Training Element to Develop a Simple Golf Swing

How to Use Boxing Gloves in a Simple Golf Swing

An exercise element that I have in my workout program can be used for training to develop a simple golf swing. The 80-pound punching bag workout, with a pair of 12-ounce boxing gloves, increases the golfer’s stamina and technique on the golf course. But there are other reasons for trading in your golf glove and bag for a different type of gloves and bag. Boxing can improve your mental focus and develop the fine key motor-skills for muscle memory.

Simple Golf swing

Wristbands used to preset the golf swing

I have a pair of EVERLAST boxing gloves shown here used in my workout program. On the wristbands, the ‘T‘ and ‘E‘ play a significant role in presetting my wrists in  developing a simple golf swing. These two letters assist me in developing and maintaining the fine motor-skills needed for the proper golf swing sequence and muscle memory. These are small details, but very significant ones to set up and make a simple golf swing. Details on how to apply boxing gloves to your golf swing:

Setting Up Muscle Memory in the Golf Swing

Sing golf swing sequence

Key muscles in the golf swing

Golf swing tips

The reason these two components (T & E) are important is because they engage two pair of key muscles. These muscles are important not only in presetting the golf swing but in daily tasks we perform each day. These two pairs of muscles work in tandem to supinate and pronate the wrists and lower forearms as noted above. These muscles are the Pronator Quadratus and Brachio-radialis muscles and are key in initiating the natural sequence of muscles in the golfer’s body. This sequence is also a natural progression that the golfer doesn’t have to think about how the muscles are activated.

For the right-handed golfer, The ‘T‘ on the right glove is over the right Ulna bone. The ‘E‘ on the left glove is over the left Ulna bone. How the bars on the ‘T‘ and ‘E‘ (the horizontal strokes) are cammed and cammed-over Syncs and Presets the golfer’s wrists/lower forearm into the Lock position. This is discussed in detail in Section 1.13 of my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach.

Golf Instruction

Simple golf swing

The wrists and forearms in the preset position

Presetting the wrists in the Lock position above is a technique used by both PGA and LPGA members, such as Ken Duke, Marco Dawson, Angela Stanford, and even Ben Hogan, and P.J. Boatwright. Ben Hogan even used the term supinate and pronate in his Five Fundamentals of Golf. These two simple golf swing maneuvers preset the golfer’s swing. These two maneuvers are a part of the one plane golf swing drills that can be used anywhere. This allows the golfer to maintain motor-skills and feel using the golf baton at home or at your office

I even set up a small area in my garage, where I hit 30 to 40-inch chip and pitch shots every day. I try to hit 50 chip and pitch shots each day to keep the feeling sharp. The same feel for these short chip or pitch shots is exactly the same as for the tee shot and approach shots on the golf course. Creating this type of mental image with a pair of boxing gloves is a great tip for a better golf swing.

Simple golf swing how to hit a golf ball

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