US WINGS® Limited A-2 Cape Buffalo College Flight Jacket



The College Flight Jacket manufactured by US WINGS® is made from the tough and durable Cape Buffalo leather that is a unique and luxurious, soft, old world leather feel in Antique BROWN color.You have the option to personalize your jacket with your favorite ACC or SEC Team’s Patch, with your option to add your Fraternity, the vintage-style HARLEY-DAVIDSON or INDIAN MOTORCYCLE patch (sold separately), Purple Heart option, and with other military-style patches, and Olive Drab name tag, with Black or Gold lettering, to add a very distinctive look!

NOTE: The Purple Heart option for your College Flight Jacket can be selected as an option in Honor or in Memory of a family member.

The prices listed above are for the LIMITED A-2 CAPE BUFFALO LEATHER COLLEGE FLIGHT JACKET ONLY, and sewing on patches, like the ACC, SEC, Harley-Davidson or Indian Motorcycle Rocker Back patches, The sew-on fee is included with the cost of each patch or embroidery.

At CHECKOUT, you will be given the options to select your ACC or SEC Team’s Logo Patch (front left) with an additional option of adding a Harley-Davidson or an Indian Motorcycle Patch to the back of your College jacket. Name Tags are also available to the customer.



Color: Antique Brown

Fit:  Regular and Tall

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The Limited A-2 Cape Buffalo College Flight Jacket:

THE QATSPY® Sports Performance Apparel is an Authorized Dealer for US WINGS®

Part of my job, besides being a golfer, photographer, Authorized US WINGS® Dealer, is being a Staff Writer and Managing Editor for THE QATSPY® GOLF: INSIDE-THE-LEATHER SPORTS PAGE. I have lived in the South, right in the heart of SEC Country, my entire life. A major part of that lifestyle, like many sports enthusiasts, especially during football season, is tailgating and supporting your college team on Game-Day. These tailgates are more than just events, but rituals that are kept over the years, down to the table settings, menus, and the chandelier lighting.


A classic way to show your support is with an authentic A-2 Leather College Flight Jacket with your option to add your team’s insignia patch, with an option to have your Fraternity embroidered on your jacket. A few EXAMPLES ONLY of the A-2 Leather College Flight Jacket are shown below with the University of Alabama, Mississippi State University, the University of Arkansas, and the University of Pittsburgh (PITT). The Mississippi State University College Flight Jacket is shown with the KAPPA ALPHA Letters and name.





For College flight Jacket with sororities and Fraternities insignias and names there is a minimum of Five (5) per order!


There is nothing that can even match the style and distinction of a classic, luxurious leather College flight jacket, worn with either blue jeans or khakis, on Game-Day or your next social event.


This A-2 Cape Buffalo Leather Jacket that can stand up to weather and wear for decades. This College Flight Jacket is made from Cape Buffalo Leather, which is one of the toughest and durable leathers in the world. US WINGS® makes the A-2 Leather Flight Jacket for all five branches of the U.S. Military. This same A-2 Leather Flight Jacket can be ordered, with your college patches, insignias, and/or name tags professionally sewn on to the jacket. I’m even featured wearing an A-2 Flight Jacket as the main theme in every THE QATSPY® GOLF: INSIDE-THE-LEATHER SPORTS PAGE. This particular A-2 Leather Jacket features my company’s logo and company name, with my name, shown below.



But That is not All the Options of The College Flight Jacket

You can have on your Antique, old-world Brown color, US WINGS® Limited A-2 College Flight Jacket personalized on the back panel of the jacket, with either your own patch(es), similar to the vintage-style Harley-Davidson or the vintage-style Indian Motorcycle rocker patches shown below. (These two vintage-style patches are purchased separately at CHECKOUT), and are professionally sewn on to the back of The Limited A-2 College Flight Jacket by US WINGS®.




These two top and bottom rocker patches can be purchased separately at CHECK OUT, just by selecting the option of the vintage-style Harley-Davidson Biker’s Patch or the vintage-style Indian Motorcycles Biker’s Patch. The listed price for each patch includes the rocker patch and sewing on of the patch onto the Jacket, per customer request.


US WINGS® & Walt Disney World Connection

The US WINGS® Indy-Style leather jacket is furnished to Walt Disney World in the daily production of Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, where the jacket is used in this production seen by thousands who visit the Walt Disney World theme park each year. If it can withstand the daily productions of Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, the jacket will meet the needs of the biker who will depend on it for the protection that The Limited A-2 College Flight Jacket provides.


The Thickness of the Cape Buffalo Leather series jackets is 1.2 to 1.3 mm. that has a weight between 4.5 to 4.8 pounds.  And yes, all of our Jackets are Drum dyed, and this Jacket is a perfect all-season jacket for the open road and can stand up to all weather conditions.



