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ESPY App Golf Swing Technique- Preset the Golfer’s Elbows

The ESPY App Used to Preset The Golfer’s Elbow

Hideki Matsuyama Golf Swing

Courtesy of Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

The ESPY App provided a critical component used during the 2017 Waste Management Tournament to preset the golfer’s wrists and sync elbows. The commentators on Friday were analyzing Hideki Matsuyama’s takeaway technique that was a very deliberate technique that Matsuyama used. David Duval commented that he liked Hideki Matsuyama’s golf swing, but, in Duval’s opinion, Duval stated that Matsuyama’s golf swing was too slow and had too long of a pause.

Lento is a French word the golfer needs to become familiar with if they are looking to improve their golf swing and lower their handicap. Lento means slow. There are several advantages for the golfer to set the takeaway swing in a lento manner. One obvious advantage was Matsuyama’s winning the 2017 Waste Management Tournament in a playoff with Webb Simpson. This is twice in consecutive years this tournament ended with a playoff.

If I start making erratic golf shots, the first area that I start troubleshooting is the pace or tempo I’m using to set up my ESPY App in my golf swing. This relates to the pace or tempo at which I use to preset my wrists in order to sync and lock my elbows with my shoulders. I refer to the completion of my first two ESPY App elements as the lock position, of SYNC and PRESET. The lock position locks my wrists and club handle on the correct swing plane to the top of my golf swing. Locking the golfer’s elbow is critical in the golf swing.

The Advantages of a Slow Takeaway Swing

Charles W, Boatright

Me at the Dancing Rabbit Golf Course in Philadelphia, Mississippi following the ESPY App

The reason I use a slow pace in my ESPY App to preset my wrists is the fast pace at which the wrists can move, in comparison to the elbows and shoulders. The wrists and lower forearm can move up to 200 percent faster than the elbows or the shoulders. This means the golfer could set their wrists even before the elbows are synced and set with the shoulders. This is a critical ESPY App that I call the PC, or Power and Control components. Syncing the elbows with the shoulders provides the golfer with a tremendous edge in their golf game. The ESPY App provides the golfer with this edge.

Syncing and setting the elbows with the shoulders was what Harvey Penick stressed during his golf lessons. This was also a golf tip that Arnold Palmer gave President Eisenhower at a Heart Association Pro-Am. My Grandfather, Homer E. Q. Boatright, who was my golf coach, stressed the ESPY App to synchronize and lock the elbows with the shoulders. Pictured below is a photograph of my grandfather.


My Grandfather, Homer E. Q. Boatright, at the North Hills Golf Course in 1946.

The Important of the Pause in Your Golf Swing

Another method to ensure that you properly set and lock your wrists and elbows is an important ESPY App component, the pause. There are two short pauses that I like to have in my takeaway swing. One is at the lock position, where the wrists and elbows are locked into place, and the other is at the top of my swing to make a nice transition between the takeaway and downswings. Without these two short pauses and the lento-type takeaway swing. I have no hope of developing my PC.


The ESPY App of presetting the wrists and elbows to the lock position.

The main emphasis of the ESPY App golf swing is to set and lock the wrists and elbows with the shoulders. And a great muscle memory for achieving this is with setting two muscles in the hand, called thenars. Michael Breed on The GolfFix called these thumb pads. The thenars are significant in the golf swing because the thenars are two of the strongest and most dexterous muscles in the hand. The thenars also have direct contact with the handle of the club. Learning how to sync the thenars with the wristbands, like the wristbands on a pair of EVERLAST boxing gloves is key to preset lead wrist and sync the golfer’s trail elbows are critical technique in the ESPY App.

EVERLAST Boxing gloves.

The wristbands and thenars synced and preset to lock the elbows with the shoulders.

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Another side benefit of the ESPY App is that it takes tremendous stress off the lower back and eliminates back injuries. It allows the golfer to develop the X- Factor of synching the shoulders with the hips to create lag. Lower back injuries are the most common issue that golfers experience.

Lower back injuries

Lower back injuries are the most common issue golfers experience in golf.