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By: Charles W. Boatright


The 3-Muscletiers for Golf Swing Fundamentals to Develop the Power Factor

The fictional story of The Three Musketeers was based on the theory of All for One and One for All. This same theory can be applied to establish basic golf swing fundamentals, based on The ESPY Golf Swing Coach. The 3-Muscletiers that the golfer wants to focus on: the Supinator muscle, Thenar muscle, and Brachio-Radialis muscle as illustrated in the chart below. These are the golfer’s 3-Muscletiers (Muscle tiers). The 3-Muscleteers represent how the golfer can develop three important muscle memories to establish their golf swing fundamentals to reduce stress on the body, especially the golfer’s back, which is becoming an issue with the modern-day golf swing.

golf swing fundamentals

The 3- Muscletiers of establishing the classic golf swing fundamentals to develop power, speed, and control at impact.


Feherty’s 100th Episode on Golf Channel

On the 100th episode of Feherty on Golf Channel, David Feherty will have as his special guests- Lee Trevino, John Daly, and Gary McCord. One of the topics that will be discussed will be the effects of the modern-day golf swing, which has taken a toll on the golfer’s body, especially the lower back. On this topic, they will discuss how the lower body is not allowed to naturally, proportionally coil with that of the upper body. It is true the golfer wants to build resistance in the lower body, but some golfers are using the lower body as an anchoring system, located just above the hips. This places a  tremendous amount of torque at the lumbar area. The last thing a golfer wants is to have back issues.


To avoid the back injuries, I use an elbow Sync technique to synchronize my right elbow (I’m a right-handed golfer) up with my shoulders. This elbow Sync technique is essential to develop classic golf swing fundamentals for the golfer’s power factor. The elbow was a technique that Arnold Palmer gave President Eisenhower before a Pro-Am, that they were playing in. This technique provides the golfer with more power, speed, and control at impact. This is the secret technique that most professional golfers use. The golfer has to sync-up their elbows with the shoulders to gain the power, speed, and control that is needed.


How to Develop the Classic Golf Swing Fundamentals

The Supinator muscle is the key muscle that the golfer needs to key in on to allow them to Sync the elbow with the shoulders. This muscle should be referred to as the SUPER-NATOR muscle because of the role this muscle plays in synchronizing the golfer’s body. If the golfer properly sets the top of the Supinator muscle in the Sync element and locks the bottom part of the Supinator muscle in the Preset element, 80 percent that golfer’s experiences in inconsistent golf swings is corrected.



A great method for developing these classic golf swing fundamentals is using the 3-Muscletiers to Ergonomically Sync the elbow with the shoulders (Supinator muscle) and Preset the golfer’s wrists (Thenar muscle). Sync and Preset maneuvers establish two classic golf swing fundamentals discussed by some of the greatest golfers- Arnold Palmer, David Duval, and Johnny Miller. In Kingdom Magazine was the article where Arnold Palmer discussed Syncing the golfer’s elbow with the body. Presetting the wrists was demonstrated by David Duval in an interview with Charlie Rymer on Golf Channel, in February of 2017. Charlie Rymer refer to Presetting the wrist as That Wrist Thing.

Johnny Miller, at The 146th British Open, was making a comment about how Branden Grace bowed his left wrist at impact. Johnny Miller added that the left bowed wrist and the forearm provide control and transfer power to the golf ball at impact.


In Section 3.6, on page 39 of my book, The ESPY Golf swing Coach, I break-down each SPY element and what component each provides. Presetting the left wrist provides control and power to the golfer’s swing. Speed is developed with the Sync element.


The Classic Golf Swing Fundamentals Mechanics


ten-speed bicycle

How to image the elbow and shoulders as sprockets of a ten-speed bicycle.


The Ergonomic Synch and Preset elements allow the golfer to use their right elbow and shoulders like two sprockets, similar to how a ten-speed bicycle sprocket functions shown above. The sprocket arrangement allows the golfer to create power in the takeaway swing, where the elbow (small sprocket) turns the shoulders (large sprocket). The shoulders are used like a sprocket on top of a large spring (the golfer’s body) to proportionally coil the entire body. Proportionally means that the shoulders coil twice as much as the hips and also gather power from the significant quad muscles.

Coiling the golfer's body

Treat the upper and lower body as a large spring to coil proportional.

The coiled energy is released during the downswing with a turbocharged component, added by how the shoulders (large sprocket) turn the elbow (small sprocket). This is basic Physics 101 of how sprocket mechanics can be applied with classic golf swing fundamentals of the Sync, Preset, and Yaw elements. The golf swing fundamentals are represented by the term Ergonomics.


If you are wondering about the term Yaw, this is an aviation term explaining how a body or aircraft rotates horizontally about a vertical axis. This explains perfectly how the golfer wants their shoulders to rotate about the spinal axis, treating the body as one massive spring that coils proportionally from the shoulders down to the feet.


Ergonomics (the golf swing fundamentals) allow the golfer to naturally coil the body on a proportional basis.


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