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By: Charles W. Boatright Author of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, Delta Technique Geared for Distance and Control

By: Charles W. Boatright Author of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, Delta Technique Geared for Distance and Control


Ken Duke Golf Swing Analysis, By Dr. Clay Ballard


Dr. Clay Ballard, in a YouTube video entitled: Ken Duke Swing Analysis, evaluated the rollover technique performed by Ken Duke. Ken Duke leads the rankings in the PGA of fairways hit, so it is key to understand the Preset golf swing technique. In the analysis by Dr. Ballard of the Ken Duke golf swing technique, there is a particular technique that Dr. Ballard mentioned. This was also a golf swing technique that Ken credits in an interview that aired in January of 2014 that he did with Lisa Cornwell of Golf Channel.



Ken Duke demonstrated a hinge technique during an interview with Lisa Cornwell at the Alotian Golf Club, which is west of Little Rock, Arkansas. The hinge element is a very simple but effective golf swing technique performed with the left wrist by Ken Duke. But this hinge element could be modified to not only create additional Power, but clubhead speed by using a kickboxing golf swing technique. It involves Syncing the right wrist for the right-handed golfer. The golfer’s left wrist will naturally Preset if the right wrist is Synced correctly. Sir Nick Faldo demonstrated a similar golf swing technique on a YouTube Video discussing The Preset Technique.


This modified golf swing technique allows the golfer to use a Sync Process involving the right ring knuckle and a nodule just above the wrist on the right lower forearm. This nodule is called the Ulnar Styloid Process shown below. The Sync Process takes full advantage of the handle of the golf club. Without this kickboxing technique, the golfer can’t fully incorporate the handle of the golf club into their golf swing sequence.


The Sync Process of the Ulnar Styloid Process and Ring Knuckle. Kickboxing Sync/Preset golf swing technique.


Eddie Merrins produced a video series entitled Swing the Handle, Not the Club. Eddie Merrins’ video was allowing the golfer to take full advantage of the torque and leverage from the club through impact. The Sync Process in this golf swing allows the golfer to place the handle onto the proper swing plane to allow the elbow to engage the shoulders to develop both power and clubhead speed.


But, as pointed out by Dr. Ballard in the Ken Duke Swing Analysis video, Ken Duke doesn’t approach the average driving distance for a PGA member with 309.6 yards. Ken Duke’s average driving distance is about 267 yards. It is worth noting that Ken Duke has had prior knee, back, and wrist issues that can limit one’s driving distance.



But what if there was a way to maintain your consistency and add clubhead Speed for distance by modifying the hinge maneuver a little? There is a way, just by using the kickboxing Sync/Preset golf swing technique, instead of just hinging or Presetting the lead wrist as demonstrated by Ken Duke. Kickboxers are trained to use two techniques- One is to use the ring knuckle as an effective impact point on the punching bag. The second technique is to keep the elbows close to the side.



The Sync/Preset maneuver is performed by the right kickboxing glove, using the right Ulnar Styloid Process (USP) and the right ring knuckle, as indicated in the photograph above. The Preset element is naturally established with the right kickboxing glove maneuver shifting the right elbow back, next to the golfer’s side, for a right-handed golfer.


The Kickboxing Glove golf swing technique used to Sync/Preset golf swing sequence. Established by the right USP and the ring knuckle.


You could, in addition to maintaining your golf shot accuracy, also gain distance. In my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, I took the single hinge element that Ken Duke demonstrated and modified it to include the Sync element using the USP and right ring knuckle on the kickboxing glove which performs the Sync/Preset golf swing technique. This Sync element allows the golfer to increase their clubhead speed. The left wrist produces the power component that Ken Duke performs with his hinge element.



If there is one component that the golfer needs to develop for additional distance, it is clubhead Speed. Speed, just like power, is a critical component needed to gain distance. The ability for the golfer to produce power and speed is based on the ten-speed bicycle model of how the shoulders and elbows synchronize with each other, like gears. The golfer, like the cyclist, can shift gears at the top of their golf swing to go from Power in the takeaway swing to adding Speed in the downswing just by how the golfer’s shoulders and elbows sync with each other.



