The QATSPY Golfer’s Sports Page: Golf Swing Tips

The QATSPY Golfer's Sports Page: Golf Swing Tips

By: Charles W. Boatright


The Sport of Golf, An Excellent Athletic Program for Homeschooling Curriculum


Golf is an excellent and safe athletic activity for Homeschooling. Can be played as a team or individual with minimum equipment.

Golf is an excellent and a safe athletic activity for Homeschooling. Can be played as a team or an individual with minimum equipment.

There are very few athletic activities that the Homeschooling programs can incorporate into their curriculum. Most sports, such as baseball, football, softball, basketball, soccer, rugby, and tennis, require the formation of teams, officiating, and can also expose students to various injuries.


The Sport of golf is an excellent and a safe sport that homeschooling programs can use to develop character, and promote fitness and health in young people. The lessons learned from the sport of golf can allow the homeschooling student to reach their full potential in all areas of life. The homeschooling students can use golf to develop character and to instill perseverance, faith, and confidence in their life, instead of resorting to resentment, showing anger, or seeking revenge. Equipping homeschooled students to play golf doesn’t have to be expensive. Homeschooling students, along with parents, can form a partnership with local churches or other organizations to secure low-cost or, in some cases, free golf equipment. Most resale stores, like Play It Again Sports, Goodwill, or The Salvation Army, have economical starter sets of golf clubs for the homeschooling student to start learning and playing golf.


With the increasing development of golf technology in equipment, most golfers have a spare set of golf clubs in their garages and storerooms that are not being used. The golfers can donate surplus clubs to local organizations, like churches, and receive a tax deduction for the donation. Churches can reallocate the golf equipment to local, certified homeschooling programs in their area. The sport of golf provides homeschools with an excellent athletic program that can allow homeschooled students to either participate on an individual or a team level year-round. Golf provides a great opportunity for homeschools to develop tournament leagues. This can be accomplished with the help of golf course personnel and/or churches. I have developed Operation Dog Tag to assist homeschools in setting up a golf program.


Also, each state has a golf association that I would recommend that homeschooling programs get in contact with for support and to get involved with golf tournaments. Also, each state has the P.J. Boatwright Fellowship program that young golfers can apply to.



Using the Sport of Golf for Homeschooled Students to Secure Scholarships

Golf provides more than an athletic opportunity for the homeschooled student to participate in the sport of golf at a low cost. Golf is also an excellent avenue for homeschooled students to secure athletic and academic scholarships at colleges. Colleges are seeking these homeschooled students because of their autodidact ability. Not only can homeschooled students use golf to gain a scholarship, but they can also use golf to either pursue a career in golf or to enhance their career in other fields.


Golf, for centuries, has been used to form and develop special business relationships, and can be applied in the modern-day business world, as well. If you can improve an existing or prospective client’s golf game, you have their undivided attention for three-and a-half hours. I would think that any future business needs that a client would have, your name would come to their mind first. Also, where is your client going for three-and-a-half hours to indirectly talk business?



The Triad Learning Pyramid for an Autodidact Self-Coaching Technique


02PyramidLearningOne of the best means to develop instructional golf is based on ‘The Triad Learning Pyramid,’ an Autodidact, self-coaching technique, refer to: This represents a ninety percent retention rate on learning. “The ESPY Golf Swing Coach” takes advantage of an important muscle memory that most children have acquired at an early age and directly applies it to golf. The ESPY Golf Swing Coach uses Apperception technique that takes the student’s baseball-style golf swing from the batter’s box and applies it to the tee box, with some refinements. The same muscles used in the baseball swing can be applied to the golf swing to maximize the student’s power, acceleration, control, and confidence. This removes the confusing part of golf for the student and replaces it with a consistent golf swing.


01ESPYGolfTraining01  01ESPYGolfTraining02


Also, the homeschool program can also set up a practice area in the garage by using some special golf balls that I call SAFE balls. These SAFE golf balls also are called Almost Golf Balls® that will NOT cause damage in a garage setting or the backyard. I use a painter’s canvas drop cloth suspended across the garage door that I use to practice during inclement weather conditions. You can use a plain doormat for your hitting area with a dumbbell to hold the mat in place. You can develop the same muscle memory by hitting chip and pitch shots that are also used in the full golf shot. Matter of fact, you can develop a better feel and finesse for hitting chip and pitch shots using this type of technique. Refer to the photograph of my hitting area. The tape measure indicates that I’m 14 feet back from the drop cloth. For more details on setting up your hitting area, please refer to:



The JUCO Technique of Sync and Preset Maneuver to Place the Handle of the Golf Club onto the Swing Plane


The JUCO Technique of using the golfer's wrists to Sync/Preset their golf swing.

The JUCO Technique of using the golfer’s wrists to Sync/Preset their golf swing.

The key element in the ESPY Golf Swing is the JUCO Technique of SYNCH and PRESET, set up by using the Thenars (Hypothenar and Thenar). The right Hypothenar and right Thenar are used to CAM the right wrist, while the left Hypothenar is used to CAM-OVER the left Thenar and left wrist into the Lock Position.


The reason the Thenars are significant in the golfer’s swing sequence are that the Thenars are the strongest and most dexterous muscles in the wrists that have direct contact with the handle of the golf club. Another distinction the student needs to make is the difference between the golfer’s wrist and lower forearm, or what I refer to as wristband. The wrist is not where the student would wear a wristwatch or bracelet, for this is the student’s lower forearm. A pair of boxing gloves are great for allowing the golfer to get the feel for setting up the JUCO Technique.


