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Develop a Self-Coaching Forum to Improve Your Golf Game

Self-coaching Forum for Passion and Satisfaction

Coach Bobby Hall, Head Football Coach at Madison Central until 2014. His record up to that date was 296-83.

Coach Bobby Hall, Head Football Coach at Madison Central until 2014. His record up to that date was 296-83.

If you want the most satisfaction in life, discover your purpose and passion in life and develop a self-coaching forum to develop that passion into your professions and help others develop theirs. One of  the best person that does this are high school football coaches, like Coach Bobby Hall that I had the pleasure of meeting coming off the 18th green at Lake Caroline.

There is no greater satisfaction than coaching others. I prefer the term coaching, as opposed to teaching or instructor. One reason I like the word coaching is because, in addition to being an instructor, you have to be a motivator, like Coach Bobby Hall. In other words, you’re just not doing an information dump to others, but you’re motivating them to coach themselves and develop their passion.

There was a great television series called The Paper Chase, about first-year law students at Harvard Law. The Professor Charles Kingsfield, played by John Houseman, was very demanding and a disciplined law professor who required excellence from his students. On the first day of class, Professor Kingsfield informed his students what his main mission was. He informed his students, “You are to teach yourselves the law, but I will train your minds.”

This quote can be paired with another quote from the movie Cool Hand Luke, where Captain, played by Strother Martin, told Luke, played by Paul Newman, “You gotta get your mind right.” Ninety percent of coaching is mental, between the ears, of getting the student to understand how the subconscious mind functions with the conscious mind. It’s not so much training the conscious mind, as it is understanding how the subconscious mind works in the learning process.

10-Ground Rules for a Self-coaching Forum:

How the subconscious mind functions with the conscious mind:
  1. The subconscious mind does not differentiate between visualizations and real situations.
  2. Your subconscious feels that time passes faster.
  3. The longer the subconscious mind believes something, the harder will it be to alter this belief in any way.
  4. Every thought causes a physical reaction.
  5. What you expect tends to be realized.
  6. Finding proofs to your beliefs strengthens them.
  7. The subconscious mind always prevails in conflicts with the conscious one.
  8. An idea and a sequence, once accepted, will remain firmly in place until it is replaced by another.
  9. The greater the conscious effort, the lesser the subconscious response.
  10. Suggestions and experiences can be used to “program” the subconscious mind.

The ASPEN Heart of the Self-coaching Forum

There are five self-coaching forum fundamentals that work based on these 10- Ground Rules that are essential to achieving the maximum results in life or in sports. The self-coaching forum- ASPEN forms an acronym. The ASPEN principle is at the very heart of the self-coaching forum. The ASPEN forms a premise of the self-coaching forum pyramid in the figure below. The self-coaching forum pyramid takes advantage of the students prior learning experiences and builds a self-coaching style for a new technique like that for developing your golf swing.

Some coaching forums neglect to build systematically on the student’s existing knowledge and/or experience. This is a huge untapped resource to jump start a student’s golf swing. A conventional coaching systems develop a huge gap in the student’s developmental process, resulting in frustration. The major part of our motor skills and muscle memories are formed at an early age, generally before the age of ten. This is why physical literacy should be a part of early childhood development. These motor skills and muscle memories are permanently engrained and programmed into the student’s permanent  (unconscious)  mind forever.

There are some coaching forums for golf, for example, where the golf coach presents a new set of skills to the golf student, without capitalizing on the student’s existing skills and experiences. One of my main motto in my book allows the golfer to take a very familiar baseball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box. The time-lapse photography below that was part of my research supports this coaching technique. The baseball swing technique is too similar to the golf swing not to use as the basis for the golfer’s swing. Especially how both the batter and golfer presets their wrists and syncs their elbow. This was the very same technique that Arnold Palmer gave President Eisenhower right before a Pro-Am tournament.

Baseball-type swing

Time-lapse photography of comparing the golf swing with the baseball swing. Great example of taking your baseball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.

