US WINGS® Rough Rider Buffalo Top ACE G-1 Jacket (MAVERICK)


Our US Wings Cape Buffalo Top Gun G-1 Jackets are the ultimate version of this venerable flight jacket! These G-1s are accurate reproductions of the “Top Gun” jackets seen in the 2nd movies, but with Based around our vintage Cape Buffalo G-1 to give them that authentic antique “100 Mission” look & feel of a G-1 from the 1950s and ’60s.

Our Cape Buffalo G-1 is one of the toughest & most durable jackets we manufacture, making it ideal for aviators, bikers, adventurers or anyone else who needs or appreciates an ultra-tough jacket that’s made from a truly unique leather. But it’s also very luxurious & refined: the antique brown cape buffalo leather has rich & varied gaining and is wonderfully soft & supple. Equally durable and luxurious, our Cape Buffalo Top Gun G-1s have our highest recommendation and are jackets that any “Top Gun” would be proud to wear!



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US WINGS® TOP ACE G-1 Flight Jacket that will be Featured in TOP GUN: MAVERICK Movie


The G-1 Leather Flight Jacket is apart of the Rough Rider Buffalo Leather Collection.


US WINGS® Top ACE G-1 Flight Jacket is for person that wants authentic patches with a nostalgic classic accurate reproduction look of a Top Gun Navy Aviator’s Jacket that appeared in Top Gun No.2 Movie. The Cape Buffalo antique brown leather jacket has the 100 mission worn leather look that adds character to the jacket. This jacket has the authentic, high-quality embroidered patches that was on the jacket Maverick wore in the second Top Gun Movie to be release in Spring of 2020 (See this Trailer below):




The USA Navy Top ACE G-1 Flight Jacket doesn’t just start the conversation, it is the conversation. Nothing makes a statement quite like the classic Top ACE G-1 Flight Jacket can. It carries with it the remarkable prestige and the history that Navy Aviators has made in Aviation, in the military, and in the history of the United States.



The U.S. Navy corroborated and provided on site expertise and assistance to the producer of the Movie Top Gun 2 that included allowing actual service personnel and aviators (pilots) to appear in the movie. This looks to exceed the blockbuster of original Top Gun released in 1986.


This G-1 Flight Jacket recognizes the history that Navy Aviators have played and will make in American role in the World, US WINGS® would like to offer the definitive Top ACE G-1 Leather Flight Jacket that is a great way to recognize the contribution that the U.S. Military has made in keeping the peace and establishing freedom around the World.



The Cape Buffalo “Maverick” Top ACE G-1 Jacket (2nd Movie) features:

  • 100% Cape Buffalo leather
    • Leather Thickness: 1.2 – 1.3 mm
    • Drum Dyed
  • Satin brown nylon lining
  • Authentic USN-issue “Top Gun” patches
    1. Pete Mitchell shield patch (2 1/2″)
    2. VF-1 squadron patch (4″)
    3. NAS Jacksonville base patch (5 1/4″)
    4. CV-34 Oriskany carrier patch (5″)
    5. CV-61 Centurion patch (3 1/4″)
    6. Vigilance patch (4 1/4″)
    7. USN Seabees patch (3 1/2″)
    8. Texas flag patch (3 3/4″ x 5″)
    9. US 7th fleet patch (4 1/2″)
    10. 3rd Marine amphib patch (4″)
    11. 3rd Marine wing patch (4″ wide)
    12. CVW-19/VF-194 Cruise patch (4″)
    13. DLG-32 Cruise patch (4 1/4″)
    14. Indian Ocean 85′-86′ Cruise Back patch (6″ x 4 1/2″)
    15. American Flag patch (2″ x 3.25″)
    16. Tom Cat patch (3.5″)
    17. Comcrudes-9 patch (5″ x 6″)
  • Vintage-style fur collar
  • Two front cargo pockets
  • Side entry hand warmer pockets
  • One inside pocket
  • USN perforation through the inside wind flap
  • Bi-swing back for freedom of movement
  • Underarm gussets
  • Throat latch
  • 100% brown satin nylon lining
  • Heavy duty brass zipper
  • Knit cuffs & waistband
  • Available in Regular and Long
  • Color: Antique Brown
  • Fit: Normal


Men’s Size: (S): 36 (M): 38-40 (L): 42-44 (XL): 46-48 (2XL): 50-52 (3XL): 54 inches

All dimensions are in inches about the chest right below the arms pit.


PLEASE Refer to the SIZE CHART in the Additional Information panel for the G-1 Leather Flight Jacket.

History of the G-1:

The “G-1” military flight jacket is the commonly accepted name for the fur-lined-collar World War II-era flight jacket. From the beginning, aviators chose leather for its warmth, durability, and good looks. Made famous by the AVG in China, and Hellcat pilots over the Pacific during WWII! A USN and USMC leather flight jacket, worn with pride by our Phantom crews during Vietnam. The G-1 remains a current issue jacket for officer and enlisted aviation personnel on flying status in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Coast Guard. Worn by the daring men and women of the USCG that risk their lives daily to save others in harms way.



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Don’t Forget to purchase your Aviators sunglasses with your G-1 Flight Jacket to protect your eyes from UVA/UVB rays on your missions:


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