The clubhead Speed is generated by the Sync element developed from the golfer’s right elbow syncing with their shoulders. Syncing the right elbow was a technique that Mr. Arnold Palmer gave to President Eisenhower before their Pro-Am.



This syncing technique provides the clubhead Speed that every professional golfer works diligently on, each and every single day, that Sir Nick Faldo demonstrated in his Preset Technique. The speed element is provided by the right elbow shifting back toward the golfer’s right side to produce a compact golf swing. During the downswing, the clubhead Speed is dramatically improved during the rollover maneuver of the right wristband over the left wristband through impact. This is improved by the right elbow camming-over the right forearm over the left forearm. The Sync/Preset maneuver sets up this rollover technique that Ken Duke uses very effectively.



NOTE: The lower forearm and wristband are the same component in the kickboxing golf swing sequence. The term wristband on the kickboxing gloves allows the golfer to differentiate between their lower forearm, wrist, and hand. The wrist isn’t where the golfer would wear their wristwatch, for this is the lower forearm. This is where the right-handed golfer’s USP is located and why the kickboxing gloves are a great training aid. If the golfer focuses their attention on the supination of the right USP and right ring knuckle they would be amazed the distance and control they will gain. Also the solid contact the clubface has with the golf ball.



The Sync/Preset golf swing sequence, performed by the golfer’s right forearm and fist, can actually improve the golf swing over the single hinge action. The Sync/Preset golf swing sequence combines the to synchronize the golfer’s hand and wrist, with the wristbands, to provide not only power, but also clubhead speed through impact. The Sync/Preset golf swing technique is described in my book in Sections 1.10 and 1.13 in great detail, with graphs and diagrams.



The kickboxing glove golf swing sequence was a technique that Sir Nick Faldo demonstrated in a YouTube video used as one of his first golf swing fundamentals. This is a very simple but effective classic golf swing technique that provides both Power and Speed by using the Sync/Preset maneuver. Sir Nick Faldo did a great job of explaining what he did in the Preset golf swing technique, but he didn’t go into detail of how he performed his Preset technique.



The right ring knuckle is one of the key points used to establish the Sync/Preset golf swing sequence. This knuckle point can improve your golf game significantly. When you review the Sir Nick Faldo YouTube Video, pay close attention to the club that he lays down on the ground as a checkpoint. The Sync/Preset maneuver will allow the shaft of the club to be both parallel with the ground and the club’s shaft on the ground.


Kickboxing glove golf swing technique to Sync/Preset the golfer's golf club handle, hands, wrists, and wristbands. This is set up by the gap knuckle technique.

Kickboxing glove golf swing technique to Sync/Preset the golfer’s golf club handle, hands, wrists, and wristbands. This is set up by the gap knuckle technique.



Just as important as power is to the golfer, consistency and clubhead Speed are just as essential to the golfer. The single hinge preset classic golf swing technique is like having a log truck providing the low-gear ratio for Power performed during the takeaway swing and one that isn’t able to shift into a higher gear ratio for clubhead Speed like a Indy Formula A race car provided speed with the Syncing the right elbow..



There is another component that works in conjunction with the golfer’s Sync/Preset maneuver, and this is the acceleration component. This is a component that is provided by the wrists cocking. Long distance hitters depend on cocking their wrists to achieve the 400-plus yard drives. This cock element is called radial deviation. This is explained in Section 2.12 of my book.



Most long distance hitters cock their wrists toward the top of their golf swing. But it takes perfect timing and a lot of practice to accomplish this cocking maneuver. This cock element, or radial deviation, places the shaft of the club almost parallel with the golfer’s spinal axis.



However, for accuracy on the golf course, I would recommend that the golfer just stick with naturally cocking their wrists at the Lock Position with the Sync/Preset maneuver as demonstrated by Sir Nick Faldo. As impressive as distance is in golf, consistency is even more important. This is especially true since the golfer on the golf course is trying to hit within a 20 to 30-yard fairway, as opposed to a 60-yard wide driving range.



