Riding the OPEN back road for our History and reporting what I have discovered and learned in THE BOATRIGHT REPORT.

By: Charles W. Boatright

The Case Against The National Rogue Syndicate– A Brief History of a Political Party that Instituted and Supported Slavery and Segregation

Without integration, especially in sports, in the early 1940’s and 1960’s, we couldn’t see the likes of Jesse Owens, Jackie Robertson, Willie Mayes, Hank Aaron, Wendell Hudson, Perry Wallace, Nate Northington, Condredge Holloway, Earl Campbell, Herschel Walker, or Bo Jackson just to name a few African-Americans athletes performed. These brave athletes made sports the level playing ground for other areas in our society.

Sports broke the integration barrier of allowing minorities to take advantages of what our country has to offer that even the Civil War wasn’t able to achieve with the efforts of Reconstruction that followed. Sports has lead the way for integration that caused southern states to secede from the Union in 1860’s.

The Secession from the Union

There were 11- States that seceded from the Union that was Democratically controlled that institutionalized and supported slavery and later on segregation. These states were controlled by the Democratic Party. What is surprising is that after the Civil War had ended in April of 1865, segregation replaced slavery that the Democratic Party supported and its discrimination. What the Civil Rights movement fought for in blood, sweat, and tears, the Democrats wanted to reinstate with segregation policies and avoid equal application or enforcement of the law.


Below, are a 20 Cases on how Democrats played a major role in instituting and supporting segregation and discrimination that is in stark contrast to Declaration of Independence– We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

There was 11 states that seceded from the Union in 1860 and 1861 that were controlled by Democrats up until the early 1970’s when these southern states started turning from BLUE to RED. Most of these 11 seceded states had Democratic Governors, legislators and local law enforcement. Here in Mississippi from 1817 up to the present for example there were 45- Democratic Governors and 6- Republican. For Arkansas 44- Democratic Governors and 11- Republican.

Only in recent elections have Republicans held the office in these two states in various capacities. I had a front row seat in Arkansas and now in Mississippi to the Democrats’ role that they played in dismantling the U.S. Constitution that generations has fought to defend and protect.


Below I will lay out a brief history of how the Democratic Party has played in compromising our founding principles of: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


Case No. 1 Southerners ties to Britain before the War of Independence

Southerners (Democrats) in the Colonies of Georgia and (North and South) Carolina’s economies were largely agricultural based that relied heavily on exports to Britain like corn, cotton, tobacco, and etc. that was very lucrative in revenue to these colonies. These were also the Slave trade that made these crops possible to grow, harvest, and to be exported. Why would they want to mess up a great economy for an idea of independence from England?

There was no reason for the southern colonies to declare independence from Britain just because of Britain’s taxation under King George and with limited liberty for self determination. Some of the southerners even took up arms against the colonists and Washington’s Army fighting the Brits for independence since the Declaration of Independence was signed that we celebrate on July 4th.

During the Civil War on July 4th, 1863, Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton of the Confederate Army at Vicksburg, Mississippi, surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant after the Union Army/Navy laid siege from May 18th, to July 4th, 1863. Until World War II, the majority of Vicksburg citizens didn’t celebrate July the 4th. What was interesting about July of 1863 was when the Union Army won a decisive battle at Gettysburg on July 03rd, 1863.


Case No. 2 Ratifying The Constitution of The United States

During the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, the southerners insisted on what was called the Numberization Clause to the U.S. Constitution before they were ratified and agreed to sign it. This Numberization Clause would allow for the agricultural southern states to keep slavery in place as a workforce. Not even to transition to indentured servants that the southern colonies could agree upon where the workforce could work off their debt for their freedom over a number of years.

It would be another 73- years after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in September of 1787 before the slave issue would be addressed and settled with a bloody Civil War. The Civil War took place during the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln (the first Republican to be President from 04Mar1861 until his assassination on 15Apr1865). President Lincoln was killed by a Southern loyalist, John Wilkes Booth, at Ford’s Theater.

President Abraham Lincoln signed an Executive Order called the Emancipation Proclamation on 01Jan1863 during the third year during a bloody Civil War.

The Emancipation Proclamation that President Abraham Lincoln signed freed all slaves in the United States and territories that sealed his fate and his assassination.

