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Wrist Action in the Golf Swing

Importance of Wrist Action in the Golf Swing

One topic that catches my attention are articles about the wrist action in the golf swing. The articles that I have read cover the coaching philosophies of both passive wrists versus effective wrists action. The Majority of articles lean more toward having an effective wrist, rather than maintaining a passive wrist. I’m in the camp of having an effective wrist, if done properly. The key word is– if done properly.

The wrist action in golf swing

The wrist action in the golf swing

There are very few fly fishing enthusiasts that would consider fly fishing without understanding the proper use of their wrist. I remember watching the movie, The River Runs Through It, with Brad Pitt, Craig Sheffer, and one of my favorite actors, Tom Skerritt. The movie centered around fly fishing in Montana. There was a line in the movie by Craig Sheffer describing Brad Pitt’s back casting, “It’s all in the wrist.” Back casting is a back-and-forth motion of the fly rod and line that allows fishermen to place the fly into a particular spot.

It would be impossible to perform the back cast maneuver without having an effective wrist action. The wrist action gives the back casting that whipping action that is even flow, almost like art in motion. I could not imagine performing back casting without two wrist action called Radial and Ulna Deviation. These are two of six maneuvers that the wrist can perform, as noted in the diagram of the wrist below (The Six Wrist and Forearm Action). This is an advantage as well as a disadvantage for the golfer.

The Supination and Pronation Maneuvers

The two maneuvers that the golfer must learn to have a proper golf swing must also include the action of the lower forearm, or wristbands, as well, called pronation and supination. The wrist action in the golf swing is crucial for making a proper golf swing. The only issue with the wrist– is the wrists are essentially a universal joint, having six maneuvers. The golfer trying to achieve the perfect golf swing must stabilize the wrists and synchronize the wrists with the forearms during the takeaway in the golf swing.

proper golf swing

The Six Wrist and Forearm Action

This goes back to the article entitled “The Picture Perfect Golf Swing.” This article covers the topic Mentalization, or Mental Imagery in Sports, where the golfer is trying to use imagination to enhance the golfer’s performance. If the golfer is struggling to perform the proper golf swing, the golfer must imagine themselves performing the wrist action in the golf swing flawlessly. One prop the golfer can use is a pair of EVERLAST boxing gloves, particularly the wristbands with the label EVERLAST on the back side of the wristband. The more precise the golfer’s imagination is, the more precise the golf swing will be.

EVERLAST, Another Important Glove In Golf

I have a pair of EVERLAST boxing gloves that I use as a part of my CASPER Workout Program. The EVERLAST label is sewn on the back of the wristband and is significant in presetting the proper golf swing. The Letters “E” and “T” are used for the golfer to get the proper swing visuals and feel for synchronizing the golf swing. Even Ken Duke, a professional golfer, gave one of the best interviews to Lisa Cornwell, a host with Golf Channel, on presetting the wrists. Ken referred to presetting the wrist/lower forearm as hinging-over the wrists.

Golfers elbow

Using EVERLAST boxing gloves to SYNCH and PRESET the golfers wrists and elbows

What was significant about Ken Duke is first, he is a resident of Arkansas, where I was raised. Second, Ken shot a 65 at TPC Sawgrass in 2016, the best round in Player’s history. Even Jason Day commented, “I wasn’t playing on the same course that Ken Duke was playing today.”

The Camming, The Wrist Action In Golf

In my wrist action in the golf swing, similar to how Ken Duke descries his, I like to visualize the “E” of EVERLAST on the left wrist as CAMMED-OVER, while the “T” of EVERLAST is CAMMED. This is a great method to feel the right wrist/elbow syncing and locking-in with the shoulders. The only remaining sensation the golfer is expecting is hearing that solid thump sound as the clubface makes contact with the golf ball. These three senses help the golfer develop the Sixth-Sense in golf, the muscle memory, and motor-skills in the subconscious mind. Developing the Sixth-Sense is also a great way to deal with pressures, adrenaline, and anxiety of a round or tournament. The Sixth-Sense also allows the golfer to relax and stay focused and allow the conscious mind to concentrate on the target area.

A great way to describe how the subconscious mind works, are stars in the night sky. The stars are always present, but we are unable to view the stars until the sun sets in the evening. This is exactly what the golfer must do to use the subconscious mind in golf. The golfer must allow the conscious mind to set or concentrate on something other than the golfer’s executing the golf swing. Mental images is a great method to accomplish this.

The perfect golf swing

The E-T in properly setting the wrists

If the golfer is looking for consistency in their golf game, the proper wrist action in the golf swing is essential. Consistency is the ‘Holy Grail’ in golf and is a great confidence builder. I don’t know too many golfers who would pass up the opportunity to have consistency in their golf game. This is what the image of the boxing gloves EVERLAST label does for the golfer by providing a virtual image of “ET.” The golfer want to push the ET forward toward the golf ball. The virtual boxing gloves give the golfer the confidence and feel to grip and preset the handle of the club. Everything else falls within this mental image of presetting the handle of the club.

Keeping this mental picture of pushing the ET forward helps the golfer preset the wrists and the golf club handle. Focusing on the handle of the club narrows the golfer’s focus to a very small area. This consists of just the nodular, called the Ulna Styloid Process middle of the wristbands, thumbs, and the handle of the club. Instead of all of the other hundreds of moving parts and muscles in the golf swing. This was the main emphasis of Mr. Eddie Merrins, The Little Pro’s video series entitled, Swing the Handle, not the club. Mr. Merrins, I believe, was trying to reduce the complexity of the golf swing down to the handle of the club.

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