Developing a Juggernaut-type Golf Swing from The Locker Room!

By: Charles W. Boatright

SUBJECT– How to develop a juggernaut-type golf swing for distance and control.

ISSUE– Synchronizing the golf swing for consistency and power.

QUESTION– What key muscles can the golfer use to synchronize their golf swing to create a juggernaut-type golf swing?

The Locker Room

“The Locker Room” How to Develop a Juggernaut-type Golf Swing

“The Locker Room” is where I have indexed my coaching articles on the fundamentals of golf, taught by H.E. Boatright. On my website (, I have a tab labeled “The LOCKER ROOM.” Even though golf is about power and speed, it has more to do with finesse and understanding how to apply three key muscles that can be used by the golfer to gain a mechanical advantage.

A golfer can turn their body into a juggernaut, just by understanding how certain key muscles synchronize and work with each other. The human body has 320 pairs of muscles that the subconscious mind can control perfectly and automatically, if set up correctly.

In my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, I key in on three key muscles to Sync and Preset my golf swing. There are two muscles I use to sync and preset my golf swing. This is done by supinating and pronating my forearms and wrists to properly lock the handle of the club onto the proper swing plane, as noted below in the diagram of my grandfather. These two muscles are denoted in the title of my book, Supinator (Sync) and Pronator Teres (Preset). These are shown in the anatomical chart of the forearm below.

Ben Hogan’s Fundamentals included Two Key Maneuvers Taught in 1927

Supinate and pronate

Key Muscles used to set up the golfer’s swing to create a juggernaut-type golf swing.

Even in Ben Hogan’s book, Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, Ben Hogan specifically used these two term, supination and pronation, to open the clubface in the takeaway and close the clubface after impact in the downswing. But Mr. Hogan did not allude to the particular muscles responsible for executing these two important maneuvers, supination and pronation. If you can’t feel them, then you can’t set them.

Supination (Sync) and Pronation (Preset) are two important Ergonomic maneuvers in the ESPY Golf Swing taught by my grandfather, H.E. Boatright, in 1927 are a part of basic golf fundamentals taught today. These are more than just elements in the golf swing, as these are key maneuvers that can mean the difference between inconsistency with little distance or control; and a juggernaut-type golf swing with consistency, amazing distance, and control. Sync and Preset describe what the golfer should do in their golf swing, but Sync and Preset also describe how the golfer uses these two muscles to make an effortless golf swing possible.

This is where it is important to understand the anatomy and mechanics of the forearm. The diagram above indicates the two key muscles used by the golfer to supinate and pronate their forearms and wrists. As luck would have it, these are the two muscles that go by those names the golfer can remember in order to maximize and set up their golf swing.

Juggernaut-Type Golf Swing- Supinate and Pronate

These two muscles are called the Supinator muscle for supinating and the Pronator Teres muscle for pronating the forearms and wrists. The key component allows the golfer to sync these two muscles with the rest of the other 318 pairs of muscles to give the subconscious mind the opportunity to execute the golf swing. Synchronization is the link between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Professional golfers are always talking about syncing up their golf swing.

juggernaut-type golf swing

To accomplish the syncing step, I use my Thenars, the pads at the base of each thumb. The Thenars are the most dexterous and the strongest muscle in the human hand/wrist. The Thenars also have direct contact with the golf club handle. They are the only muscle in the hand capable of not only syncing, but also transferring the torque developed from the body’s core muscles and shoulders, down through the arms (upper arm) and forearms.

These sync and preset maneuvers can equally be applied to help the baseball batter, as well. Like Yogi Berra once stated- “You don’t have to swing hard to hit a home run. If you got the timing and technique, it’ll go. My golf coach, my grandfather The Great Qatspy, added the word Technique. The New York Yankees were his favorite American League Team.

In my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, I focus on using the thenars to sync the Supinator muscle and preset the Pronator Teres muscle. You can actually feel these two muscles set in the preset maneuver. Remember, muscle memory is the finesse to develop your juggernaut-type golf swing for unbelievable power, acceleration, control, and speed. As luck would have it also again, Syncing the Supinator = Speed and Presetting the Pronator Teres muscle = Power.

How to Take Your Baseball Swing from the Batter’s Box to the Tee Box:

Presetting the wristbands from the address position accomplishes what Ben Hogan wanted to do by keeping the back of his left hand toward the target and square to the ball until just before and after impact. This is indicated both in the golf and baseball swings in the time-lapse photography below. How I set up the components in my ESPY Golf Swing is that the preset in the takeaway swing should also resemble the post-set in the follow-though. This is what Ben Hogan and my golf coach were referring to in their coaching techniques.

My book is based on well-established fundamentals used both in the baseball-type swing and the golf swing. As a matter-of-fact my motto is- “Take your baseball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.”

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