Case No. 3   Secession from the Union 1860 & 1861 by 11- States

The southern states that formed the Confederacy were controlled by the BLUE Democratic Party that wanted to retain slavery that was important to their agriculture based economy. On 17Dec1860 the first group of states seceded included- (1) South Carolina, followed by (2) Mississippi, (3) Florida, (4) Alabama, (5) Georgia, (6) Louisiana, and (7) Texas. After Lincoln called up 75,000 militia to stop the rebellion and protect Ft. Sumter, this was followed by (8) Virginia, (9) Arkansas, (10) North Carolina, and (11) Tennessee that seceded in January of 1861.  11- States seceded from the Union in all. President Lincoln stated that all military posts would remained the property of the United States, the Union.

Case No. 4- The Confederates attack at Fort Sumter

After Lincoln called up militia to resupply and protect Fort Sumter on 12Apr1861, the Confederates attacked Fort Sumter that started the Civil War.

Case No. 5- President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated

John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln on 15Apr1865 at Ford’s Theater. This was at the end of a very hard fought war that ended on 09Apr1865 where General Robert E Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House in Virginia. There was no indication that Booth had direct ties with the Southern Democratic Party.

Some in academia state that it wouldn’t had matter if President Lincoln would had live or not and to see a nation that was divided that could be healed. They believe the results would had been the same. I would debate that in what Reconstruction did in the south for seven short years would had lasted longer if President Lincoln would had lived, especially with the help of General Ulysses S. Grant that knew the regions and the people.

Case No. 6- Reconstruction and Promise of a Perfect Union Dashed

For seven years after the Civil War, a period known as Reconstruction started and was assisted by the Freedmen’s Bureau that gave former slaves food, housing, and education. This Reconstruction led to the first African-Americans to serve in Congress. Joseph Rainey of South Carolina was the first African-American to be elected to the House of Representatives in 1870.

This period had a huge amount of promise for the African-American community. Reconstruction and Freedmen offer a great amount of promise, hope, and opportunity to African-Americans to be part of their Country with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

However, this was short lived due to the Southern Democrats Black Codes, like Jim Crow that lead up to the Colfax Massacre, this was mass killings of African-Americans that took place in 1873 in New Orleans and Memphis by the Ku Klux Klan, A.K.A. KKK. The KKK that was predominately Democratic loyalist that had a firm hold in the south up until the mid 1970’s.

Years following the Civil War up to 100 African-Americans were being tortured and lynched every year in the south. If it wasn’t for a very courageous African-American reporter, Ida B. Wells, that helped to expose the horrors and the atrocities that took place in the Democratic controlled South this would only be a footnote in history. She reported on 250 lynchings in her book. We still have some independent courageous reporters now that aren’t tied to the Democratic Party.


Reconstruction was probably the best opportunity to be the nation that all citizens had a right to participate in as equal citizens. Lincoln’s Reconstruction was proven when Eleanor Roosevelt insisted on giving African-Americans the opportunity to become aviators with the establishment of the Tuskegee Training Facility. It was no coincidence that Tuskegee Institute was selected in order to honor Booker T. Washington a Republican that taught at Tuskegee Institute.

Another point that Reconstruction would have worked a century later was the integration of sports, especially in the SEC, as I mentioned earlier in the open.

If the Democratic Segregation hadn’t ended, we wouldn’t have had an opportunity to witness the performance of Jesse Owens, Earl Campbell, Herschel Walker, or Bo Jackson just to name a few African-Americans athletes’ performance. Sports have been enriched with the participation of African-Americans in all sports, not to mention MLB.

An interesting story about Herschel Walker in the SEC special that aired on the SEC Network was a story Herschel Walker told in this documentary. Herschel Walker described how an older man came up to him after a Georgia Football game and introduced himself as a former Democrat and KKK member, and how Herschel Walker changed his whole premise on Segregation and African-Americans.


Case No. 7- Indianola, Mississippi Postmaster, Minnie Cox

The predominant Democratic South story in a small town of Indianola, Mississippi where residence took exception with their Postmaster being an African-American woman. Minnie Cox was a very successful business woman and Postmaster in Indianola. They protested and requested Minnie Cox be removed as Indianola’s Postmaster. In response, then Republican President Theodor Roosevelt in retribution for the town’s racial protest, ordered that the Indianola Post Office be Closed and moved the Post Office to Greenville, Mississippi.

President Theodor Roosevelt kept paying Minnie Cox salary.

Case No. 8   Booker T. Washington Visit to the White House

16Oct1901, President Theodor Roosevelt invited Booker T. Washington from the Tuskegee Institute to the White House to have dinner with him. At the time, Booker T. Washington taught at Tuskegee Institute that later would be the training facility for the first African-American Pilots for World War II that flew the P-51 Mustang. Booker T. Washington had to be smuggled out of Alabama on a train because of the media press bias toward conservative/Republican African-Americans. Little has changed with our media even today, they still carry the water for their Democrats Masters.