Below is the breakdown of the self-coaching forum ASPEN:

The first letter A in ASPEN self-coaching forum is Apperception, a very unique and useful term in coaching. Apperception allows the golfer to take their baseball swing or tennis swing from the batter’s box or court and develop a repeatable and consistent golf swing on the course. This is based on Ground Rule No. 3.

The second letter S represents Sequence. The subconscious mind works best off a logical, systematic process. If the golfer can learn three simple elements of S-P-Y, the golfer’s subconscious mind can replicate these same elements in exactly the same order. The three elements are Sync, Preset, and Yaw. This is based on Ground Rule No. 8. This was part of the advice Arnold Palmer gave the President at the Pro-Am.

The third letter P represents Prep & Performance-based training. I specifically used the term training that is a mental prep process, instead of practice that is more of a physical process. Training develops a scrimmage-type forum used effectively in football for the golfer to use and simulate on the golf course. This is based on Ground Rules No. 2 and 7. The golfer has to replicate training conditions that exist on the golf course. One of the keys in setting up the takeaway swing is tempo. The slower the tempo the better, because the subconscious mind perceives time as passing faster than it actually does in real life. I use the Mississippi Swing Tempo of One-Mississippi (for the takeaway swing) and Two-Mississippi (for the downswing).


This was the same technique Matthew McConaughey was telling David Feherty on his show on Monday, 24Apr2017. Matthew explained that this was the tempo used by Payne Stewart.

A great example of how the subconscious mind perceives time is sleep. Eight hours of subconscious sleeping pass by faster than eight hours of conscious hours. This state of mind is how you, as the golfer, want to feel once in the box, set up and executing the golf swing.

Also, taking time to set up your takeaway elements allows the golfer to set their massive core muscles. The golfer is relying on their core muscles for speed at impact. The core muscles have to have time to synchronize with the faster responding muscles in the arms, forearms, and wrists. This is time well spent using the Mississippi Swing Tempo.

The fourth letter E represents ExtraSensory. This provides the golfer with the greatest advantage in the self-coaching forum by engaging the subconscious mind with mental images and feeling. In my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, I use colors and mental images that the golfer needs to subconsciously execute their golf shot. Two of the best mental images are the baseball-type swing and the EVERLAST® boxing gloves labels on the wristbands. The first two elements Sync and Preset establish 80 percent of the golfers swing with just properly setting the wrists. This is based on Ground Rules No. 1, 4, and 8.

The fifth letter N represents Neuromuscular Performance. This process builds and reinforces the golfer’s muscle memory. The golfer relies on for feel rather than swing thoughts to make their golf swing. Neuromuscular training is not limited to conditions, time, or situations. This was proven by Colonel Hall’s case of being held for seven-and-a-half years as a P.O.W. at the Hanoi Hilton. After his release, he was still able to shoot his handicap of four (4) at the Greater New Orleans P.O.W. Pro-Am. This is based on Ground Rules 1, 5, 6, 9, and 10.

Vietnam POW Experience a Major Component of ASPEN

A major component of the ASPEN is the self-coaching forum that is incremental training. I recommend that if the golfer wants to heighten their learning process, they need to make a simple golf baton and take just 10-minutes per hour, six to eight times per day, and go through their golf swing sequence. This was the same process used by Colonel Hall at the Hanoi Hilton. My interview with Col. Hall is in the link above.

Remember the famous quote from Caddyshack:

(Ty Webb- Chevy Chase to Danny Noonan- Michael O’Keefe) I’m going to give you a little advice. There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the ball.

Chevy Chase

The “Be the ball” phrase in the quote is probably the most important phrase in the entire quote that was actually added at the last minute to the script. Matter of fact Be the ball was hand written on the script to Chevy Chase Line.. Be the ball allows the golfer to get the conscious mind out of the way of the subconscious mind, that is responsible for performing the golf swing. If you want to kill a golf swing, just think about your golf swing. You have to feel your golf swing like a natural flow. The flow of Sync- Preset- Yaw develops this feel.

The golfer wants to train feeling two key muscles set- Supinator (Sync)- Thenar (Preset) this is like STP.


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