EVERLAST – The Ken Duke Golf Swing Technique

The Ken Duke Golf Swing, That Wrist Thing

Lisa Cornwell with Golf Channel did an interview with Ken Duke at the Alotian Golf Course, just west of Little Rock, Arkansas. The interview centered around a Ken Duke golf swing technique of hinging, or what I refer to as the preset element. If you get a chance to watch this interview, it would be well worth your time. One reason is because this links to another interview that Charlie Rymer did with David Duval that aired during the first week of January 2017.

Ken Duke Golf Swing

Presetting the Wrists, The Ken Duke golf swing technique.

Charlie Rymer was interviewing David Duval on what Charlie referred to as “That wrist thing.” That wrist thing, as Charlie Rymer called it, is what I call the Sync and Preset of the wristbands in the ESPY Apperception, or ESPY App as shown in the figure Presetting the Wrists.



David Duval Explaining the Wrist Thing

David Duval was explaining to Charlie Rymer that his son called him from the golf range, explaining that he (David’s son) was having problems with his golf swing. David told him to hold on and he (David) would be right there.

When David arrived at the range, he asked his son to make some golf shots with his 7-iron. David, right off the bat, knew what the issue was. Then David asked his son to hit some shots with his sand wedge. With the sand wedge, his son was doing what Charlie Rymer referred to as That wrist thing. David Duval asked his son to make another shot with his sand wedge using a slow motion and stop when he instructed him to.

As David’s son took it back right after setting his wrists, David said “STOP!” He pointed out to his son, “See how you set your wrists; do it the same with your other clubs.” Then David handed his son a driver, which his son crushed straight down the middle of the range. David instructed him to set his wrists in the same manner with all of his clubs.

The ESPY APP Sync and Preset Elements

Golfers elbow

In both the Ken Duke golf swing and what David Duval was discussing on Golf Channel are what I refer to as the Sync and the Preset Elements in the ESPY Golf Swing App. Even Ken Duke, Marco Dawson, and Angela Stanford, as members of the PGA and LPGA, particularly mention presetting their wrists in their interviews on Golf Channel.

These interviews covered the WHAT, presetting the wrists. The only component that was not covered was HOW to preset the wrists. In my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, I use the wristbands on the EVERLAST boxing gloves to properly preset my wrists and lower forearms, as noted in the figure of the hands in the preset.


golf swing coach app

Orientation of boxing gloves on the golf club.

I use the top left wristband to cam-over the EVERLAST label to set a key muscle nodular in the right and left wristband. This nodular is, Ulna Styloid Process, and the muscle is, Flexor Capri Ulnaris, muscle. This sets and cams-over and cams the Ulna Styloid Process on each wrists. I use the bottom right wristband to cam the (T) in the EVERLAST label to set two key (Pronator Quadratus and Brachio-Radialis) muscles in the right wristband. I use the top left wristband to cam-over the (E) in the EVERLAST label to set two key (Pronator Quadratus and Brachio-Radialis) muscles in the left wristband.This sets and cams-over at the Ulna Styloid Process. The Ulna Styloid Process is a nodular above the pinky knuckle. Setting this nodular and the Flexor Capri Ulnaris muscle in the golf swing provides the component that David Duval was discussing with his son, or the same technique that Ken Duke was discussing in the hinge maneuver. But actually, this is a dual-hinge maneuver, instead of a single hinge component that Ken Duke alluded to in his video on Golf Channel interview.



Problem with the Modern Teaching Techniques

age defying golf

An age defying golf swing, presetting the wrists, to take stress off the lower back.

The advantage of presetting the wrists and lower forearms, the wristbands, is the amount of torque it takes off the golfer’s lower lumbar area. There was an article in Sports Illustrated Golf Magazine by Peter Kostis, in the March 2016 issue on page 38, entitled More is Less, The problem with modern teaching.

The wrist action in the ESPY Golf Swing accounts for 80 percent of the golf swing. These two maneuvers (Sync and Preset) of the wrists are called Supination and Pronation. The ESPY Golf Swing sets the wrists properly and removes significant stress off the golfer’s lower back with a simple and short preset movement. A major league baseball player would recognize the preset (sync and preset) maneuvers without difficulty, as noted in the time-lapse photography below.

golf swing time lapse

Time-lapse photography of the golf and baseball swings that I compared in developing the ESPY Golf Swing Coach.

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