Presetting maneuvers was done during an interview Charlie Rymer did with Davis Duval on Golf Channel. How David Duval Synced his elbow and Preset his wrists was characterized by Charlie Rymer as That Wrist Thing.

The Yaw element is an aviation term for the horizontal rotation of an object about a vertical axis. The object, in this case, is the golfer shoulders, and the vertical axis is the golfer’s spinal axis. The rotation of the shoulders proportionally coils the upper and lower body to develop the critical power. The Sync and Preset elements help the golfer to naturally synchronize the shoulders with the torso, hips, quads, and knees.



Classic Golf Swing Mechanics


golf swing mechanics

Winding the propeller on the balsa wood rubber band airplane to demonstrate how the rubber band coils.


A balsa wood rubber band airplane above is a perfect object lesson to demonstrate how the golfer uses their shoulders to naturally coil their upper and lower body by winding the balsa wood rubber band airplane’s propeller.

ACL and stress facture

Illustration of a torn ACL and stress fracture to the tibia due to over torquing at the knee.


The basic golf swing fundamentals of Syncing the elbow with the shoulders and Presetting the wrists allow the golfer to avoid high-risk injuries, due to repetitive actions in the muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, and the skeletal system. The majority of the golfer’s injuries are due to the golfer who doesn’t utilize ergonomics to establish their golf swing mechanics. Most of the strategic areas where injuries occur are the lower back, the lead knee or knee joint, (i.e., torn ACL- Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or stress fracture in the tibia). I can verify this for someone who has had four knee surgeries and one hip replacement, due to a childhood disease called Perthes.


What the Golfer can learn from Tiger Woods and a Weightlifter


During The 2008 U.S. Open, Tiger Woods experienced the issues of playing with a stress fracture to his left tibia and torn ACL to his left knee that he managed to play on for four rounds of golf. This included an 18-hole playoff with Rocco Mediate on the following Monday. This, without question, was one of the most impressive wins that I’ve ever witnessed at Torrey Pines.


The display of all that impressive power comes at the expense of injuries, if not done properly, just like a weightlifter who can lift massive amounts of weight without incurring injuries. The weightlifter relies on proper positioning and lifting techniques to avoid injuries. The golfer, like the weightlifter, can learn to maximize their golf swing mechanics, using ergonomics to achieve power and distance in their golf game. But if I had a choice between a finesse-driven golf swing and a power-driven golf swing, I would choose the finesse-driven golf swing. Because the golfer, unlike in other sports, has a longer participation rate. A golfer that is in their mid-thirties is considered to be in their prime, whereas in other sports, like baseball or tennis, they’re thinking about retirement.


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