Indy Jones-Style Traditional Australian Whip w/ Holder


Indy Jones-Style Traditional Australian Whip with a Leather Double-Button Holder will be available for shipping in 21 days. Pre-Order now!

IMPORTANT– MUST BE At least 18- Years old to Order

Color: Saddle Tan or Black

Length of Whip: 6-Ft, 8-Ft, or 10-Ft.



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The Indiana Jones-Style Traditional Australian Bullwhip with Holder

We all remember either the original release of or reruns of the first of the Indiana Jones’ Movie series, starting with the Raiders of the Lost Ark. The professor/archeologist, played by Harrison Ford, went from digging for artifacts from around the World to adventurous agent for the military intelligence agency traveling the world. Indiana Jones gave archeology the 1940’s style adventures that was a part of an era connected to the Greatest Generation with its classic fashions. A major part of that fashion was the 1931 era A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that pilots and airborne units wore. This is the same Jacket that formed the basis for the Indiana Jones-Style Jacket that was a major part of Indy’s character.


What would the Indiana Jones Iconic image be without his fedora, leather jacket, pouch, khakis, and his bullwhip hanging down from his right side. The Indiana Jones bullwhip reminds us of the western frontier era of the cowboys taming the wild west. These were artifacts that gave that charismatic adventures look that is a signature of Indiana Jones look in search for archeological artifacts, that gave that tough but with refinement persona.

NOTE: The Indiana Jones-Style Leather Jacket, Fedora, Khakis pants, and Leather or canvas pouch can be purchased separately at CHECKOUT for your convenience.


THE QATSPY® US WINGS® OUTFITTERS to movies sets are proud to bring back the Indy Jones-Style Traditional Australian Bullwhip with holder. This bullwhip with holder is the favorite of performers, animal trainers, cattlemen, and stuntmen throughout the world! I even had a bullwhip on our farm where I used just for that distinctive sound effects to get the attention of our cattle.

These bullwhips are 8 plait (8 strand) kangaroo hide and are made from kangaroo leather from Australia’s leading manufacturer who has been supplying quality leather for over a 100 years.

Indy Jones-Style Traditional Australian Whip Features:

  • Plaited belly with wrist loop
  • 8 to 10 inch fall
  • 5 – 6″ cracker
  • Australian kangaroo leather
  • Available in lengths: 6′, 8′ and 10′
  • color: Black or saddle tan
  • Leather Double-Button Belt Holder that fits belts up to 3.50- inches wide.

Leather Bullwhip Holder Included

Our Leather Bullwhip Holders are made from top-quality heavy-duty leather and feature high-quality hardware to withstand many years of rugged use. This gives the user easy access to their bullwhip. Our Double Bullwhip Holder measures 2.75″ in width, features 2-position adjust ability (for 1.5″ and 2″ diameters), and the belt loop can accommodate belts up to 3.5″ wide. This holder is fully ambidextrous and their heavy-duty construction is built to last! Color: brown.

Definitions, Parts of a whip:

Plait, Plating: “Plaiting refers to a method of braiding; “plait” refers to the number of strands.

Thong: Main body of whip, usually 8-16 strips of leather woven around a center, tapering down the length.

Fall: A thin single strip of leather, attached to the end of the thong.

Cracker: A string with a bushy end, attached to the end of the fall, that produces the “cracking” sound

The “Pop”: The “crack” of a whip is a sonic boom – the result of the end of the whip traveling faster than the speed on sound!


There is an assumption of risk for anyone who purchases a whip from THE QATSPY® and US Wings®. THE QATSPY or US Wings takes no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by a whip purchased from us. These whips are not toys, they can cause serious injuries if used improperly. Prudent and responsible use of these whips is the sole responsibility of the buyer and/or user. We recommend the use of body protection including Safety glasses, hat with brim, long sleeve shirt, and gloves. For beginners we highly recommend either private instruction or instructional videos to learn proper techniques.

Additional information

Bull Whip Color

Black, Saddle Tan

Bull Whip Length

10-Ft, 6-Ft, 8-Ft