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Charles W. Boatright Author of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, Delta Technique Geared for Distance and Control




Simple Wrist Action in the Golf Swing Sequence by using Basic Kickboxing Gloves as a Self-Coaching Technique


The key to improving your golf game is learning to preset your golf swing sequence using a different type of glove and the frequency of hitting golf shots under simulated course conditions. Use a safe golf ball that allows you to use the convenience of your backyard/or field into a scaled-down par4. If there is one component that the amateur golfer doesn’t have is time to work on making actual golf shots. The Almost Golf Ball P3® listed at the end of this article provides the average golfer with the ability to turn their backyard or large field into a scaled-down version of a par 4. It allows the golfer to hit and shape shots in feet, instead of yards. The Almost Golf Ball P3® allows the golfer to develop their strengths and correct weaknesses in as little as 45-minutes, three or four times per week.


Almost Golf Balls P3® are golf balls that have the same characteristics as that of an actual golf ball, but only travel 1/3 the distance and don't cause injury or property damage. The golfer is hitting in feet instead of yards.

Almost Golf Balls P3® are golf balls that have the same characteristics as that of an actual golf ball, but only travel 1/3 the distance and don’t cause injury or property damage. The golfer is hitting in feet instead of yards.


To help establish the proper wrist action in the golf swing, I switched to kickboxing gloves as a self-coaching technique for power/control. Kickboxing gloves are easier to work with than regular boxing gloves. Kickboxing gloves provide a greater feel in the golf swing sequence.



The kickboxing gloves are one of the best golf swing coaching techniques you can invest your time and money in to improve your golf game. A pair of Kickboxing gloves is relatively inexpensive, around $35.00. The benefits that you will experience on the golf course and in your health/fitness workout will be exponential, a 600 percent return, on average. Boxing and especially kickboxing is a full body workout.



I have always included a boxing bag workout as one of my CASPER Fitness Program exercises, (Cardio, Aerobic, Strength, Plyometrics Exercise Regimen). But now, using kickboxing gloves helps me to demonstrate the unique Sync/Preset technique that actually re-orientates and realigns the golfer’s wrist action in the golf swing. This wrist action in the golf swing is critical and is a phenomenal technique to use for power and control.



Using Kickboxing Gloves to Set the Wrist action in the golf swing Revealed Something Miraculous, by Just Knowing the Lines!



Setting the proper wrist action in the golf swing sequence comes down to just knowing the lines. You have to see the illustration below for yourself to appreciate what the kickboxing gloves provide to the average golfer. You think you are witnessing an optical illusion, but it is accomplished with a simple Sync/Preset maneuver. A similar technique was demonstrated in Ken Duke’s golf swing performed during an interview with Lisa Cornwell on Golf Channel at the Alotian Golf Club. Alotian Club is a golf course own by Jack Stevens, a member of Augusta, and located west of Little Rock, Arkansas, just off U.S. Hwy 10.


Kickboxing wrist action in the golf swing sequence, knowing your lines.   Kickboxing gloves Essential for the Golfer to known their lines.



The only way you can detect this wrist action in the golf swing is using the kickboxing gloves, shown below in how I demonstrate this technique. It is difficult for the mind to visualize this synchronization and wrist action in the golf swing. I prefer working with kickboxing gloves over regular boxing gloves, because the regular boxing gloves are too bulky, as I found this out when I used this as a demonstration in my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach.



Kickboxing gloves allow the golfer to set the proper wrist action in the golf swing to sync the hands, wrists, and elbows naturally with the rest of the body. Also using kickboxing gloves will strengthen two main components that have direct impact on how the golfer will swing the handle of the golf club to provide power and control.



To establish the proper wrist action in the golf swing, I have two pivot points (that I refer to as CAM and CAM-OVER points) and two set points to Sync/Preset my golf swing sequence. (NOTE: This is in reference to a right-handed golfer). The two set points are at the joint between the left wrist and the lower forearm, and the second set point is a nodule on the right lower forearm. This is a very pronounced nodule located above the right pinky knuckle, and this nodule is called the right Ulna Styloid Process.



