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THE QATSPY® AT-THE-TURN-CAFE Mouth watering Southern-Style Fried Catfish, Catfish Supplied by Simmons Catfish in Yazoo City, Mississippi

By: Charles W. Boatright

Batter UP 4 Father’s Day- QATSPY® Catfish Batter to offer a Southern Classic that will show how much you appreciate your dad in what he has Done

In addition to the ties, shirts, and cologne, that you usually give your dad/husband on Father’s Day some fresh, fried Catfish prepared with our Famous THE QATSPY® AT-THE-TURN Cafe Catfish Batter will leave him speechless. This is the best batter in the batter’s box that has stepped up to the plate that will hit a home run every time.

Over the past 20- years, I have developed the best catfish batter by collaborating with the Catfish Farmers in the Mississippi Dela that I use in my catering business. I use this same batter to cater over 200 people at a time. We just catered an Airshow this past Saturday on June 13, 2020, and got rave reviews from the staff and crowd that attended the airshow at the Southern Heritage Air Foundation Museum. Check the Event Calendar for the NEXT Catfish Fry & Airshow below:

Click on this image to see the calendar of events at the Southern Heritage Air Foundation Museum

Our ~1.50 pound bag of our special Catfish Batter can batter up to 20 pounds of catfish. The BEST Catfish to purchase is Simmons Catfish from Yazoo City, MS. This is the only Catfish that I use. It is frozen, which is a great option for you, and you can request your local grocer to stock this product in their frozen food section.

The advantage of Simmons Catfish is that you can thaw out the catfish by placing the catfish in a container of cool tap water for just 15- minutes before frying or baking the catfish. DO NOT USE HOT WATER! I would suggest the Angular Strips for the best results. These strips are what I prefer to use. I presoak my catfish strips in beer and drain before battering. This will provide a crisper tasting catfish hands down!

It will remain fresh tasting for months in the freezer like it was caught that day. Due to the COVID-19, the Catfish Fry for the Southern Heritage Air Foundation Museum that was scheduled for March had to be postponed until June 13, 2020. We purchase 60 pounds of catfish angular stripes at the first of March. We fried the catfish four months later without any issues. The long period the catfish was frozen did not effect the taste of this great product.

I purchase Simmons Catfish in either the 5-pound or 10-pound package. If I rely on Simmons Catfish for my catering business, I know you can also. For large dinners, estimate a half pound per person. Fry the catfish at 350° F in Canola Oil.

Purchase your QATSPY® At-The-Turn Catfish Batter in the One-and-a-Half Pound bag below, discounts Pricing for Bulk orders over 4- Bags:

THE QATSPY® AT-THE-TURN CAFE Catfish Batter in 1.50 pound package. Click HERE to Order your Catfish Batter

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If you do buy your dad cologne, buy what I been using since I was 15 years old ARAMIS