01-Learning Pyramid


By: Charles W. Boatright

During my annual checkup, my doctor and I were discussing my recent golf book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach. He stated that he had better results from the book than he did from taking golf lessons. I explained that the deficiency of golf lessons is not the content or the instructor but the method and frequency of the lessons are presented. Most golf lessons are presented as a lecture-style format a few times per month.


book-standing-tI can’t think of a more inefficient method of retaining information than a lecture-style golf lesson, as indicated in the Learning Pyramid above. Even if visual aids and examples are incorporated into a lecture, the golfer can only expect to retain about 25 percent of the information at best, and that drops to 20 to 10 percent after a week of the lesson. That would be extremely inefficient on the golf course. But this reflects the average golfer’s performance. Unless the average golfer can take incredibly good notes during the 30-minute golf lesson, there will only be short-term benefits. This is one of five reasons why people are dropping out of golf (Retention, Difficulty, Expense, Time, and Access).

I had a professor in college during my junior year who explained to us in a Structural Steel Design course that our responsibility was to teach ourselves Engineering. His job was to train our minds to think as an engineer. The professor’s philosophy supported the Triad Learning Pyramid System, where self-coaching, or autodidact approach, is the most effective means of learning and retaining knowledge, especially the golf swing. Self-coaching is similar to an athlete putting in extra individual reps after practice, just to improve their golf game. Most great quarterbacks put in the extra time on their own studying game films and play books. Self-coaching reduces the conflict between the conscious (WHAT TO DO) and subconscious mind (HOW TO DO). This is similar to the quarterback throwing footballs through a tire until they can’t miss. Also self-coaching allows the golfer to use failures to gain experience and successes to gain confidence.

01-Learning Pyramid

The Triad Learning Pyramid to Increase Retention

The secret to the self-coaching system is ONE-on-ONE reps, using prior experiences, such as the baseball-type swing, boxing, and bicycling techniques. The ESPY Golf Swing Coaching is not solely based on consciously practicing until you GET IT RIGHT; that’s the first stage. The significant improvements are subconsciously performing drills until you cannot GET IT WRONG! The drill-type performances, the 405 Training Drill, develop muscle memory that athletes depends on for high-level performance, like developing a dependable and consistent golf swing.

Self-coaching is a subconscious function, using the 405 Training Drill (e.g., using sprocket mechanics, the classic baseball-type swing, and boxing gloves techniques) in Section 7.0 to develop a dependable golf swing technique. The self-coaching 405 Training Drill is essentially using a scrimmage-type football practice tactic to create course-like conditions. The mind is not able to discern between coaching drills and being your own coach on the course. Even TV golf commentators, Nick Faldo, formerly professional golfers, state that golfers must have a coaching-like mentality on the course to maintain their mental edge. This confirms the Coaching Triad Pyramid System on which The ESPY Golf Swing Coach is based. Because on the golf course there aren’t any relief pitchers like there are in baseball, you are it.

EinstienI was interviewed by a local ESPN sports radio show where the hoist, an avid golfer, was describing his golf game over the past four weeks as being dreadful, horrible, and awful before my interview was to take place in the next section. During the interview about my book, the hoist stated that everyone has different swing styles, techniques, and mechanics and that golf lessons still provided the best results. I asked him how long had he been taking golf lessons. He replied, “For about six years.” I then asked him if he knew about Einstein’s Theory. He answered, “Are you referring to the Theory of Relativity”? I replied “No, I’m referring to the Theory of Insanity.” He was not amused as much as I was serious. Golf lessons are just the starting point to understand the WHAT and WHY, the conscious part of your golf game. The only way the golfer can improve their golf swing and game is to either practice under scrimmage-type conditions like in football, or actually play golf using the subconscious mind.

Bronco 1969

Playing golf is no different than learning to drive a vehicle. At first you were nervous with surplus adrenaline where everything you performed you had to think about. This is especially true with a manual transmission, like my granddad’s Boatright 1974 red/white Ford Bronco. Coordinating the accelerator with the brake and clutch was an acquire technique. But once I became acquainted with the manual transmission, I didn’t even think about the shifting process. What occurred was the process started out as a conscious procedure where I had to think through each and every element in a sequence. After I gained experience, the procedure became a subconscious process and the sequence automatic. This is how the golfer whats to proceed in their golf game.

The ESPY Golf Swing Coach provides a platform to allow the golfer to proceed from WHAT and WHY TO DO stage in their golf swing and game to the HOW TO DO or the subconscious stage performing three simple elements (SYNCH, PRESET, and YAW). The first two simultaneous elements places the golfer’s wrists into the preset Lock Position as noted below. I call these maneuvers CAM-OVER and CAM maneuvers. If you are a right handed golfer, the left wrists is the lead maneuver. What the golfer is trying to do is to use the left Hypothenar to CAM-OVER the Met Axis, consisting of the Lunate and Hamate carpals and the head of the ring metacarpal. This will place the wrists into the proper position below. The only thing left for the golfer is to raise the handle of the club to the top of the swing follow by the DROP element or just dropping the forearms and hands down through the golf ball.

Preset CAM&CAM-OVER-1      Presting The Wrist

NOTE: For those who might not be familiar with Einstein’s Theory on Insanity, it simply states- “Insanity: is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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Once you learn WHY, you don’t forget HOW!

YouTube Videos:
https://youtu.be/ZGVNrIw_wlo (Cam & Cam-over elements)
https://youtu.be/K2FDHZ3AX9w (Figuring your proper swing plane)
https://youtu.be/TO82PMO6G8M (Developing muscle memory)

A Recommendation for your Golf Game:

I would like to recommend a wonderful radio program that I regularly listen to on my I-Heart Radio app to KARN 102.9 FM station out of Little Rock, AR. They air a golf show called “Arkansas Fairways and Greens,” at 7:00 AM CT each Saturday morning, hosted by Bob Steel and Jay Fox. Bob occasionally has on his show a guest named Shawn Humphries, a Professional Golf Instructor from Dallas, Texas. One thing that Mr. Humphries stresses is the mental part of golf, not focusing on the results but the process.

Until next time– Be Synched, Tee-to-Green, with The ESPY Golf Swing!