Kickboxing gloves also allow the golfer to actually grab the handle of the golf club and actually perform the Sync/Preset maneuver for training purposes. I obviously don’t actually use kickboxing gloves to set the actual wrist action in the golf swing to hit golf shots, but as a self-coaching technique. The kickboxing gloves provide a reinforcing visualization skill that can help the golfer develop feel and muscle memory for their golf swing sequence.



Feel is more important than mechanics or techniques on the golf course. When you are feeling the muscle action in the golf swing sequence, you’re not thinking, but focusing. This makes a big difference on the golf course.



If you want to train your mind with the highest percentage of retention possible, perform the wrist action in the golf swing, either during or just after a workout period. This is because the brain, or mind, is in a meditative state for accelerated learning. This is similar to taking a walk before preparing to study or perform a critical skill.



On Men’s Fitness website, they have an excellent article on a self-coaching technique. I have summarize these eight essential self-coaching techniques below. Don’t be apprehensive, but one of the eight self-coaching techniques includes meditation. Believe me, you can do this.




Eight (8) Essential Self-Coaching Techniques to Improve Your Golf Game



I would recommend that you bookmark the Men’s Fitness website on your Laptop and follow Men’s Fitness on Twitter. I have linked this article entitled How to Train Yourself for Mental Toughness.  This article includes eight (8) self-coaching techniques that the golfer could use to train their mind to execute a consistent golf swing sequence, with power and control.



  1. Be a Self-Starter, or the ability to be your own golf coach during your training and on the golf course. Athletes, in general, are inherently motivated and self-starters and can reach higher than expected results by being their own coach. But one key is to break activities down into coachable segments and develop a rational sequence of events is listing each element.


This is one reason that I listed each Ergonomic Sync, Preset, and Yaw element in the title of my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach. The golf swing doesn’t consist of just one element or just one muscle, but a series of elements and muscles. And, it shouldn’t be coached that way.


  1. Find Your ZONE– The ability to get into ZONE, a meditative state, during competition can reduce stress, pressures, or even physical pain. A great example of enduring stress and pain was where Tiger Woods competed in the 2008 U.S. Open and won an 18-hole playoff against Rocco Mediate. Tiger Woods played through a double stress fracture to his left tibia and a torn left ligament. Believe me, this is very painful. This was not just after four-days of regulation play, but also a 18-hole playoff on the following Monday. This type of performance takes unbelievable mental control and narrows your focus.


  1. Be Positive– Focus on ideas and images that motivate you in overcoming obstacles. It is critical to only entertain positive thoughts. One reason for using positive thoughts is that your subconscious mind can’t distinguish between positive and negative thoughts or habits. It will retain a bad habit just like it will a good habit, and the subconscious mind will sabotage any efforts to change the habit it presently has. Does this sound familiar?


One reason for positive messaging from the conscious mind is to overcome the subconscious mind’s tendency to sabotage a new technique is it’s treating the existing habit like a survival skill. This is from our primitive nature.


The subconscious mind will work toward supporting habits it presently has, and makes sure the habit is the right habit, because you are going to have that habit for a while. Keep in mind that it takes a minimum of 21-days to establish a habit, so don’t expect to change overnight. This is one reason golfers find it difficult to take a new technique from practice or golf lessons to the golf course. The subconscious mind will come more nearly rejecting it than accepting it, once on the course.


Develop your own mission statement to help you support and accept a new habit you are working on trying to establish. My mission statement to help me establish and keep my golf swing sequence is- Engage Sync/Preset/Yaw.