The Democrats and their press media have the same approach to opposing views as they had back over 200 years ago.  

Case No. 9   Money, Mississippi

28Aug1955, Emmet Till was lynched my the Democratic KKK for supposedly whistling at Carolyn Bryant, the owners wife at Bryant’s Grocery & Meat Market in a small town north of Greenwood, MS on U.S. Hwy 61. I visited Money, Mississippi several times and visited other civil rights sites where the Democrat strong arm KKK committed hate crimes.

I traveled over Mississippi working as a Grid Engineer for a Transmission Line Utility located in Jackson, Mississippi. I also witnessed the Democrats’ bias living in Arkansas where I was raised and how the tide has changed over the last 53- years. A lot more needs to be done, however. We certainly don’t need to return to the days of the Democrat segregation Era that the WOKE side is pressing for NOW.


Case No. 10 Philadelphia, Mississippi Civil Rights Workers

21Jun1964, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwemer were found dead (shot) and their bodies burned in Neshoba County, Mississippi. It was discovered that the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office and Philadelphia, MS Police Department were directly involved in the murders that implicated 18 people. One was Edgar Ray Killen, the mastermind with the White Knights of the KKK. All of these persons had direct ties to the Democratic Party. Murders of this magnitude don’t take place without knowledge of the political leadership of that day.

What I find interesting is how Biden keeps referring to the MEGA White Supremacist and Jim Crow when actuality it was Democrats created and supported these causes against the Civil Rights Era. Even when the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 can to a vote, very few Democrats voted for it. If it was for the Republicans and a few Democrats, President Johnson would not have gotten this bill across the finished line.


Edgar Ray Killen was later tried for his crimes in 12Jan2005 for masterminding the murders of the Civil Rights Workers. Transcripts from the original case were read in court room before a jury found Edgar Ray Killen guilty of the murders of the three Civil Rights workers. Edgar Ray Killen died in prison.

Case No. 11  The Little Rock Nine

On 04Sep1957, Arkansas Democratic Governor Orval Faubus used Arkansas National Guard Troops to stop nine African-Americans students from attending Little Rock Central High School after the Supreme Court issued a Ruling stating that Segregation was unconstitutional based on the 14th Amendment.

To enforce the desegregation Ruling, Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower President ordered 1,200 Armed Troops from the 101st Airborne to protect and enforce the desegregation of Little Rock Central High School. I attended North Little Rock (Ole Main) High School two decades after this incident.

Case No. 12  James Howard Meredith Admission to the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

30Sep1962, Mississippi Democratic Governor Ross Barnett tried to block the admission of James H. Meredith from enrolling at The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). I had the pleasure of meeting James H. Meredith. James Meredith was sent a telegram denying his admittance from Ole Miss. From 1960-1961, James Meredith attended the historical Black College of Jackson State (now Jackson State University, JSU).

James Meredith with legal assistance from the NAACP filed a lawsuit that ended up at the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on 10Sep1962 that Meredith was to be admitted to Ole Miss. Riots broke out on campus, but the U.S. Marshals stationed on campus protected James Meredith. James Meredith described himself as the most segregated student in America while attending Ole Miss.

Case No. 13  The Desegregation of the University of Alabama

On 11Jun1963, Alabama Democratic Governor George Wallace personally stood in the doorway preventing two African American Students from attending the Summer Session at the University of Alabama. Acting on an order from the Federal Court, Democratic President John F. Kennedy ordered the U.S. Marshals to escort Vivien Malone and James Hood into the University of Alabama to be enrolled. This Court Order allowed Vivien Malone and James Hood to be admitted.

Governors Oval Faubus, Ross Barnett, and George Wallace were the face of the Democratic Segregated South.

Case No. 14 LBJ’s War on Poverty & the Great Society

If the programs that was associated with The War on Poverty and The Great Society were administered correctly these programs would have been a great benefit to the minority in our country. But these programs actually made conditions worse in that it broke down the minority families by taking fathers out of the home. It was referred to as Aid to Dependent Children.

Now the broken home syndrome where there is no male influence especially for young men at home still has a large impact. There is a severe disadvantages where there are no fathers in the home leads to crime due to the lack of guidance. There is no doubt of the heroic efforts of signal parent homes can provide for children needs; but it is putting a lot of responsibility on one adult.

