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The 2nd Amendment the Right to Bear Arms

By Charles W. Boatright

The Impact and History of the 2nd Amendment in American Society

The Application of the 2nd Amendment needs to be viewed in light of the Revolutionary War that ended on September 03, 1883. Our Independence, Freedoms, and Liberties spelled out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights can be directly tied to what is stated in the Second Amendment that reads- A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

A great reference for the 2nd Amendment is Federalist Papers No. 29. This gives a front role seat to what the Framers of our Constitution was thinking and intended.

The United States Militia that was made up of the Army, Navy, and Marines, established in 1775, was comprised of both civilians active personnel alike. The early skirmishes that was fought during the early part of the Revolutionary War was fought by common citizenry, called Minutemen. Minutemen were comprised of ordinary citizens, like farmers, merchants, lawyers, and other Colonists equipped with their personal rifles and muskets.

Even during the War of 1812, the Battle of New Orleans was fought by both United States Militia and civilians who helped Andrew Jackson define New Orleans from the British.

The Framers who experience of the Revolutionary War, saw the need and importance for their citizens to have the right to bear arms for defense, as well as for self-protection. Property rights are a major part of our Freedoms and Liberties that we enjoy. It is essential that we have the right to protect ourselves and our property.

Without the Second Amendment, our ability to defend our Freedoms and Liberties would be severely curtailed. The right to bear arms (rifles, shotguns, pistols, and knives) is one reason that our soldiers, sailors, and marines are the elite fighting force that we had then and now. Arms aren’t just for sporting, but for protection, as we have seen throughout our History as a country.

Confiscation of Arms and the Second Amendment

Some Democrats believe that confiscating our Arms and our Second Amendment would lead to a safer society need to become more familiar with American History. And this is just not the history regarding the 2nd Amendment, but the history of what drastic measures of confiscation lead to, in regard to other unforeseen issues.

In history of America, we have tried confiscation before, that had unforeseen consequences, like Prohibition (The 18th Amendment). The 18th Amendment prohibited the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of alcohol in the United States. The intent of the 18th Amendment was to eliminate intoxication, crime, and to help develop a responsible and healthy society.

What occurred was the expansion of organized crime, black markets, bootlegging,  and moonshine running that wasn’t regulated or inspected for public consumption. Whatever Amendment that is added or abolished will only affect the law-abiding citizen who will be at the mercy of criminals.

Assault Weapons Classification

I hear politicians who want to abolish assault-type weapons and they reference rifles like the AR-15. The AR-15 is in a classification of a semiautomatic weapon. There are some deer rifles that are gas-operated semiautomatics. The only difference other than the possible caliber is the capacity of the magazine-fed rifle.

If I’m defending myself, my family, or my home or property, I wouldn’t want to be limited to only three or five round capacity magazines. I would want to be on par with the intruder and not be at their mercy. Some commentators in the media stated that a person only needs a single round to defend themselves or property. They never been in a firefight before.

There is a Democrat Representative from Mississippi that stated that all the weapon that a citizen needs is a 12-gauge shotgun. Well, one of the most effective weapons of World War I, besides the Springfield M1903, was the Browning 12-gauge pump action shotgun used to clear trenches. A German that just heard the pump-action of the Browning 12-gauge shotgun would be terrified just hearing that pump-action.

But the shotgun would not be appropriate for hunting in wooded areas where a high-power rifle is more effective.

The Best Course of Action is What we Did with Smoking and the Seat belt Campaign

The best course of action is education, like we did with reducing the ill effects of smoking and the use of seat belts to save lives. Most states have seat belt laws, but we constantly hear where occupants of vehicles died in accidents, because they were not wearing their seat belt. You can’t legislate morals, responsibility, or behavior; you have to educate.

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