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I used to work in my grandfather’s bakery where Whole Wheat Rolls was our signature item that we sold the most of. These are whole wheat rolls that I bake each week to have with our meals.

A major part of a healthy diet is including fiber from grains, fruit, nuts, vegetables that is the basis of The 925-MET Diet Plan.

By: Charles W. Boatright

November is Alzheimer’s and Diabetes Awareness Month, Use the Strength of Your Fiber and Fitness to Fight Against Alzheimer’s and Diabetes

Just having a high fiber diet and fitness routine can put the advantage in your corner for fighting both Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. When fiber is digested and is fermented in the gut, it produces a fatty acid called butyrate that reduces inflammation in the brain known as interleukin-1B, which is linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Adding fiber to your diet is usually linked to improved cardiovascular health and lowering your cholesterol levels, but that’s not all. In addition to your heart health, fiber, like whole wheat, is also good for your brain and cognitive function. Just by adding simple fiber to your diet will reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, as well as lower your risk to certain cancers.

And that’s not all fiber does for your health and fitness, as fiber also promotes skin health and a younger appearance. In the featured image that was taken in October of 2020, I’m 63 years old. Fiber is also a source of my weight loss of 58- pounds. In my 925-MET Diet, I developed a Weight Factor that helps me choose foods that are not only healthy, but allow me to lose my weight. The 925-MET Diet actually turned my body into a calorie-burning juggernaut. I lost 52 pounds within a 9-month period.


I view my high fiber 925-MET Diet and my CASPER Fitness routine equivalent to a janitorial service for my internal health. Fiber also lowers my blood pressure, and for your external health, improves skin health by improving collagen that reduces the effects of aging. At age 63, I do not take any prescribed medication. Proper food that has a low Weight Factor, below 3.25, and fitness are the best medicine a person can have.

The Foods that Are Below the 3.25 Weight Factor, based on the 925-MET Diet Are also Foods that Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer’s

A suggestion is to compile a list that you can save on your I-Phone and become familiar with, similar to the list I have compiled that I use. One of my main dishes is a bowl of Pinto Beans and Whole Wheat rolls that I bake twice a week. Later on in November (20Nov2020), I will have my Whole Wheat Rolls available to be ordered by FedEx by the dozen off my website in time for the Holidays:

The foods that have a Weight Factor at or below a 3.25 that allowed me to lose 58- pounds are also foods that will lower your risk of Alzheimer’s. The formula for calculating the Weight Factor of foods are from data from the Nutrition Label off of foods. The formula is straight-forward and simple to compile a list of your favorite foods that I have attached below. The Weight Factor can be used for not only foods that you prepare at home, but also enjoy at your favorite restaurant. You can use your I-phone and access the restaurant’s website and calculate the Weight Factor for your selection.

Weight Factor Formula:

WF= Calories – Calorie from Fat/ (Cholesterol + Dietary Fiber + Sugars + Protein)

Example Formula for Pinto Beans: 90 – 0 / (19 + 6 + 1 + 5) = 90/31 = 2.903

Rule of Thumb, if you stay with foods that are high in protein and fiber, but low in sugar and starches, like your steaks, vegetables (except potatoes), and fruits, you will usually stay below the 3.25 Weight Factor. Any sugar that is added has to be subtracted from the natural sugars (Fructose). Below are foods that can prevent Alzheimer’s.


Following a Simple Fitness Regimen at Age 63

I was called back to work after retiring from a Transmission Line Utility in Mississippi to work Hurricanes Laura and Delta. The linemen that I used to work with could believe I lost a total of 58- Lbs at age 63. They dared me to take a photograph without my shirt.

Following a simple fitness regimen also helps prevent your risk of Alzheimer’s, but also reduces your risk of developing Diabetes, and not to mention, sweating is great for the skin. Generally, fitness is a benefit for the body and mobility, but fitness is a great benefit for your cognitive function. Fitness also allows a person to maintain critical mental function.

Beyond fitness, adding a sport to your fitness regimen is also critical to reduce your risk of Diabetes. A great sport, such as golf, is a sport for all ages. The reason I mention the sport of golf is that it is can be played as a team or an individual sport and played well into a person’s 90’s.

Any physical activity provides a significant mental benefit as well. Developing muscle memory associated with a sport stimulates cognitive function that is similar to a person following strength training that is a part of my CASPER Fitness Program Parts 1 thru 3, below:

CASPER Fitness Program Part No. 1

CASPER Fitness Program Part No. 2

CASPER Fitness Program Part No. 3

I have attached my 925-MET Diet (high in fiber and protein), Three (3) of my YouTube Fitness Videos, above, and Two (2) QATSPY® Golf Training Videos to help you add golf as a sport activity to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. My 925-MET Diet is FREE during the month of November:

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