  1. Be your Own Coach– Nick Faldo, during the Quicken Loans Golf Tournament, stated that the golfer has to learn to be their own golf coach on the course. Golf isn’t like the sport of baseball or football, where a pitching coach can come out to the mound and talk to the pitcher, or where the player can call timeout to go to the sidelines. The only advice a golfer can receive is from their caddie.


Mental toughness and true grit are critical in golf. You have to talk yourself around the course and through tough shots/holes. You have to be able to reboot after a bad shot or hole, like Hit IT and forget IT, whether a good/bad golf shot.


Another critical self-coaching technique is to develop the same conditions that you will be playing under during your practice/training routine. This is like the scrimmage game in football. The subconscious mind is responsible for 90 percent of your mental performance, so it is important to develop a mental coach approach to your golf game.


If there’s a difference between your training and playing conditions, the subconscious mind will detect this difference and default to what matches the playing conditions, and not the hours spent hitting golf shots on the range or taking golf lessons.


To develop confidence, don’t practice a golf shot or routine until you can get it RIGHT, but practice it until you can’t get it WRONG. Sometimes that means practicing a particular golf shot until you are physically exhausted, over and over again.


  1. Visualize– This is where my kickboxing gloves and home plate mental images provide a significant self-coaching technique that I use to engage my subconscious mind. While standing behind the ball to acquire my target, I actually perform my Sync/Preset maneuver as if I’m wearing a pair of kickboxing gloves.


Once I step into the batter’s box, my mental ZONE is home plate, nothing else. I’m just repeating what I previously mentally performed in my pre-shot routine. A cross-training self-coaching technique is taking your baseball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box for power and consistency.

Once I step into the batter's box, my mental ZONE is home plate, nothing else. I'm just repeating what I previously mentally performed in my pre-shot routine. A cross-training self-coaching technique is taking your baseball swing from the batter's box to the tee box for power and consistency.

Golf, much like any sport, is 90 percent mental. This is confirmed by a quote by Bobby Jones, Sr.- Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears. Remember- The body can’t go where the mind hasn’t been.


  1. Get Uncomfortable– During two of your training sessions each week, alternate hitting two particular golf shots with the driver and a 6-Iron at two different locations where you have to walk between hitting stations. Do not hit these two shots until you are satisfied with the results, but until you can confidently execute both golf shots and hit a target area within a 30-foot diameter.


Shaquille O’Neal has a quote about repetition- Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do (and THINK). I added the word THINK.


  1. Meditation– This might be an unfamiliar technique to most amateur athletes. But meditation isn’t that extraordinary. It just takes a little practice. You more than likely have experienced meditation before and didn’t realize it while driving.


This condition is called Driving Hypnosis. Driving hypnosis is where a driver has developed a high skill level of confidence in their subconscious ability via visualization, repetition, and conditioning.


Under Driving Hypnosis, the conscious mind relaxes after it starts the process of driving, then it focuses on something else other than driving. The driver’s subconscious mind takes over instinctive driving duties and is able to negotiate the traffic, road conditions, and driving route, without the driver remembering certain stretches of road/landmarks.


To meditate, the athlete must memorize, verbalize, visualize, and personalize. Meditation is like a master key that unlocks are the potential in the subconscious mind. The conscious mind contains techniques, elements, and sequences, while the subconscious mind contains the muscle memory and motor-skills. How these synchronize is key to the athlete’s performance.


There are three conditions that must be in place for Driving Hypnosis to occur:

  1. Normal and routine tasks and conditioning must exist. Practice how you play; and play how you practice.
  2. Rely on a high degree of relaxation, confidence, and muscle memory. Repetition, a customary habit.
  3. The conscious and subconscious minds are focused on two different situations. Focus the conscious mind on home plate or the target area; and get the conscious mind out of the way of the subconscious mind, where 90 percent of the golfer’s potential is located.

NOTE: While Driving Hypnosis is unsafe for driving a vehicle down the highway, it works great for driving a golf ball down the fairway. And DON’T TEXT and DRIVE EITHER!