If the Sync/Preset golf swing technique is performed correctly, you will pick up the distance that you are striving for in your golf swing sequence. The Sync/Preset golf swing technique does not only preset the golfer’s fist, hands, wrists, and wristbands, but also syncs the golfer’s right elbow with the shoulders to create clubhead Speed needed. The Sync/Preset technique also encourages the cocking element to occur naturally, as demonstrated by Sir Nick Faldo.



There is an article by Bubba Watson in Golf Digest that talks about long hitter J.B. Holmes, Bubba states- He’s (J.B. Holmes) very powerful from the elbows down, with strong, fast hands.




The Kickboxing Glove Sync/Preset Golf Swing Coaching Technique



A key component of any golf swing coaching technique should provide the golfer with the ability to develop their muscle memory and checkpoints. Muscle memory and checkpoints should be treated as the golfer’s confidence on the golf course. I go a little beyond just developing muscle memory to specifically identifying checkpoints in the ESPY Golf Swing sequence. I use kickboxing gloves during my golf swing workout to help me and other golfers pinpoint these three main muscles and checkpoints in the lower forearms to set the Sync/Preset maneuver.



The Sync/Preset golf swing technique is the turbocharger component that can be perfectly demonstrated by using a pair of kickboxing gloves, shown below. Pay close attention to the top part of each wristband, where the gold line is located, it is almost amazing what takes place with the Sync/Preset golf swing technique. You got to see it to believe it!



I like to use a pair of kickboxing gloves to help me isolate the right Ulnar Styloid Process (USP) and right ring knuckle to help me train my subconscious mind. Remember, the subconscious mind contains the golfer’s muscle memory and motor skills that are keyed in by using images, like the kickboxing gloves provides the golfer.



The four key muscles that are established are the left and right Hypothenar, left and right Palmaris Longus muscles, the left and right Pronator Quadratus muscles, and the left and right Brachio-Radialis muscles, shown below in The Anatomy of the Kickboxing Glove Technique Figure. The two checkpoints and these three key muscles are used to start the entire golf swing sequence. If I perform the Sync/Preset golf swing technique correctly, my golf club handle, hands, wrists, and wristbands should appear as they are in the Lock Position below.


The biomechanic behind kickboxing gloves gap Sync/Preset Golf Swing Coach Technique Critical Set Point.   



The Brachio-Radialis muscle is a unique muscle because it not only flexes, or bends, the forearm at the elbow, but it is also critical for the Preset in the takeaway and rollover in the follow-though. The left Brachio-Radialis muscle, in particular, is used to preset the left wristband. This is the same hinge element performed by Ken Duke.




A normal aspect of any golf swing coaching forum should emphasize the natural golf swing sequence of  Sync/Preset explained in my book. The natural movement of the body is called Ergonomics that allow the golfer to maintain their health and fitness, while avoiding injuries. The Sync/Preset golf swing technique allows the golfer to perform the Preset (Cam-Over) element using their kickboxing glove golf swing technique.



Speed in the golf swing is the responsibility of the right Hypothenar and right Palmaris Longus muscle. In honor of Arnold Palmer’s technique that he provided to President Eisenhower, I refer to the Palmaris Longus muscle as the Palmer muscle. This Sync (Cam) element of the right kickboxing glove Syncs the right USP, right ring knuckle and right elbow with the golfer’s right side. The golfer from the Lock Position is in a strong position to create both power in the takeaway swing and speed in the downswing. Power is transferred into leverage and momentum in the downswing.



While the kickboxing gloves provide a full body workout, they also help to locate the key checkpoints and establish the critical muscles for the Sync/Preset Technique. Kickboxing gloves allow the golfer to temporarily exchange their golf gloves for a pair of kickboxing gloves during a golf swing workout and training session to help develop the critical feel.




