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The D-REX Age-Defying Fitness Program that includes the CASPER (Cardio, Aerobic, Strength, and Pilates) Exercise Regimen Training for boosting ones immune system and an age-defying condition even at age 64. This was taken on August 19, 2021

By: Charles W. Boatright

Beefing Up the Immune System for Health- Why a Stationary Bicycle Company Has Begun to Stress the Benefits of STRENGTH Training with CARDIO?

Just in case, for those of you that are still on the fence what the benefits of adding workout with strength and conditioning training to your daily schedule. Let me direct your attention to the above featured photograph of me in our hangar with my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 Motorcycle that I still ride at AGE 64!

There is a popular stationary bicycle manufacturer that has started ads emphasizing their strength training equipment, this is in addition to their cardio exercises bicycle that they been promoting for years. There’s a GOOD Reason for this, especially during a pandemic and while we are spending more time at home. I have the answer TO WHY they have been stressing their strength training equipment for the past few months.

I’ve been advocating strength training for the past 25- years in my DEL-Rx Age-Defying Fitness Program that includes *CASPER Exercise Regimen. I’ll let you be the judge to why STRENGTH (S in CASPER) training is just as essential as CARDIO (C in CASPER) training is essential shown in the featured image above of me at age 64. I don’t have any plans on slowing down just because I retired. Another reason that I workout is because I model my line of apparel with twentysomethings, see our photo shoot below:

This is a photo shoot we did this spring of 2021 at our hangar. I’m 63 years old with our US WINGS Authentic A-2 Leather Flight Jacket and Heather with our US WINGS® TOPGUN CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jacket like the one Maverick (Tom Cruise) will be wearing the The TOPGUN 2 Movies. Both these jackets are supplied to the U.S. Military. We carry these and more in THE QATSPY® Online Store for performance Sports Training & Apparel Quarters.

*CASPER– Cardio, Aerobic, Strength, Pilates Exercise Regimen


One of our major sources for producing our natural nutrients that our bodies need to maintain our health and immune system is remaining active and with strength training. Medical and fitness researchers indicates that regular exercise, which includes strength training and conditioning, improves our ability to fight off infectious diseases.

Strength Training Produces the Building Block Protein, Glutamine

Active muscles that are also challenged with strength training and under conditioning situations produce an essential amino acid, protein, called glutamine, a building block of protein for an effective immune system. This is why it is important to include weights in your exercise regimen and conditioning. Production of glutamine is derived from skeletal muscles that provides nutrients to aid in cellular division, or for rejuvenating our body’s tissue from the ravages aging, injury, or diseases. This is why this popular stationary bicycle company/manufacturer has started stressing strength training in their ads, this is in addition to the cardio training on their stationary bicycle.

There’s an issue that I have with their ads, however, they show people using their station bicycle in a controlled and conditioned environment. For actual conditioning, the bicycle needs to be placed where outdoor conditions can be simulated, like summer time conditions, my exercise bicycle is placed in an attic space, that I converted into a GYM, that is not air-conditioned or heated over my golf training facility and photograph studio.

This is a photograph of my GYM that I converted from the attic space above my golf training facility and photograph studio. This area is not air-conditioned or heated. The equipment that is shown here is all the equipment I workout with.

NOTE: All the exercise equipment you see in my GYM is all the equipment that I workout with, it is pretty basic!

To provide an adequate supply of glutamine to our cells and tissues, the skeletal muscles are in need of daily activity, like sports, and especially routine exercises that include a strength and conditioning. There is a significant amount of attention given to aerobic and cardio workouts, but little is given to strengthening and conditioning training in a person’s basic exercise routine. Conditioning is where you put environmental stress on your body to function in either a cold or warm environment while working out.

The Importance of Strength Training with Your Cardio

It wasn’t until recently, that a stationary bicycle manufacturer included weight training with their ads. It is welcome that they have moved in this direction. I applaud them for adding strength training, but they still need to encourage more conditioning. All four areas (Cardio, Aerobic, Strength and Pilates) needs to be included in a person’s fitness program. I place my strength and condition training right there with my cardio and aerobic training, especially since I’m 64 years of age in the featured image above.

A person starts to lose muscle after the age of 20; and continue losing muscle 10 percent each decade after 20. I don’t want to lose muscle strength or muscle density as I age just for my lifestyle that I want to maintain. With DEL-Rx Age-Defying Fitness Program, I know that I can prevent losing muscle with my weight training and adding protein and fiber to my diet, this is the D designation in DEL-Rx Age-Defying Fitness Program.

DEL-Rx Age-Defying Fitness Program= Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle, Rejuvenating X-Training Age-Defying Fitness Program

By including protein and fiber into one’s daily diet in addition to regular exercises, a person can actually increase their production of both Cytokine and Glutamine components from skeletal muscles. Cytokine and Glutamine improve the effectiveness of one’s immune system and the anti-inflammatory condition of the body, as well as, effecting one’s aging process.

