Southern Heritage Air Foundation Men’s A-2 Cape Buffalo Leather Flight Jacket



The Southern Heritage Air Foundation A-2 Leather Flight Jacket is the same as the standard flight jacket that the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force ISSUE to pilots and elite paratroop units.

This provides the perfect-type Sports Jacket that fits any condition, style, or any fashion needed for that traditional look that was made popular by the men and women in the U.S. Air Corps and in the Airborne in WWII.

This A-2 Leather Flight Jacket can be worn with either blue jeans or Chino khaki pants for that professional look. This can be worn 9-months out of the year, as a option to your Sports Jacket, but more versatile than your standard sports jacket.

This Cape Buffalo Leather Flight Jacket is for the person that puts a lot of demands on their jacket to maintain an lifestyle of working and engaging in outdoor activities than the average person.




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The Southern Heritage Air Foundation Men’s A-2 Cape Buffalo Leather Flight Jacket:

Provided to Southern Heritage Air Foundation By:

US WINGS® & THE QATSPY® Yankee Personal-Style Traditional Apparel Quarters Company


The Southern Heritage Air Foundation has the U.S. Military Spec. A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that is issued to U.S. Army and to U.S. Air Force

Southern Heritage Air Foundation ■ Vicksburg Tallulah Regional Airport ■ 175 Circle Airport Rd ■ Tallulah, Louisiana 71282 ■ (318) 574-2731


The A-2 Leather Flight Jacket was developed for the U.S. Military in the 1930’s for the U.S. Army Air Corps and to certain elite paratrooper units, like the 82nd and the 101st Airborne Units during WWII. As legendary and distinctive as it was during the Second World War, it provides the same prestige and legendary-style today as it did then, but with some updates, like adding hand warming pockets under each cargo pocket and making this special edition of the A-2 from one of the World’s toughest leathers, the Cape Buffalo leather that meets the exact same U.S. Military Specs as the regular leather flight jackets.


B-17 (Flying Fortress) Crew wearing their A-2 Leather Flight Jacket    Tuskegee Airmen (Red Tails) posing in front of a P-40 Warhawk.


An A-2 Cape Buffalo Leather Flight Jacket will be your go-to Sports Jacket that has that perfect-Patina-style and casual look you want for the work week or during the weekend. This A-2 Cape Buffalo Leather Jacket can be worn with either blue jeans or chino khaki pants to air shows or on your next flight to arrive at your destination in that classic style that doesn’t look like you had a long day. This is a great jacket to wear 9 0r 10 months out of the year. The Cape Buffalo Leather Jacket makes an excellent motorcycle jacket that is tough but elegant looking.


Enjoy the luxurious, soft feel of leather, with your option to personalize your jacket to support: the military or your service, company, events, or organization, with name tags and/or even motorcycle and the 2nd Amendment Patches sewn onto the back panel. Perfect for companies to recognize their associates, volunteers, their customers, and especially Veterans.



Personalize your A-2 Leather Jacket with Motorcycle Rocker or 2nd Amendment Patches

Personalize your A-2 Leather Flight Jacket with either the Harley-Davidson, Indian Motorcycle Rocker patches or the 2nd Amendment Patch on the back panel of the jacket that can be purchased at checkout and professionally sewn on by the craft-persons at US WINGS®.


Just like the World War II pilots who used the original flight jacket for protection, this same A-2 Cape Buffalo Leather Flight Jacket can accommodate the open road and still be used as a great option to a Sports Jacket for meeting clients or friends and still maintain the style you require. This will be a jacket that will last for generations and will become a family heirloom.





Purple Heart Patch and Certificate

Another option to The Southern Heritage Air Foundation A-2 Cape Buffalo Leather Flight Jacket is that the customer can add the Purple Heart Patch and certificate, with the option of Olive Drab name tags for your name, organization, and/or military patches. Perfect for companies to recognize their Purple Heart Veterans, associates and their customers. Nothing says it better with class than with the US WINGS A-2 CAPE BUFFALO LEATHER JACKET, shown below:



After completing your order and checking out, please select the US WINGS Purple Heart Certificate above for direction and submittal information. Please wait until you have processed your order to link with US WINGS. When submitting your PDF copy to US WINGS via Email, please enter the Order No. that will be given to you at checkout. This will ensure that we can track and process your order accurately.


The US WINGS Purple Heart Patch and/or Certificate can also be ordered by the recipient’s family, in Honor of or in Memory of the Purple Heart recipient and sewn onto the Nylon or leather jacket that they’ve purchased from US WINGS® Purple Heart Certificate.


