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By: Charles W. Boatright



Golf Swing Fundamentals: How to Use the Ground as an Anchoring System

Basic golf swing fundamentals start from the ground up. I’m actually referring to the ground when I mention that your golf swing fundamentals start from the ground up. The ground up refers to your critical anchoring technique that the golfer needs to apply to their golf swing sequence.


The proper golf swing technique isn’t any more than properly synchronizing and coiling the upper and lower body by setting the correct swing plane. Some golf coaching techniques focus on sliding and don’t even address taking the handle of the club up, along the correct swing plane. To figure your correct swing plane, see: GOLF SWING PLANE MATTERS IN GOLF SWING MECHANICS!


If the golfer wants to use the ground to develop power and clubhead speed, the golfer needs to focus on three areas in their golf swing sequence- First area is Sync/Preset the golfer’s wrists. Second area, coiling the shoulders and hips, instead of sliding the hips. Coiling, instead of sliding, is what I call it swinging inside of a barrel. The third area is to determine the golfer’s correct swing plane. The correct swing plane will ensure that you take advantage of the ground and that you anchor your feet.


Determining the golfer’s correct swing plane will improve the golfer’s accuracy, power, and clubhead speed. Most golfer’s are too steep in setting their swing plane. Taking the time to figure your correct swing plane is essential to consistence and eliminating inadequate golf shots.


Golf Swing Fundamentals: How the Golfer Can Anchor the Feet

Some golfers and golf coaches focus on the mental thought to anchoring the feet. The better approach would be to create the sense of anchoring the feet. I like to feel, or have a sensation of, my knees and feet acting like a corkscrew going into the wine cork. In the case of the golf swing, the golfer needs to anchor the feet into the ground. In my book, in Section 4.4, on page 48, I mentioned the Top Position: The upper left arm, or left shoulder, passes under the chin. This indicates that the shoulders have coiled perpendicular to the spinal axis. The left knee points toward the ball.

Corkscrew technique used to anchor the golfer's golf swing sequence for more distance and control

Corkscrew technique used to anchor the golfer’s golf swing sequence for more distance and control.

The sensation that I have, in relation to my spinal axis, to my feet and knees is acting like the corkscrew. This allows my torso to coil like a rubber band on a balsa wood rubber band airplane, shown below,. particularly the eye screw at the aft part of the plane, acting as the ground. The balsa wood rubber band airplane was another prop that I used during my Xerox Box Golf Project, in addition to the baseball-style golf swing and boxing gloves.

proper coiling of the body is similar to the coiling of a rubber band balsa wood airplane

These sensations from these mental props are more than just providing a feeling, but provide the golfer with mental checkpoints for confidence. These props provide the golfer with the ability to coil properly in the takeaway. There is no guessing if the golf swing sequence was done properly. I have four mental checkpoints in my book that the golfer can use to develop their golf swing sequence.


This type of coiling allows the golfer to understand how to use the ground as an anchoring system and not just a platform. This coiling and anchoring provides the golfer with the ability to square the clubface up with the ball through impact. The golf swing sequence has more to do with the golfer’s synchronization than the golfer’s golf swing techniques or mechanics.



Ergonomics an Important Part of Golf Swing Fundamentals

During my Xerox Box Golf Project, I understood the importance of Ergonomics, which is represented by the letter ‘E‘ in ESPY, part of the title of my book. Ergonomics plays an important role in preventing injuries, especially to the lower back and knees, where most injuries occur. Most modern-day golf swing techniques use the golfer’s knees and/or hips as the anchor point, instead of the ground.


The golfer, using the modern-day golf swing technique, places a tremendous amount of torque on the lower back or knees, resulting in disc issues or torn knee ligaments and fractures in the tibia or fibula bones, shown below. Conversely, the golfer using the ESPY Golf Swing Technique can proportionally distribute the torque safely from their shoulders through the knees to their feet, which is how the body should torque.

Improper golf swing fundamentals in the golf swing sequence that leads to lower back problems    Improper golf swing fundamentals that can cause knee issue like a torn ACL or fractured tibial bone

There’s a good article written by Peter Kostis in the March issue of Sports Illustrated Golf Magazine, on page 38, entitled More Is Less, The problem with modern teaching? This supports the proper torque of the body.


The ESPY Golf Swing Coach was the product of seven years of research that I conducted for a Kinesiology project that I called my Xerox Box Golf Project. The reason for the term Xerox Box Golf Project was that I had three Xerox boxes that contained my research on the golf swing. Two Xerox boxes were labeled THIS DOESN’T WORK, and one three-quartered filled Xerox box was labeled THIS WORKS. The Xerox box that was labeled THIS WORKS became the basis of my book.


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Golf exercise with a Medicine Ball Workout- Stocking the Selves

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(ESPY Golf Swing Coach- ESPY App Developing the golfer’s Rhythm w/o creating the golfer’s Blues)

ESPY Golf Swing Coach- ESPY App Developing the golfer's Rhythm w/o creating the golfer's Blues

ESPY Golf Swing Coach- ESPY App Developing the golfer’s Rhythm w/o creating the golfer’s Blues.

Also, learning The ESPY Golf Swing Coach process is an excellent way to develop Rhythm without experiencing the Blues in your golf game for confidence; learn how to take your baseball-style swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.



Golfer's Locker Room for learning and applying Simple Golf Swing Tips

Golfer’s Locker Room for learning and applying Simple Golf Swing Tips.

Please visit “The Locker Room” for an Index of all my golf articles to improve your golf game and life. Discover how you can take your baseball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.


Learn How to take your baseball-style golf swing fundamentals from the batter’s box to the tee box.


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Jay Fox is an Administrator with Arkansas State Golf Association that discuss amateur golf and rules of the game.

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