The Impact of the Kickboxing Golf Swing Technique on the Golfer’s Game



The practical application of the kickboxing gloves Sync/Preset golf swing technique can be performed in your backyard or a vacant lot to make one of the golfer’s more challenging golf shots, which is the abbreviated, or quarter, pitch shot. This shot intensifies the golfer’s nerves around the green.



The golfer, performing a quarter pitch shot from five to ten yards out from the pin, will find the golf ball springing off the clubface with a smooth and fluid arc. The golfer will gain more control and distance not only with pitch shots, but with chips and full golf shots as well.



The first time that I performed this kickboxing glove Sync/Preset golf swing technique with a 6-Iron, I never hit a more pure golf shot with a 6-Iron with such control and distance of 168 yards. And what was more impressive than the distance was the solid sound and feel I experienced at impact. The golfer is very acquainted with this sound and feel. I describe in detail in my book how the Cam and Cam-Over are used to set up the Sync/Preset Technique.


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A part of the CASPER Fitness Program are golf exercises with medicine ball – that includes Stocking the Selves and medicine ball exercises Burpees. For endurance and a full body workout, I also include a boxing glove-punching bag exercise.


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Additional Motivation to Develop a Fitness Program

If you need addition motivation, which the subconscious mind works from and consist of 90 percent of the classic golf swing, include a fitness and exercise program designed for the golfer daily schedule. This type of exercise provides the critical overload underload training to improve the golfer’s power and speed in the golfer’s game, please look at another golf fitness enthusiast: The Fit Golfer Girl



Operation DOG TAG

Logo for Operation Dog Tag    Marker Robert C. Boatright


Sports, such as golf, along with fitness and an exercise regimen that includes yoga, has been proven to be a great Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for trauma victims. Veterans and those who have experienced a traumatic situation where the mind has been traumatized and disrupted can use golf and yoga to help re-establish connection and pathways in the brain. Golf also provides an excellent opportunity  for trauma victims to reconnect in a social setting to develop a dialogue without the pressures of clinical visits.


Introduction- Forum for Coaching Golf and Life Skills Operation Dog Tag

Section 1- Operation DOG TAG | GOLF CBT Intervention for PTSD

Section 2- Operation DOG TAG | Objectives and Scope




ESPY Golf Swing Coach- Rhythm Without the Blues

ESPY Golf Swing Coach- ESPY Golf App Develops the golfer's Rhythm w/o creating the golfer's Blues. The ESPY Golf Swing helps the golfer establish the correct wrist action in golf swing demonstrated by David Duval in an interview with Charlie Rymer on Golf Channel.

ESPY Golf Swing Coach- ESPY Golf App Develops the golfer’s Rhythm w/o creating the golfer’s Blues. The ESPY Golf Swing helps the golfer establish the correct wrist action in golf swing demonstrated by David Duval in an interview with Charlie Rymer on Golf Channel.


Also, learning The ESPY Golf Swing Coach process is an excellent way to develop natural Rhythm without experiencing the Blues in your golf game to build confidence; learn how to take your baseball-style swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.



Songs are a great method to use to develop your Rhythm and tempo in your golf swing sequence this helps the golfer to develop their mental game of golf. To get a firsthand and experience on the real Mississippi Delta Blues visit the Museum in Clarksdale, MS 662-627-6820.




THE LOCKER ROOM a source for golf tips

Golfer's Locker Room for learning and applying Simple Golf Swing Tips. Please visit "The Locker Room" for an Index of all my golf articles to improve your golf game and life. Discover how you can take your baseball swing from the batter's box to the tee box.

Golfer’s Locker Room for learning and applying Simple Golf Swing Tips


Please visit “The Locker Room” for an Index of all my golf articles to improve your golf game and life. Discover how you can take your baseball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.



Learn How to take your baseball-style golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.


(Time-lapse photography that I reviewed during my Kinesiology Xerox Box Golf Research Project compared the golf swing vs. baseball swing and how similar the Sync/Preset wrist action in the golf swing was to the baseball swing sequence.)


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