There seems to be one injury that people experience more than any other that can be prevented. They explain to their doctor how they just went out to the driveway to pick up the newspaper and experienced a debilitating back pain that confines them to the bed or a recliner. This doesn’t happen from one instance but from an accumulation and a repetition of improper movement in the lower back. It’s not so much what you pick up but how you bend over to pick up an item from a lower (ground) level.

One method that I would suggest that is used by golfers to retrieve the ball out of the cup is by placing one foot forward and slightly lifting the back foot up off the ground. This method, or a step forward method, ensures that you bend at the hips and turn at the waist. This is also as important that the golfer remembers to flex their knees at the address setup position to the ball. The golfer wants to bend at the hips and turn at the waist; and not the other way around.

Flexing the knees allows the golfer to properly coil the lower body activating the strong quads muscles to provide power to their golf shot, but this also takes stress off the lower back in the lumbar area. During my training in ergonomics and kinesiology in New Orleans, Dr. Richard Bunch stressed this method more than any other technique to prevent and reduce back injuries.

There are two methods that I have used to help people with back health, one has been used by golfer, as well as other athletes, and these also can be used during the normal course of the day. If the person is picking up a light load, less than 8 pounds, the golfer’s method is best. This covers picking up your newspaper on the driveway. The other method is the sandbag method for loads over 8 pounds. The object of both is to keep the back as straight as possible, without over-bending. If you get into this habit, you will prevent back injuries, and you will enjoy a more active life. The objective is to allow your back to last as long as you do. In addition to working as a Transmission Grid Engineer, I was an ergonomic instructor for our line crews.

Below is a technique called the McKenzie method to reduce back issues in your back.http://goo.gl/U30YHk

Scaitic Nerve PlyometricsWorkout

Also a great fitness approach to back health is keeping your abdominal muscles strong to main proper posture. One of the best exercise is performed with a Medicine Ball, leg lifts and a modified pull-up and leg lift in the illustrations above. Both are included in my CASPER Workout Program. The next fitness step to take is weight control. losing weight will be beneficial to your back health and overall health. Please try FREE of charge my SR-925 Diet Plan. I lost 7-inches in my waist. Five-and-a-half of those inches came three-months after starting the SR-925 diet plan. The diet plan is more about when you eat instead of what you eat. This is the combination of two popular diet plans. You do not buy anything from me just select your foods being conscious about limiting sugar and starches.

I have attached three links for your convenience:

SR-925 Diet Plan http://goo.gl/RX1HzC

Selecting the Proper Foods: http://goo.gl/S8pgWA

My personal results of using the SR-925 Diet: http://goo.gl/AGulqo


With my background in kinesiology and ergonomics training, I was able to use the information to write my book, “The ESPY Golf Swing Coach,” to maximize the golfer’s ability to generate power, distance, and control on the golf course.

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