Comparing Gators Pitching and the Golfer’s Mechanics

The Great Qatspy

By: Charles W. Boatright

Tyler Dyson

Gators pitcher, Tyler Dyson, starter for Game No. 2 in the 2017 College World Series. June 27, 2017


The Florida Gators Sweep the College World Series

Tyler Dyson, pitcher for the Florida Gators, improved his pitching mechanics that allowed him to be the starter and the winner of Game two of the College World Series. I had given the LSU Tigers a slight edge in the 2017 College World Series, held in Omaha, Nebraska. The advantage that I gave the Tigers was due to their small ball approach and pitching that they demonstrated during the 2017 season.


This edge I gave LSU was on display by the Gators and their pitcher, Tyler Dyson, with an ERA of 1.50, that started Game two for the Florida Gators. It was obvious that Tyler was working with someone other than the Gators pitching coach on Coach Kevin O’Sullivan’s staff. As I watched Tyler’s pitching mechanics through six innings, I saw three key techniques that he used that he learned from working with his cousin, Rick Asadoorian. Tyler displayed great pitching mechanics that helped him with his pitching velocity and the Gators’ victory. He went from pitching in the low to mid 80’s to pitching in the mid to upper 90’s.


Power of Comparing the Golf Swing Vs. Baseball Swing

Reason I’m always looking at other sports, like the Gators win at the CWS, is to improve my golf game and coaching techniques. There is a book by Seth Merrin with Carlye Adler, Power of Positive Destruction. One of the main tenants of Seth Merrin’s book that I support is the idea of how you can take some of the best practices from other areas to improve your business or, in this case, one’s golf game. My book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach APP, takes mechanics from baseball and boxing sports to help improve one’s golf game. My book is a self-coaching book that can dramatically improve power, speed, and control in the golf swing, using the baseball-style golf swing.


I use the mechanics in the baseball-style golf swing to improve the confidence, power, speed, and control in the golfer’s swing. This process allows the golfer to take their baseball-style golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box. One of the keys to the baseball-style golf swing is the natural tendencies the batter has of focusing on feel and their target. The batter in the batter’s box and the pitcher on the mound don’t think about technique, but instead they focus on the objective and feel. Yogi Berra had a great question- How can you think and hit at the same time? The answer is, you CAN’T.


Developing Proper Mechanics

Rick Asadoorian, Tyler’s cousin, was drafted in 1997 in the first-round by the Boston Red Sox. Rick spent 12 years in the minors. After leaving the sport of baseball, Rick started working with a company that assists high school athletes to develop a relationship with scouts from colleges and professional teams. Rick also helps athletes develop proper mechanics in baseball to maximize their potential. Tyler credits his cousin, Rick, for helping him to transition from being a thrower to becoming a pitcher. Tyler explained that Rick stressed proper pitching mechanics to prevent injuries by developing athleticism and flexibility of the total body, instead of just developing pitching mechanics. Preventing injuries should always be the main focus for coaches in all sports.

From the YouTube video above of Zack Greinke’s pitching mechanics, there are three techniques that Tyler and Rick worked on to improve Tyler’s pitching control and velocity. These are three techniques that the golfer could directly incorporate into their golf swing to improve their control and club head speed, without experiencing elbow, forearm, or back injuries. Some golf swings that are being coached today place the golfer’s health in jeopardy for elbow, forearm, and back injuries. Baseball pitchers are especially all too familiar with elbow injuries. You’ve heard of Tommy John surgery.


From the YouTube Video, you can observe how Zack Greinke uses the following biomechanics to increase his pitching control and velocity, while reducing the negative impact on the forearm and elbow. These three techniques Sync the elbow with the shoulders and body, flex the forearm at the elbow, and supinate and pronate the forearms and wrists.


Observing the Golf Swing Compared to Baseball Swing and Pitch   

While there are seven basic elements in the baseball pitcher’s sequence, there are three elements that the golfer could take from the seven sequences used by the pitcher. These are shown in slow motion in the YouTube Video above and the chart below. These three fundamental maneuvers are part of the ESPY Golf Swing sequence listed in the following description for the right-handed golfer:

  1. Synch- Using the right Supinator muscle, the golfer syncs the right elbow with their right side and shoulders.
  2. Preset- Using the left Thenar muscle, the golfer presets the wrists and allows the right shoulder to retract.
  3. Yaw- Using the right Brachio-Radialis muscle, the golfer flexes the right arm.

NOTE: The Sync element allows the golfer to supinate the forearm just below the right elbow to prevent the forearm from laterally rotating that can place an abnormal amount of stress on the golfer’s elbow, leading to injuries. In the YouTube video above, you will notice how Zack Greinke flexes and extends his forearm at his right elbow, instead of performing the lateral and medial rotation.


The two key muscles that the golfer depends on to prevent lateral and medial rotation are the Supinator and Brachio-Radialis muscles shown below. These are key maneuvers that I detected in Tyler Dyson’s pitching sequence.

Supinator MuscleBrachio-Radialis Muscle


Basically, to become a consistent golfer with power and speed is more than just becoming a better golfer, but it’s more about being a better athlete. It’s more about a golfer who is an athlete by following exercises in the CASPER Workout Program, in Section 20 of my book. A golfer who follows the CASPER Workout Program has more feel and control and has more awareness of their body.


The objectives both in the pitching sequence and the ESPY Golf Swing are to set the elbow toward the target area or, in the golfer’s case, toward their right side for the right-handed golfer. This was the exact same technique that Arnold Palmer gave President Eisenhower at a Pro-Am, as noted in an article in Kingdom Magazine.


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