This biological process consumes energy and leads to lower body-fat percentages and slowing the aging process. Remember for each pound of muscle there are 50- calories consumed per day whether your active during the day or sleeping at night. You build more muscles, you therefore burn more calories, pretty simple. The body wants to do the right thing, you just need to give your body the right resources and ability to do so.

Glutamine, an amino-acid, released from the skeletal muscles, is also essential for healthy organs, like the kidneys, liver, heart, and skin. Increasing glutamine and cytokine components with exercise improves the person’s immune system and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Regular exercise reduces the inflammatory damages to muscles, tissue, and organs, this also includes the skin. Exercising also reduces other chronic diseases, I wish I had space to list in bullet form of all the benefits of diet and exercises does for a person, but it would be significant in length. Protein and fiber are essential to a person’s diet for the production of collagen. So why is collagen is important?

Strength Training Encourages the Production of Collagen

Here’s the big benefit of regular exercises. Exercises allow for the NATURAL production of collagen for the rejuvenation and repair of muscles, tissue, joints, and especially skin. Exercises are essential to keep glutamine at optimum levels to assist in immune response and for the production of collagen to provide a healthier-looking skin, muscle tone, and joints. Think of strength training as a booster for your vaccination during this COVID-19 Pandemic that you receive weekly doses of.

But just as important as a routine exercise is for the body, downtime is just as important, days off, and a rest period during the exercise regimen itself are essential. Even during my workout, I have Rest Interval Periods (RIPs) that are just 15-second periods or intervals between rep sets (my rep-set are 20 reps). Downtime, or days off, is where I have a minimum of two (2) days off for my body to recover and restore itself during the week. If needed, I can take additional days off for my body to recover, because I’m not only training my body, but conditioning it as well, and rest is very important. Rest gives your cells time to recover and rejuvenate themselves that is important for overall health.

I’m shown where last fall (2020) on my farm with my L3940 KUBOTA Tractor that I depend on for doing the heavy work or lifting. A yes I DO wear my US WINGS® A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that I carry in my online store. This leather flight jacket is touch enough for the farm, open road (riding my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60) or skies, and still great for a dress sports jacket for business or casual wear.

Just because I’m taking a rest day off from exercising doesn’t mean that I don’t work on my farm or play golf. The very reason that I exercise with strength and conditioning is where I can keep working for want I want to do, not what I have to do. I plan on working well into my 90’s, if God is willing. I have a farm shown above where I enjoy working.

Listen to Your Favorite Play List

If you find watching the clock to be boring during your workout sessions or elements, than do what I do, count songs. The average song is 3.9 to 4.1 minutes in length. So if I have an exercise element that is 12- minutes in length, I count off 3 songs, especially by U-2, Simple Minds, or Bob Dylan. One song that I especially like is by The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony. And I have BOSE® speakers in my GYM just for the special effects. I might be old, but I still love to listen to music, especial from the 70’s and 80’s era.

NOW, WHAT IS THE BEST TIME TO WORKOUT– There was a research done in the Netherlands that points to working out in the evenings that has the biggest impact on lowering your LDL Cholesterol. I actually prefer working out at 7:00 PM.

Why Conditioning is Just as Important as Strength Training

This is my GYM as it states on the floor. This area is not air-conditioned or heated, so I have the ability to condition my body while I exercise 45- minutes for either 4 or 5 days per week. The Heat Index can reach 125 degrees. When the Heat Index is over 115 degrees, I divide my workouts into two (2) Periods. The bicycle shown here, I bought 15- year earlier. If a certain manufacturer wants to replace it, I’m open to deals.

Conditioning takes place in my GYM that is not air-conditioned or heated. So during the summertime, the Heat Index in my GYM can reach levels of 125 degrees, here in Mississippi. Sweating is a great method to flush out and detoxify the body and provide for better-looking skin. Sweating-it-out is better than a jar or tube of expensive anti-aging cream. The skin is a major indicator of one’s overall health; and it is the first thing people will notice, in addition to our eyes and the skin around our eyes.

CAUTION- You will have to gradually condition your body to exercise under these conditions. If you feel faint or light headed stop and cool down. Conditioning is like any other exercise element performed, you have to build up to the level you like to achieve. During excessive Heat Index, I break my workouts into two (2) periods.

In the image below, I’m 64 years old and still function as if I’m 34, I still train, coach golf, play golf, work on my farm, and run an apparel business. I credit my DEL-Rx Age-Defying Fitness Program for my overall health and fitness. Just in case you are wondering– You’re never too old to start a healthy fitness program, just start slow and small and build up in increments. Just listen to your body and gradually build up to your level. If you can only do five (5) pull-ups, you do five pull-ups until you can do 7 or 8, and so on. The benefits are obvious- improved health, sense of well-being, and an active lifestyle. Below is my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 Motorcycle that I enjoy riding with my A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that I sell in my online Store, click below to see my full line of jackets:

Read more about my DEL-Rx Age-Defying Fitness Program and how to purchase a Download by clicking the link noted here.          




Charles W. Boatright (CEO)