Please select the interior lining Purple Heart Certificate image above to order your certificate to be sewn onto the back inner lining of your jacket. You will be asked to supply either a color copy or a PDF color-scanned copy of your certificate to US WINGS. DO NOT send your original certificate to US WINGS. After you complete your order, please contact US WINGS to provide your ORDER No. of your JACKET, and place that ORDER No. on a cover sheet that you will be sending in to US WINGS:

US WINGS Purple Heart Certificate ■ 561 E. Hines Road ■ Hudson, OH 444236 ■ PH. 1-800-650-0659 ■ Email:


I personally have the A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that I use to travel in because of the various functions that I routinely attend in representing both US WINGS®, QATSPY® GOLF and/or The Yankee Personal-Style Traditional Apparel Quarters Company.

US WINGS A-2 Cape Buffalo Leather Flight Jacket

PLEASE Refer to SIZE CHART in the Additional Information panel for the Men’s  A-2 Cape Buffalo Leather Flight Jacket that comes in Regular or Tall fit with chest sizes for each category.

DON’T forget the option to customize your leather flight jacket with either patches and/or name tags.


OPTION to CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED A-2 LEATHER JACKET with ADD-ONS– Chose from military unit or Branch of Service patches, tags identifying you and/or your organization, or send us your own patches you want sewn-on, either for the right chest panels or sleeve of the jacket. You can’t make a better statement than with the classic look of leather that will leave a lasting impression to your commitment to getting it done right. See an EXAMPLE of a personalized A-2 Leather Flight Jacket below, featuring an EXAMPLE ONLY of my QATSPY GOLF Jacket with military patches and name tags for your reference at CHECKOUT:


The A-2 Leather Flight Jacket featured above is my own personal jacket that has been weathered with wear.


This also makes for an excellent promotional jacket for your business, customers, service awards, or your organization, like The Southern Heritage Air Foundation has done. Except for the left crest area (LC-2), the right crest, left and right upper sleeves area, and back panel can include your company logo patch that you can supply us to have sewn onto the jacket, like I have done for my company A-2 Leather Flight Jacket, in the above example.

Please select your options for patches at checkout and submit your name(s) for tags in the ORDER NOTES OPTIONAL area. You have an option of GOLD (G) or BLACK (B) lettering on olive drab ribbon tape (Max. of 18 characters plus spaces).


NOTE: No returns on all personalized leather jackets with patches. Please, No objectionable or explicit patches or wording on tags.

QATSPY GOLF and The Yankee Personal-Style Traditional Apparel Quarters Company is an authorized dealer for US WINGS.

The Italian Cape Buffalo Leather Flight Jacket features:

  • 100% Cape Buffalo leather (Thickness between 1.2 – 1.3 mm)
  • Drum Dyed
  • Snap down collar
  • One-piece back
  • One-piece sleeves
  • Snap close cargo pockets
  • Stitched down epaulets
  • Military spec brass zipper
  • One interior pocket
  • Side-entry hand warmer pockets
  • Brown satin nylon lining
  • Knit cuffs and waistband
  • Available in Regular and Long
  • Color: Antique Brown
  • Fit: Normal

NOTE: Cape Buffalo Leather is one of the World’s toughest leathers that will last for decades with proper care and conditioning.


US WINGS supplies Walt Disney with the INDY-STYLE Cape Buffalo Jacket.


The Cape Buffalo Leather Jacket is so tough that Walt Disney World Theme Park asked US WINGS to be the primary supplier of the INDY-STYLE Cape Buffalo Jacket that they use in their daily production of the INDIANA JONES EPIC STUNT SPECTACULAR that is seen by thousands of Indiana Jones fans each week. Walt Disney chose the US WINGS INDY-STYLE Jacket because of its durability and authenticity.

PLEASE refer to A-2 Women’s Leather Flight Jackets also, for that special lady in your life.

While we offer this A-2 Leather Jacket in Women’s sizes, the A-2 Jacket featured in the image below worn by the female model is a Men’s Medium Size Jacket (she is a size 4), as this will help provide a crossover reference for women looking at the men’s jacket as an option.



I don’t leave home without either one of my A-2 Leather Jacket to provide that professional look in business meetings or social gatherings.

Additional information

Uni Jacket Sizes

Small 36", Medium 38" to 40", Large 42" to 44", X-Large 46" to 48", 2X-Large 50" to 52", 3X-Large 54"


Regular, Tall

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