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By: Charles W. Boatright

THE QATSPY® NEW TAB on Our Website that Contains Up- to-Date YouTube Videos to get the Golfer from TEE-to-GREEN/Putting

Golf is one of those sports that will allow you to maintain social distancing and provide an outdoor activity for fresh air and sunlight. For those Golfers that want coaching and golf instruction to either start or improve their golf game, I have online YouTube Videos and training downloads available. Since online learning has really kicked into high gear for kids and adults alike; this provides the perfect safe and healthy way to pick up and improve your golf game with step-by-step procedures.


I have put together a collection of my Golf and Fitness YouTube Training Videos that are under 12-minutes in length that are FREE to view. These go along with my Downloads that can be Purchased from my online store

These YouTube Videos illustrate the Preset/Sync maneuver that helps the golfer preset their wrists and synchronize their elbows. If you are having difficulty of maintaining your swing plane for consistency and power, synchronizing your lead elbow is the golfer’s guidance system for their golf swing.

Properly presetting the wrists not only provides the golfer with the ability to generate power and clubhead speed, but just as important to synchronize the elbows with the shoulders. Not much attention has been given to the elbows’ role in the golf swing, but the ability to synchronize the elbows provides the golfer with the ability to not only generate power and clubhead speed, but just as important to have finesse and control of your golf game from tee-to-green.

THE YouTube Videos of Golf Instructions and Fitness are FREE to View

There’s is a lot on information packed into these YouTube Videos for your golf swing and fitness.

These videos cover mechanics, elements, and techniques that will take the golfer from the tee with driver to short pitch shots with a sand wedge. This also covers the TICK-N-TOCK putting procedure that again synchronizes the golfer’s elbows with their shoulders for making accurate putts.

This photograph was taken in July 2020 in my Home Gym at age 63. Fitness is really quintessential to ones health. Like a doctor once stated- If fitness was in a pill form, everyone would be taken it on a daily basis.

As a bonus, I have also included my CASPER Fitness YouTube Videos and my 925-MET Diet Plan that allowed me to lose 52-Lbs in 9-months. The above photograph was taken in July of 2020 in my Home Gym at age 63.


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