ESPY Golf Swing Coach APP From Batter’s Box to Tee Box

The ESPY Golf Swing Coach APP

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Presetting the wristbands using fundamentals of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach APP, the ASPEN System.

The basic fundamentals of the ESPY Golf Swing Coach APP takes the golfer’s baseball-style swing from the batter’s box to the tee box to improve the golfer’s distance and control. If there are three elements the golfer works on the most in their golf game it is distance, control, and consistency. There is a fourth element that should supersede these three elements. The fourth element is how the body performs repetitive tasks to avoid injuries, using ergonomics. If there one injury the golfer can’t afford to sustain, it is a lower back injury. The list of golfers sustaining back injuries both amateur and professional status is long and distinguished. The ESPY Golf Swing Coach APP was developed to reduce the stresses on the lower back.

Ergonomics (E- Factor) play a significant role in preventing injuries not only to the lower back, but also to the wrists, elbows, and shoulders. In my book, the ESPY Golf Swing Coach APP, the acronym ESPY stands for the following elements that needs to be a part of a golfer’s fundamentals:

  • E is for Ergonomics to maximize the body’s potential with consistency without incurring injuries.
  • S is for Sync to synchronize the golfer’s elbow with the shoulders to gain a tremendous mechanical advantage with a nice-and-easy swing.
  • P is for Preset to preset the golfer’s wrists and elbows with the shoulders to produce speed that is critical at impact.
  • Y is for Yaw to provide a consistent coiling of the shoulders by the elbow to produce power at impact.

The ESPY Golf Swing Coach APP allows the golfer to develop the three most popular elements, but also a fourth element, Ergo. Ergo maximizes how the body works naturally without incurring injuries from a repetitive motion. Just to get a perspective on the amount of repetitive motion in golfer’s game, take the average score of a avid golfer of 85. That is 85 times a golfer is placing some sort of torque on the lower back. You can’t afford to develop back issues in golf or in life.

Golfing ergonomics

Lower back issues incurred not properly using ergonomics in golf.

The golfer’s stance plays a significant factor in preventing injuries, especially to the lower back. See my article- The Backbone to an Age-Defying Golf Swing APP.

Fundamentals of a Golf Coach


My grandfather, Homer E. Boatright at the North Hills Golf Course in 1946.

My grandfather, Homer E. Q. Boatright, was my only golfing coach I had. He used several fundamentals from the baseball-style swing to coach the golf swing to his students. There are four basic advantages for taking the baseball swing-style from the batter’s box to the tee box:

  • Muscle memory and critical motor skills learned at a young age from baseball.
  • How the wrists are preset.
  • How the wrists and elbows are synchronized with the shoulders.
  • How the shoulders are coil with the forearms, elbows and arms.

Before I started my book, the ESPY Golf Swing Coach APP, I previewed footage of time lapse photography of both the baseball swing vs. golf swing. Studying the film, I was able to confirm the similar fundamentals my grandfather coached used in both swings. The baseball-style swing can be applied to the golf swing with some minor adjustments, mainly to the lower body. The golfer can confidently take their baseball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box with confidence.

The time lapse photograph shown above compares the golf swing vs. baseball swing. There are striking similarities between the two swings that causes the golfer to take advantage of a muscle memory and motor skills that they already have developed in the baseball-style swing at a young age, young age is the KEY. The only objective the golfer needs to achieve using the baseball-style swing in golf is convincing their subconscious mind to accept and build on the existing baseball swing fundamentals for a consistent golf swing.

Context-Based Learning APP

The ESPY Golf Swing APP is based on a process called Apperception or Context-Based Learning. Essentially these two terms mean the golfer can take advantage of a prior experience like the baseball-style swing to gain knowledge and ability to development a consistent golf swing.

My domain name of my website is, I used APP as the abbreviated form of Apperception. My book and articles on my website allows the golfer to not only use their baseball-style swing in golf, but understand how to use the thumbs, wristbands, forearms, elbows, and arms with the shoulders to gain a tremendous edge in their golf swing called gears, or sprocket mechanics.

Golf Swing fundamentals

The basic fundamentals of The ESPY Golf Swing APP using the gears of a ten-speed bicycle.

My book keys on the golfer establishing their ESP, ExtraSensory Performance, or muscle memory. Without knowing the key muscles, it would be difficult for the golfer to develop the essential ESP. I have identified three key muscle the golfer can actual engage to establish their golf swing. These muscles are located near each key component listed below:

  • Supinator- Sync the elbow with the shoulders.
  • Thenar- Preset the wrists.
  • Brachio-Radialis- Yaw.

My Interview with a Vietnam P.O.W.

Vietnam golfer

During the course of writing my book, I had the pleasure of interviewing a golfer and Vietnam P.O.W. at the Hattiesburg, MS Country Club. This P.O.W. used his golf game to survive his seven-and-a-half years being held at the infamous prison in North Vietnam called The Hanoi Hilton. Colonel George Robert Hall, I refer to as the Vietnam golfer, was a avid golfer with a handicap of four (4) before being deployed to Vietnam as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force.

Six weeks after his release in February of 1973, Col. Hall played in the Greater New Orleans P.O.W. Pro-Am Open where he shot his handicap of four. He credits another term for his outstanding achievement, called evocation. Evocation allows the golfer engage their subconscious mind by using strong mental images for the target, flight path, and the golf swing sequence without actually swinging a golf club. The golfer, for instance, can use the EVERLAST label on the wristbands of a pair of boxing gloves shown in the figure below. The mental image of the EVERLAST label establishes 80 percent of the golfer’s swing with two simple Sync (CAM) and Preset (CAM-OVER) maneuvers.

Please refer to the links for the full story of Colonel Hall and my interview with Colonel Hall. His experience as a P.O.W. reinforces the quote by Bobby Jones that, “Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears.” Col. Hall proved this over a period of his imprisonment.

The ASPEN Coaching System

ASPEN Self-Coaching Forum for Golf

I developed a self-coach system that can be used readily by families, home-schools, or golfers to gain a better understanding of golfing fundamentals. This self-coaching strategy is called the ESPY APP – ASPEN Coach System.


An additional article about applying ASPEN Self-Coaching Technique and Sports Psychology to your golf game is:



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