28-BUSH PILOT Indiana Jones Adventure & Aviation Flight Bags


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BUSH PILOT Leather Indy-Adventure & Aviation Flight Bags are rugged and able to hold documents, sunglasses or reading glasses, and aviation charts, as well as many of your valuables that you need on a daily basis. These Indy-Adventure & Aviation Flight Bags are stylish enough for the boardroom, classroom, or cockpit, without having to carry a large attaché case with you.

Dimensions of bag: 10″ length x 10″ high x 3″ wide


Due to material delays, these bags will be ready for shipping no later than the first of November.






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Our BUSH PILOT Indy-style Adventure Bags are similar to the WWII-era British MK VII respirator bag used by British troops during the war. (it’s also the (leather) bag carried by Indiana Jones in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie and its three sequels) This is perfect for the student, business person, motorcyclist, or pilot in the cockpit and isn’t bulky.


I have flown for over 33- years, and the cockpit is classified as a confined space. This Indiana Jones-style bag is perfect, convenient, and accessible to carry aviation charts while flying, and doesn’t distract you from your activities, like flying.


We offer two versions: our OD Green Military-grade Cotton Canvas Indy-style Adventure Bag and our Antique Brown Cape Buffalo Leather Indy-style Adventure Bag. This is the same leather used to make our U.S. Military A-2 and G-1 Leather Flight Jackets that are proudly worn by our U.S. Military.


Both bags measure 10″ x 10″ x 3″, large enough to even carry your 10″ I-Pad. The size is ideal that makes the bag extremely versatile & functional: it’s large enough to carry your daily essentials, but it’s not excessively huge like some modern messenger bags.


Other features include: a large, divided main compartment, three interior pockets, a snap-closed top flap, an adjustable 52-inch leather carrying strap on both bags, a small exterior side pocket (which originally contained a cord to secure the bag onto the wearer’s chest), and two screened bottom drainage vents.


Our BUSH PILOT Indy-style Adventure Bags are the perfect bag for aviation, work, school, hiking, camping & all outdoor activities; its rugged appearance, military pedigree, style and practicality make it an essential companion for your adventures, in both the outback & the concrete jungle. Looks great on both men & women!

PLEASE CHOOSE From either Leather or Canvas-Type Bags, These are great for those important missions where you have to arrive with those important documents or items.

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Indiana Jones Adventure Bag

Leather, O.D. Green

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