Jeep OIIIIIO Technique – The Golfer’s Comfort Zone

Jeep’s Grill OIIIIIO for Mental Imagery in Golf


1946 Jeep Grill- OIIIIIO

A Jeep technique, OIIIIIO grill, used by Sports Psychologists is called Mental Imagery in Sports, or what I call mentalization. This develops the golfer’s comfort or confidence ZONE. A great mental image that I found to develop a more consistent golf swing is a Jeep’s grill, OIIIIIO. The OIIIIIO image can help the golfer perform better in their Zone. The sharper the mental image and emotional feel are in golf, the better the connection is for the golfer. This provides a greater opportunity for the golfer to develop and use their muscle memory and motor-skills. I explored several techniques to help me to develop and use my muscle memory and motor-skills, and I found that the baseball-style swing could be applied to my golf swing. I found that the OIIIIIO grill and boxing gloves images were the most effective techniques.

For a golfer to perform flawlessly on the course, the golfer doesn’t just practice until they get IT right. Instead, they practice IT until they can’t get IT wrong. This approach provides the golfer with a tremendous amount of confidence in their golf game, because they realize the margin of error will be smaller. Confidence drives performance, and performance is the golfer’s comfort Zone.

Confidence drives performance, and performance is the golfer’s comfort Zone.

The Jeep, an American Lexicon Used in Golf


1964 Jeep OIIIIIO

I found that one of America’s best recognized lexicons is the Jeep’s grill OIIIIIO, a great mental image to preset my golf swing. If you are a car lover like I am, the car’s grill is the first image that comes to mind. There are sports bars/grills that have mounted car grills on their walls, as part of their decor. You can’t help to be transported to a moment in time with classic cars, or what I call my comfort ZONE. I have the same comfort ZONE feeling with the Jeep’s grill OIIIIIO.

Golf Swing

Preset the Golfer’s wrists by CAMMING and CAMMING-OVER

Since 1941, the Jeep’s grill OIIIIIO has not drastically changed over these 75 years. I still remember my grandfather’s 1946 Jeep that he had on the farm and that we used to go duck hunting in Stuttgart, Arkansas. I learned to drive on his 3-speed, manual transmission Jeep. And the one thing that I still remember most are those headlights and the grill OIIIIIO.

The Great Qatspy, my Golf Coach

My grandfather Homer E. Q. Boatright, The Great Qatspy and golf coach, used the image of the Jeep’s Grill OIIIIIO and my baseball-style swing to get me on track in my golf game. The Jeep grill OIIIIIO kept me from having to deal with the old man Oscar Brown, or being OB. And I still use the same mental images of the grill OIIIIIO, the baseball-style swing, and boxing gloves today to assist me in presetting my golf swing. These mental images keep me in the short grass and on the green.

A mental image of the Jeep’s grill OIIIIIO and using muscle memory from my baseball-style swing, learned at an early age, can take the pressure off of me on the first tee box, where the nerves are the most pronounced for some golfers. I call the Jeep’s grill OIIIIIO and the baseball-style swing my comfort Zone. I like to compare the Jeep’s grill OIIIIIO and my baseball-style swing to having my first cup of coffee in the morning for alertness and being at ease or relaxed. The OIIIIIO grill and the baseball-style swing provide me with the best mental images for my comfort ZONE and help establish my golf swing sequence. This taps into the most powerful potential the golfer has, their subconscious mind.

Jeep OIIIIIOSupination and Pronation

The components of the Jeep OIIIIIO break down this way:

  • Right Head light- the Supinator muscle (SYNC Maneuver) CAM.
  • The grill- are the fingers on the right and left hands.
  • The Bumper- is the handle of the golf club and the left thumb.
  • Left Head light- is the left Thenar to set the Pronator Teres muscle (Preset Maneuver) CAM-OVER.
  • Steering wheel- is the right thumb for directional control.

Above reference is to the right-handed golfer, These are my Mental Images or my MI-5 of the golf swing.

Setting the Correct Swing Plane in Golf

The main components that I focus on in my golf swing are the CAM and CAM-OVER maneuvers of my wristbands, as noted in the anatomical chart above with the EVERLAST boxing gloves. Presetting my wristbands places the handle of the golf club onto the correct swing plane, as indicated in the preset position in the Essence of the Golf Swing diagram above. I’m in the camp that believes that two important objectives in the golfer’s swing are to preset the wrists and place the handle of the club onto the correct swing plane. These two objectives allow the end of the club to point toward the golf ball, or just inside the golf ball, when the club is halfway up in the golfer’s takeaway swing. This provides the golfer with the ability to deliver maximum force through impact with power, speed, control, and confidence.

Having the club handle pointing either at or just inside the golf ball is a fundamental component that is a part of most instructors’ coaching philosophies, like David Leadbetter’s. David Leadbetter discussed the benefits of being on plane in his January 2002 article in Golf Digest’s issue on page 59, where he states, “Start on plane, and you won’t have to make compensations– You’ll be more consistent.” In my opinion, Consistency is the name of the game.

The baseball-style swing, boxing gloves, and the Jeep OIIIIIO grill allow the golfer to develop a more consistent mental image and muscle memory for feel.

The baseball-style swing, boxing gloves, and the Jeep OIIIIIO grill allow the golfer to develop a more consistent mental image and muscle memory for feel. This allows the golfer to have a more effective interface with the golf club, like the golfer has in their baseball-style swing. The ESPY Golf Swing allows the golfer to take their baseball-style swing from the batter’s box to the tee box, as shown in the time-lapse photography below.


If you want to improve your golf swing and game, improve your mental images used to setup the elements in the golf swing. Learn to take your baseball-style swing from the batter’s box to the tee box. You will never look back from this point forward.

The thumbs play a significant role in the golfer’s swing, as well . The thumbs in the ESPY Golf Swing indicate the swing plane and influence the shape of the golf shot, e.g., left-to-right for a fade or right-to-left for a draw. Just as in the case of the downhill snow skier, the skier’s big toe is instrumental in making directional changes in the skier’s path downhill. This is the same effect that the thumbs play in directing the ball’s flight.

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