  1. Be Prepared– Prep work entails developing your awareness, knowledge, practice/training skills, and especially conditioning, both mentally and physically. Do not leave anything to chance in your prep work, covering every possibility, on and off the course.


Remember, your conditions will change, but your objective will always remain the same to make par or better.


If you haven’t worked on it during your normal prep schedule, don’t adopt a new strategy for weeks or days before a round. It will set up the golfer’s subconscious mind in a preservation mode to sabotage a new technique or routine. Your subconscious mind is treating your golf swing like a survival skill.


It takes a minimum of 21 straight days of hard work and repetition to develop a habit out of a new technique. The only thing the golfer can expect to perform on game day is their normal routine, not what they spent a couple of weeks working on the range performing. You’re using game day as a mustard test of your normal routine and learned skills.


Remember, failure is used to gain experience; and success is used to gain confidence. Confidence, or mental toughness, is not doing something until you get IT right, but doing something until you can’t get IT wrong. This is the sheer definition of confidence. It takes months of repetition and adjustment in prep work to develop a reliable routine, and it is done in baby steps. Your prep work is the True Grit of training and practice.



Self-Coaching Technique for the Amateur Golfer

Liberty Health Supply Almost Golf Balls P3

Liberty Health Supply Almost Golf Balls P3


As most amateur golfers are all too often aware, there is not enough time available to them to work on their golf game. There is a unique golf ball on the market that can allow the golfer the ability to make their practice time more convenient and accessible to them. I personally use Almost Golf Ball P3® in my coaching and training. The Almost Golf Ball allows the golfer to transform their backyard or a vacant field into a scaled-down version of a par 4. This not only provides a practice, but an actual one-third scaled-down version of a par 4. This provides the actual playing conditions during the golfer’s training, which is essential for the subconscious mind to perform on the golf course.


What is special about the Almost Golf Balls is that they can be used in a residential setting or in a vacant field, without causing injury to others, including pets, or property damage. The Almost Golf Balls are essentially a one-third version of an actual golf ball. The golfer is actually hitting their tee and approach shots into the green in feet, instead of yards. I would recommend that you don’t use more than five to eight Almost Golf Balls so you can keep up with them and get the walking exercise in during your training period.


The golfer can purchase these Almost Golf Balls P3® from Liberty Health Supply. I have a utility bucket full of these Almost Golf Balls that I use each day in coaching and training sessions. The golfer can spend quality time working on their golf game and exercise almost anywhere. I can spend between 30 to 45 minutes hitting Almost Golf Balls and get up to two miles of walking and also spend time with family and friends in an enjoyable competitive activity. Use the links below to purchase a a 36 or 10 package of the Almost Golf Balls:


Liberty Health Supply-  Almost Golf Balls 10 Pack or Almost Golf Balls 36 Pack 

If you use the promo Code: ALMOSTGOLF you will receive FREE Shipment on your order.


The Utility Buck of Almost Golf Balls I use during my coaching and training sessions. Key to training the golfer's subconscious mind.

The Utility Buck of Almost Golf Balls I use during my coaching and training sessions. Key to training the golfer’s subconscious mind.


If you want a sport activity that you can enjoy for the rest of your life and enjoy developing friendships with others, take up the sport of golf. If you have no prior experience, are not proficient at this fascinating game, or would like to improve your golf game, purchase your copy of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach from the links below, or visit your local bookstore:


The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, a Self-Coaching Technique and simple Sports Psychology enabling the golfer to take the baseball swing sequence from the batter's box to the tee box.


My book can also be purchased at Edwin Watts Golf Store in Jackson, Mississippi. Phone No. 601-956-8784

820 East County Line Road, Ridgeland, MS 39157

My book can also be purchased on-line at:

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Health and Fitness Program Golf Exercise for Power


This book is based on a self-coaching forum (ASPEN Pyramid). The ASPEN Self-Coaching Technique provides the beginner and advanced single-digit handicap golfer with a safe, ergonomic classic golf swing mechanics. The ASPEN forum for coaching golf provides basic skills for more power and control in the golf swing sequence without debilitating injuries that are common with some modern-day golf swings. As part of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach forum is a workout program that includes golf exercises with medicine ball designed especially for golfers.



