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US WINGS CWU-45P Nylon and the A-2 Leather Flight Jacket

BY: Charles W. Boatright

US WINGS®, The Classic Flight Jacket Outfitter for Fashion

The Word in fashion is versatility, as we are trying to combine functionality with fashion, without having to buy additional outfits or having to compromise protection. We always want something that offers the classic formal or casual look, but with the comfort and protection for our busy schedules.

US WINGS A-2 Leather Flight Jacket Perfect Travel Jacket

NOTE: My wife wears the Medium A-2 Cape Buffalo Men’s Jacket that she prefers because of the feel.

We like our sports jackets, like the classic blue blazer, but the blazer doesn’t offer the flexibility or durability for traveling and outdoor activities. After Christmas is enjoyed with family and friends, we like to take to the slopes to enjoy the outdoors, but we are having to pack additional winter wear. THE QATSPY® Sport Apparel has linked up with US WINGS® for the perfect outfitter jackets that can go from formal or casual wear to the recreational outdoors, without you having to do additional packing for your trip.

US WINGS® Jacket that Goes from Casual to Formal Wear

US WINGS A-2 Cape Buffalo Flight Jacket ideal for Professional Wear

I have enjoyed my A-2 Cape Buffalo Flight Jacket for years, either performing flying patrol or going to dinner with friends after I get back to the airport. My A-2 Cape Buffalo Jacket can go from the cockpit of the P-51 or Motorcycle right to a Holiday cocktail dinner with friends, with only a slight wardrobe change in the locker room from a khaki chino shirt with blue jeans into a Button-down Oxford shirt and tie with pressed khaki pants.

Walt Disney World, wanting to re-enact the adventures of Indiana Jones, went in search for an authentic version of the Indy-Style Leather Jacket. But Disney’s required that it withstand the daily production of their Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. Walt Disney came to US WINGS® for their Indiana Jones Cape Buffalo Leather Jacket.

We supplied Walt Disney with the Indy-Style Cape Buffalo Leather Jacket, shown below. The Cape Buffalo Leather is some of the world’s toughest leather that has the Old-Antique, patina look and comfortable feel we see in the Indiana Jones Movies. This production is seen by thousands each week at the Walt Disney Theme Park, and this is a must-see production at Walt Disney World Theme Park.

US WINGS Indy-Style Jacket supplied to Walt Disney World Theme Park

The U.S. ARMY Retro Era A-2 Leather Jacket Issue

Starting in April of 2020, the U.S. Army will be issuing to its recruiters the original style WWII A-2 Cowhide Leather Jacket, because of its classic look and style. The U.S. Army is returning to this style of jacket that some of your grandparents or uncles and aunts might have worn during the war, either in the U.S. Army Air Corps or in the 82nd or 101st Airborne. Both pilots (men and female) wore this A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that is making a comeback.

US WINGS Retro WW-2 A-2 Leather Flight Jacket

Call me nostalgic, but the late thirties and forty’s provided some of the classic clothing designs that are still popular even today. This was the era when these jackets listed below were developed.

US WINGS A-2 Leather Flight Jacket pattern off the WASP Flight Jacket that Women pilots wore during World War 2 an excellent Biker’s Jacket

In THE QATSPY® Sports Apparel Online-Store, we carry the following US WINGS® Jackets:

The CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jacket

US WINGS TOPGUN CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jacket w/ Authentic TOPGUN Patches

NOTE: The original Nylon flight jacket was design at the end of the 40’s, but was updated to the CWU-45P Flight Jacket in the 70’s that a lot of pilots wear today.

The CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jacket made a perfect ski jacket that my wife and I, with a close friend, Miss US WINGS, wore when we recently went to Winter Park, Colorado, at the nice Arapahoe Ski Lodge. We were there giving a presentation to a Veterans group about THE QATSPY® Palmer Golf Technique.

US WINGS CWU-45P Flight Jacket used as a perfect Ski Jacket

These CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jackets made the perfect cross country ski jacket that attracted a lot of attention on the slopes, due to the TOPGUN Patches, as seen in the TOPGUN 2 Trailer below:

The US WINGS® line of Jackets in THE QATSPY® Sport Apparel makes for an excellent Christmas Gift, so order yours today, with FREE SHIPPING, from the convenience of your own home or office and enjoy your Holidays with Family and Friends.

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A Special Offer For Our Bikers Friends

All our leather and nylon jackets EXCEPT for the TOPGUN G-1 CAPE Buffalo Jacket can have either a Harley-Davidson or Indiana Motorcycle back panel Rocker Patch sewn on to the jacket, see example below on our A-2 Flight Jackets. These patches are purchased at the time of CHECKOUT or can be purchased separately by selecting the image of the patches ONLY below.

Indian Motorcycle Rocket Patch
Provided by QATSPY Sports Performance Apparel Co.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rocket Patch
Provided by QATSPY Sports Performance Apparel Co.

These Motorcycle patches can be purchased separately form THE QATSPY Sports Performance Co.

For those Veterans that have received the Purple Heart or their family members, can also have a certificate sewn into the inter lining of all US WINGS jackets without exception, as noted below:

US WINGS Purple Heart Certificate option offered to all recipients of the metal. Every Jacket has this as an option in the description.

There are directions on how to submit a color copy of your certificate to US WINGS (DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE) given with each jacket description. We appreciate your sacrifice and service to our great country.

A Purple Heart Patch can also be selected to be sewn on to the left crest of the front panel of jacket.

THE QATSPY Sports Performance also offer a FREE Program called Operation DOG-TAG for those wanting to use golf to transition back to civilian life. Below link will provide you more information:

This link will take you to the Coach’s Locker Room. Look toward the bottom for more information. In the Locker Room are FREE YouTube Training Videos that can help improve your golf game from Tee-to-Green and your Putting.