These are very simple elements to Sync/Preset the wrists to complete 80 percent of the golf swing. This provides an amazing amount of Power, Speed, and Control in the student’s golf shot. The Thenars are used like flappers on a pinball machine to deliver power and speed to the golf shot.


If the Homeschooled student examines the time-lapse photography comparing the golf swing vs. the baseball swing, the student will see the similarities, if not the exact methods of how both the golfer and the baseball player have Synced/Preset their wrists and forearms in the illustration, shown below. This shows the golfer and the baseball player’s orientation of the wrists and forearms right before impact. This is exactly how the golfer wants to preset their golf swing to initiate their takeaway swing.

The time-elapse photography compares the wrist action in the golf swing vs. baseball swing. This indicates how both the golfer and baseball player have Sync/Preset their wrists and forearms practically in the same manner and same position.

The time-lapse photography compares the wrist action in the golf swing vs. the baseball swing. This indicates how both the golfer and baseball player have Synced/Preset their wrists and forearms practically in the same manner and same position.


Operation Dog Tag, A Program Set up for both Homeschool Students and Veterans 

Operation DOG TAG


I have developed a program called Operation Dog Tag for Veterans returning home. This same Operation Dog Tag structure can also be used to establish a great Homeschool program of athletics, using the sport of golf. I have listed the following references for those interested in establishing the framework for developing a golf program in a Homeschooled setting:


Golf also Provides Homeschooled Students With an Excellent Fitness and Exercise with the CASPER Fitness Program


In addition to learning the golf mechanics and techniques to produce a consistent golf swing, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach also has an exercise regimen for students to develop and maintain physical fitness called the CASPER Fitness Program. This can be performed on various levels, based on the level of fitness required. See my link for more details about how to set up a CASPER Fitness Program, including minimum equipment needed:



The ESPY Golf Swing Coach uses the subconscious mind to execute three very simple S-P-Y elements that we perform on a daily basis — SYNC, PRESET, and YAW. This golf swing sequence eliminates the need for confusing swing thoughts that can be debilitating and also diminish the golfer’s ability to produce a great golf shot. NOW, LET’S GO PLAY GOLF!


To learn more about your picture perfect preset golf swing sequence, purchase your copy of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach from the links below, or visit your local bookstore:

Self-Coaching Golf Swing ESPY App Fundamentals Book for Golfers

My book can also be purchased at Edwin Watts Golf Store in Jackson, Mississippi. Phone No. 601-956-8784

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My book can also be purchased on-line at:

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The CASPER Fitness Program for a Golf Exercise for Power


This book is based on a self-coaching forum (ASPEN Pyramid) that provides the beginner and advanced single-digit handicap golfer with a safe, ergonomic classic golf swing for more power and control, without debilitating injuries that are common with some modern-day golf swings. As part of the ESPY Golf Swing Coach is a workout program designed especially for golfers and an effective diet program detailed below.


Please take advantage of my SR-925 Diet Program, where I lost 6 inches in my waist in 3- months (FREE of CHARGE) with the CASPER Workout Program, detailed in Section 20 of my book, great golf swing workout:

SR-925 Diet Program lost 6 inches in 3 months, I went from a 37.5 to a 30.5 inch waistline within 9 months.    CASPER Fitness Program to develop a great golf swing workout for DISTANCE and CONTROL


One component in my CASPER Workout Program that I follow is using a Medicine Ball to perform what I call Stocking the Shelves, illustrated below in the figure:

Golf exercise with a Medicine Ball Exercise for Golf- Stocking the Selves

Golf exercise with a Medicine Ball Exercise for Golf- Stocking the Selves.


Please include an exercise routine in your weekly schedule.




The ESPY Golf Swing Coach- Rhythm Without the Blues

The ESPY Golf Swing Coach- ESPY App Developing the golfer's Rhythm w/o creating the golfer's Blues

The ESPY Golf Swing Coach- ESPY App Developing the golfer’s Rhythm w/o creating the golfer’s Blues


Also, learning The ESPY Golf Swing Coach process is an excellent way to develop Rhythm without experiencing the Blues in your golf game for confidence; learn how to take your baseball-style swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.



THE LOCKER ROOM a source for golf tips

Golfer's Locker Room for learning and applying Simple Golf Swing Tips.

Golfer’s Locker Room for learning and applying Simple Golf Swing Tips.


Please visit “The Locker Room” for an Index of all my golf articles to improve your golf game and life. Discover how you can take your baseball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.



Learn How to take your baseball-style golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.



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A Recommendation for your Golf Game:

I would like to recommend an interesting radio program that I regularly listen to from my home state Arkansas on my I-Heart Radio app on KARN 102.9 FM station, out of Little Rock, AR. They air a golf show called Arkansas Fairways and Greens, at 7:00 AM CT each Saturday morning, hosted by Bob Steel, and co-hosted by Jay Fox and Charles Crowson. Bob occasionally as has his guess Alex Myers with Golf Digest and Ron Sirak with Golf Channel. I was interviewed on his show about my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach. This show is worth tuning into for golf news and information.

Jay Fox is an Administrator with Arkansas State Golf Association that discuss amateur golf and rules of the game.

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Two decisions that you can make for yourself and your kids are to get a copy of my book and place the book and a golf club into their hands. You will never look back, but only forward. You will not miss with this for yourself and/or your kids.


Until next time– Be Synched, Tee-to-Green, with The ESPY Golf Swing!