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Supreme Commander, General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Lead and helped planned the D-Day Invasion at Normandy on June 06, 1944, that lead to the liberation of the continent of Europe during World War II. This was the biggest amphibious landing of troops in history. This one event is the reason we enjoy freedom and liberty in the free world. Besides being a Five-star General and 34th U.S. President, President Eisenhower was also a avid golfer before and after the war.

There was a story about a reporter asking President Eisenhower about the frequency that he played golf. President Eisenhower seasoned commander, replied, “Sir, I never made a political mistake out on the golf course!” In other words he had people in place to handle the affairs of government, if they needed a decision then call me. Here is another interesting story about playing golf with Arnold Palmer during a Pro-Am Charity Event.

During an American Heart Association Charity Golf Tournament held in Merion, PA, Mr. Arnold Palmer was teamed up with President Dwight Eisenhower for the benefit. On the practice range, Mr. Palmer noticed that the President’s right elbow was separating from his side during his takeaway swing. This was something my grandfather Boatright, The Golf Gatsby, would diffidently discourage.

The separation of the right elbow from the side for the right-hander is the errant attempt of amateurs to create additional club head speed with leverage using the elbow. This is another case where perception does not represent reality. The ability to synchronizing by tucking the right elbow next to the right side on the downswing is critical for a powerful and consistent golf swing. Tucking the right elbow, is the same principle figure skater use to perform a rotational spin, the further out the elbows from the body, the slower the spin rate. If the skater tucks in their elbows and arms the faster the spin rate.

Mr. Palmer mentioned to President Eisenhower that his right elbow was separating from his right side. Mr. Palmer explained that this separation reduced his ability to create power, speed, and control of the golf shot, based on sprocket mechanics. President Eisenhower was dedicated to improving his golf game, made a quick adjustment by tucking, or what I refer to as SYNCHING in my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach. The President did such a great job that he wore a blister on the inside part of his right elbow that bleed onto his shirt during the round. The contributing factor to the blister on his elbow was the stiff military belt that the President wore.

Presting The Wris2t  Preset CAM&CAM-OVERT


Synching the right elbow with the right side improves the golfer’s golf swing mechanics significantly. Refer to my You Tube video It illustrates how to SYNCH– or the CAMMING of the right Thenar and middle and index metacarpal AT the right ring metacarpal head with the carpals (hamate and lunate) bones, followed by the PROTRACT (PRESET)- or CAMMING-OVER of the left Thenar ABOUT the left ring metacarpal head with the carpals (hamate and lunate) bones. These two maneuvers places the left thumb into the Lock position and onto the correct swing plane. This allows the golfer to synch up the elbow with shoulders as sprockets that create a huge mechanical advantage that is an age defying golf swing that my grandfather Boatright instructed me to do at a early age. These elements create both power and speed the golfer is looking for at impact. This is the same technique that baseball players use to increase their batting average. This is illustrated by the Dual Cam shaft below and the sequence used.

10-speed gearsCAM Shaft ESPY

ESPY Golf Swing Sequence:

  1. Supinate (SYNCH) the right Thenar, middle, and index metacarpals (CAMS) AT the Rt. ring metacarpal head.
  2. Pronate (PROTRACT or PRESET) left Thenar (CAMS-OVER) ABOUT the Lt. ring metacarpal head.
  3. This places the right elbow into the LOCK Position for the YAW.




The right Ulna bone over the right ring metacarpal represents the secondary axis and remains relatively stationary only shifting forward to lock the right elbow with the right side and with the shoulders. The left Ulna bone over the left ring metacarpal is allowed to lock the right elbow in with the shoulders. This sets up the powerful sprocket mechanics naturally that provides power in the TAKEAWAY swing (small gear, right elbow turning the larger gear, the shoulders); and speed in the downswing (larger gear turning the small gear).

President Eisenhower is best known for his love of golf and the now former historic Eisenhower tree, 65 foot Loblolly Pine, removed from the 17th fairway at Augusta. The tree was removed after the 2014 ice where the tree sustained severe damage. This same ice storm paralyzed Atlanta.

D-DAY Invasion, June 06, 1944:

President Eisenhower was also known for his role as the Supreme Allie Commander during World War II that planned and lead the Normandy Invasion that took place exactly 72-years ago on this date, June 06, 1944. This invasion landed over 156,000 troops on five beaches (Sword, Gold, Juno, Omaha and Utah) and behind enemy lines in France. One of the popular photographs taken was when General Eisenhower meeting with the men of the 101st Airborne before they dropped behind enemy lines to help support the D-Day Invasion. A lot can be learn from this generation known as The Greatest Generation.

ColorGen Eisenhower05Jun1944

The 82nd and 101stAirborne had expected casualties as high as 65% during the first day. This is why General Eisenhower went out and paid a special visit to these men.  If you get an opportunity watch “Band of Brothers” Great Movie covering the Easy(E)-Company 506th of the 101st Airborne.

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A Recommendation for your Golf Game:

I would like to recommend a wonderful radio program that I regularly listen to on my I-Heart Radio app to KARN 102.9 FM station out of Little Rock, AR. They air a golf show called “Arkansas Fairways and Greens,” at 7:00 AM CT each Saturday morning, hosted by Bob Steel and Jay Fox. Bob occasionally has on his show a guest named Shawn Humphries, a Professional Golf Instructor from Dallas, Texas. One thing that Mr. Humphries stresses is the mental part of golf, not focusing on the results but the process.

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