Purple Heart Patch and Certificate

Another option to The Limited A-2 College Flight Jacket is that the customer can add the Purple Heart Patch and certificate with the option of Olive Drab name tags for your name, organization, and/or military patches. Perfect for companies to recognize their Veterans, associates, and their customers. Nothing says it better with class than with the LIMITED CAPE BUFFALO COLLEGE FLIGHT JACKET, shown below with Sargent Hack, the owner of US WINGS®.


The Purple Heart Patch and/or Certificate can also be ordered by the recipient’s family, in Honor of or in Memory of the Purple Heart recipient and sewn on to the leather jacket that they purchase from US WINGS®.

Sargent Hack, Owner of US WINGS


Please select the interior lining Purple Heart Certificate image above to order your certificate to be sewn on to the back inner liner of your jacket. You will be asked to supply either a color copy or a color scanned copy of your certificate to US WINGS. DO NOT send your original certificate to US WINGS. After you complete your order, please contact US WINGS to provide your ORDER No. of your JACKET, and place that ORDER No. on a cover sheet that you will be sending in to US WINGS:

US WINGS Purple Heart Certificate ■ 561 E. Hines Road ■ Hudson, OH 444236 ■ PH. 1-800-650-0659



I personally have the LIMITED CAPE BUFFALO Model A-2 Leather Flight Jacket because of the various functions that I routinely attend in representing both US WINGS® and/or THE QATSPY®. You can also check out the US WINGS® A-2 CAPE BUFFALO MOTORCYCLE BIKER’S JACKET, just by clicking on the link.

PLEASE Refer to SIZE CHART in the Additional Information panel for the LIMITED Cape Buffalo Jacket.


You can’t make a better statement than with the classic look of LIMITED A-2 College Flight Jacket that can be personalized that will leave a lasting impression. See an EXAMPLE ONLY below of the Limited A-2 Cape Buffalo Biker’s Flight Jacket with patches and name tags shown below. Some of the examples are featured with military patches and name tags for your reference ONLY.

Other Military patches can be ordered from US WINGS® by selecting the Link: US WINGS Military Patches, or send us your own patches and location you wish for these to be sewn on to the LIMITED A-2 Cape Buffalo College Flight Jacket.

For additional patch options and/or custom patchwork for your Biker’s Jacket, please visit ABC Patches by selecting on ABC Patches image. They supply both the Harley-Davidson and the Indian Motorcycle Rocker patches for the US WINGS® THE QATSPY® LIMITED Leather Jackets:

FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY: The vintage-style Harley-Davidson patch is shown sewn onto the US WINGS® Limited A-2 Cape Buffalo Biker’s Flight Jacket, below right:

You can select size options and Build Your Own LIMITED Jacket that represents your organization, military service or support of the military, or your company at CHECKOUT. Just go to checkout and select your size options and ADD TO CART.


Direction to Build Your Own Jacket:

  1. After selecting Cape Buffalo Flight Jacket, ADD TO CART.
  2. A list of patches and name tags will appear, including other associated items (i.e., Chino Khaki pants and Aviation sunglasses).
  3. Select these items ONE AT A TIME and ADD TO CART before selecting additional options.
  4. Each selected patch or name tag will no longer be featured after selecting and ADDED TO CART.
  5. Other options include US WINGS Chino Khaki pants and Sunglasses.
  6. Be sure to ADD TO CART before proceeding to additional Options.



  • On personalized jacket that you are providing a Company logo for, please allow two to three additional weeks for delivery after we receive your patch. On all other patches/tags provided by QATSPY GOLF®, please allow two to three weeks after order is placed.

NOTE: No returns on all personalized leather jackets with decals and/or patches. Please, No objectionable or explicit patches or wording on tags.


THE QATSPY® Sports Performance-Y Apparel is an authorized dealer for US WINGS®, and I’m also the author and managing editor of THE QATSPY® GOLFER INSIDE-THE-LEATHER SPORTS PAGE. I also use a standard A-2 Cape Buffalo Flight Jacket in my presentation at companies and organizations, as seen below while posing with a P-51 (A) Mustang.



  • 100% Cape Buffalo leather (Thickness between 1.2 – 1.3 mm)
  • Drum Dyed
  • Snap down collar
  • One piece back
  • One piece sleeves
  • Snap close cargo pockets
  • Stitched-down epaulets
  • Military spec brass zipper
  • One interior pocket
  • Side-entry hand warmer pockets
  • Brown satin nylon lining
  • Knit cuffs and waistband
  • Available in Regular and Long
  • Color: Antique Brown
  • Fit: Normal

PLEASE Don’t Forget the Ladies College Flight Jacket with the same options. Refer to Dress Size chart for proper fit!


To ensure accuracy on personalized jackets, all patches and/or tags will be laid out onto the A-2 Leather Jacket and photographed. The photograph will be sent to the customer’s Email address for the final approval before patches and/or tags are sewn on to the jacket. Please respond promptly to the Email for processing your order. Thanks for your order!


An article written by Rich Hoffman on 25Mar2014 for Overmanwarrior: Rich Hoffman is a biker who depends on the protection that US WINGS® jackets provide him on the open road.


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