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Introduction to SIG-Coaching Guide – Golf Instruction

The Self Golf Instruction Guide for Better Golf

SIG, Self-Instructional Golf, Coaching process addresses one of the most challenging aspects and dilemmas in golf. The SIG coaching technique allows the golfer to improve at golf using motor skills developed in the baseball-type swing. This SIG approach also addresses the disconnect between practice and the golf course. This disconnect is not totally the golfer’s fault, but how typical golf instruction is presented and learned.

Pyramid Golf Instruction Process

The Learning Retention Pyramid model using the self-coaching process to improve the golfer’s swing mechanics and techniques.

The difficulty and disconnect with typical golf lessons comes from the golfer’s ability to retain and transfer information. The SIG, Self-Instructional-Golf, Coach approach is based on the learning pyramid. The most effective method is self-coaching process, because of the increased retention rate. Most golf instruction or golf lessons only focus on WHAT to do during the lesson. This is the top of the retention pyramid, where lessons are presented in a 30-minute period.

Unfortunately, our brains do not function on the WHAT premise effectively. According to the Learning Pyramid, the golfer must be able to transfer, train and develop the motor skills on HOW to execute the golf swing. If the lessons do not take advantage of the golfer’s established motor skills in training, the golfer can only expect to retain about five percent of the golf lesson. Retaining five percent of a 30-minute lesson, at a cost of $60 or $80 per golf lesson, is expensive and ineffective. This is because the lesson’s main objective is product and not process. Without a process of training, the golfer doesn’t see significant improvement. Improvement can only be accomplished with transferring WHAT is learned to HOW to train, develop, and execute.

The self-coaching process focuses on transferring WHAT is learned to HOW to train and execute base on a sequence. The golfer can’t expect to go from WHAT was learned to HOW to execute without developing motor skills. Motor skills are stored in the subconscious mind that is responsible for how well we perform. Performance requires training and practicing what was learned. If the golfer just focuses on the top of the pyramid, the golfer does not have an effective process in place to train and develop both motor skills and muscle memory needed.

The Learning Pyramid for Golfer

To boost the golfer’s retention rate from 5 percent to 75 or 90 percent, the golfer must develop relative techniques. Relative techniques help the mind accept information. One of the methods is relating the golf swing to a previous experience stored in the subconscious mind. This is because the golf swing will be executed by the subconscious mind, not by the conscious mind. Learning is incremental and not independent of prior experiences. Undoubtedly, you have heard athletes talk about performing in the ZONE. The ZONE is an activity of the subconscious mind. The golfer’s conscious mind deals with objectives of WHAT to do. To achieve the highest performance, the subconscious mind must execute based on a step-by-step sequence, the HOW.

The reason the golfer can’t retain more information and techniques learned from a typical golf lessons is simple. The subconscious mind is treating the golf swing as a survival skill that is in our primitive DNA. The subconscious mind needs to be convinced that what it performs, it can depend on without fail. If not, the subconscious mind goes back to more familiar routine. To see improvement in the golf swing, a high degree of confidence is needed by following a sequential routine. A sequential routine is essential to the golfer. This again is where process is more important than the product.

The ESPY Golf Swing Process

The ESPY Golf Swing Coach is based on routine, using a very familiar motor skill and technique of training. This technique uses the baseball-type swing sequence for the golf routine. This process allows the golfer to take the baseball/softball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box with confidence. This allows the golfer to develop a golf swing routine based on fundamentals, without having to think or learn a new motor skill. Without the baseball reference, developing a new motor skill for the golf swing would be close to impossible and very long and frustrating.

Here are five advantages of using the self-coaching process in the ESPY Golf Swing:

  1. Self-coaching will become an automatic response.
  2. There is less conflict between the subconscious and conscious mind.
  3. The golfer has more confidence, due to a well-established process and experience.
  4. Self-coaching process, using the baseball-style swing, allows the golfer to resolve problems faster, both on and off the golf course.
  5. The self-coached golfer has a greater retention and an understanding of the WHAT, WHY, and HOW to have a consistent golf swing.

The ESPY SIG, Self-Instructional-Golf, Coaching Guide develops muscle memory based on well-established motor skills from the baseball-type swing. This builds a very consistent golf swing that is dependable and that the subconscious mind is confident in using without doubt.

Anatomy 101- The Wrists in Golf Swing

Setting Wrists in the golf swing

Presetting the wrists in the golf swing into the Lock position using the boxing glove Technique

Another aspect of the ESPY Golf Swing employs boxing gloves to mentally help the golfer preset the wrists in the golf swing. This allows the golfer to properly set the golf club onto the correct the swing plane. Presetting the wrists also completes 80 percent of the golfer’s swing with two simple, sequential maneuvers that are performed each day.



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