Case No. 15– False Allegations is a form of discrimination especially from the floor of Congress:

Harry Reed and Adam Schiff Smear Campaigns

Harry Reed on the floor of the Senate made an unfounded allegation that Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes that hurt Mitt’s Presidential Campaign. When questioned about the unfounded allegation, Harry Reed replied- Well It worked didn’t it. I have no respect for a party that allows their members like Harry Reed and Adam Schiff to state unfounded allegations that are totally FALSE!

If they would have stated these allegations under oath in front of a congressional hearing, both would have perjured themselves. Not one Democratic Senator or Representative asked for evidence to support Harry Reed and Adam Schiff’s claims and did not denounce them.

In the case of Adam Schiff on the floor of the House, he read a totally fabricated transcript about a telephone conversation between Republican Donald Trump and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Adam Schiff stated that there was evidence of quid pro quo that was also FALSE. Later President Trump furnished the actual transcript of the conversation that was totally contrary to the fabricated transcript Adam Schiff read. Again not one Democrat said a word. Press like usually ignored the TRUTH for a LIE.

We need to hold ALL Senators and Representatives responsible and vote them out of office if they violate our confidence in them. What we say does matter. The tough is sharper than a two edged sword.


Case No. 16   IRS Louis Lerner

IRS administrator Louis Learner under the direction from the Obama Administration denied 501(c) to Conservative groups that limited those groups from Free Speech that other Democratic groups enjoyed, violating the fair application and enforcement of the law. Groups like Tea Parties were being denied their applications and Free Speech that is the basic principle of a free society.   

Case No. 17  The Leadership at the FBI

The DOJ and the FBI used by Democrats to intimidate parents at school board meetings classifying them as domestic terrorists. The DOJ and the FBI was trying to prevent parents from challenging the curriculum that they disagreed with by the action of an elected board. The parents felt that the Democratic WOKE curriculum didn’t educate their children with basic skills that they need and their taxes support.

FBI agents were also used to infiltrate the campaign of conservative candidates to disrupt and intimidate workers and to accuse them of conspiring with foreign governments. This proves what others accuse you of doing are actually guilty themselves of doing.

Case No. 18- Sanctuary Cities and States

Starting in 2019 Democratic lead cities and states declare themselves to be sanctuaries where they would not enforce immigration laws and not prosecute various crimes, and also instituted no bail requirements. Unfair application of the law.

These cities have for all intensive purposes have turned into third world countries without law or order. The illegal immigrants coming to these Democratic States and Cities can identify with these type conditions, because it is the very reason that they left their countries due to corruption.


Democrats pushed for de-funding the police that has caused the number of police officers to dwindle where crime is rampant in these cities like in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Baltimore.

In some cases during the 2020 Summer riots in Democratic Governors and Mayors instructed their police force to stand down while their cities were burning and their citizens were victimized.

Case No. 19   January 6th Response to a Corrupt Government

These conditions was what prompted the protest on 06Jan2021 where over 300,000 concerned Americans were voicing their opposition to how the Democrats, Intelligence personnel, and the FBI influenced a Presidential Election. The FBI withheld key information and evidence and actually stated the information that was true was false. Like the Hunter Biden Laptop where 51 Intelligence personnel labeled it as Russian Disinformation, that they didn’t even see the evidence.

With regret, some people turned this protest into a riot by breaching the capitol. But there were inadequate safeguards and security put in place by Capitol Police and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. We can never condone violence or intimidation of any form from anyone group both sides. A military veteran, Ashli Babbitt, was shot by Capitol Police, Lieutenant Michael Byrd.


People that used the FBI to influence an election should be pursued through the legal system and those in government should be impeached or fired if found guilty and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We need to use elections to remove this type of Democratic policy.

During the French Revolution the common population didn’t have a voice in their government with free and fair elections. This led to guillotines being erected and used to eliminate governmental leaders that abused their office for their own gain.

Instead of guillotines let’s use the ballot box and clean out the corrupt DOJ and the FBI.                               

Case No. 20   Foreign Influence in the Office of the Democrat President  

From 2020 to 2022, Democrat subcommittees and committees turned a blind eye to the influence paddling with foreign entities being done by the Biden Family. Instead they focused on their opponents, the Republicans, and didn’t even show any interest in Biden when Vice-President and now as President where the evidence is just now being uncovered.

Even during Watergate both Republicans and Democrats formed committees that were headed by (D) Sam Ervin and (R) James Baker to investigate the cover up. This is not what Democrats do now, instead they cover their own.