I have also included a FREE SR925 Diet program that anyone can access, where I lost over 40 pounds and 7.5-inches in my waist within nine-months. I went from 37.5 inches in November of 2014 down to 30.0 inches in July of 2015 with the effective SR925 Diet Program that I developed, see detailed below.



Please take advantage of my SR925 Diet Program, where I lost 6 inches in my waist in 3- months (FREE of CHARGE) with the CASPER Fitness Program, detailed in Section 20 of my book, great golf swing workout:

SR925 Diet Program lost 7-inches where I went from a 37.5 inches to 30.25 inch waistline within 9 months, and more importantly, kept the weight off and my waistline after 4 years. Not too many diet programs can provide results like this.    CASPER Fitness Program consist of golf exercises with medicine ball to develop a great golf swing workout for DISTANCE and CONTROL.



One component in my CASPER Fitness Program that I follow is using a Medicine Ball golf swing workout to perform what I call Stocking the Shelves, illustrated below in the figure:


(A part of the CASPER Fitness Program are golf exercises with medicine ball – that includes Stocking the Selves and medicine ball exercises Burpees. For endurance and a full body workout, I also include a boxing glove-punching bag exercise.)


Please include an exercise routine in your weekly schedule.       




Additional Motivation to Develop a Fitness Program

If you need addition motivation, which the subconscious mind works from and consist of 90 percent of the classic golf swing, include a fitness and exercise program designed for the golfer daily schedule. This type of exercise provides the critical overload underload training to improve the golfer’s power and speed in the golfer’s game, please look at another golf fitness enthusiast: The Fit Golfer Girl



Operation DOG TAG

Logo for Operation Dog Tag for treating PTSD  



Sports, such as golf, along with fitness and an exercise regimen that includes yoga, has been proven to be a great Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for trauma victims. Veterans and those who have experienced a traumatic situation where the mind has been traumatized and disrupted can use golf and yoga to help re-establish connection and pathways in the brain. Golf also provides an excellent opportunity  for trauma victims to reconnect in a social setting to develop a dialogue without the pressures of clinical visits.


Introduction- Forum for Coaching Golf and Life Skills Operation Dog Tag

Section 1- Operation DOG TAG | GOLF CBT Intervention for PTSD

Section 2- Operation DOG TAG | Objectives and Scope





ESPY Golf Swing Coach- Rhythm Without the Blues

(ESPY Golf Swing Coach- ESPY Golf App Develops the golfer's Rhythm w/o creating the golfer's Blues. The ESPY Golf Swing helps the golfer establish the correct wrist action in the golf swing demonstrated by David Duval in an interview with Charlie Rymer on Golf Channel.

(ESPY Golf Swing Coach- ESPY Golf App Develops the golfer’s Rhythm w/o creating the golfer’s Blues. The ESPY Golf Swing helps the golfer establish the correct wrist action in the golf swing demonstrated by David Duval in an interview with Charlie Rymer on Golf Channel )


Also, learning The ESPY Golf Swing Coach process is an excellent way to develop natural Rhythm without experiencing the Blues in your golf game to build confidence; learn how to take your baseball-style swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.



THE LOCKER ROOM a source for golf tips

Golfer's Locker Room for learning and applying Simple Golf Swing Tips.


Please visit “The Locker Room” for an Index of all my golf articles to improve your golf game and life. Discover how you can take your baseball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.



Learn How to take your baseball-style golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.


(Time-lapse photography that I reviewed during my Kinesiology Xerox Box Golf Research Project compared the golf swing vs. baseball swing and how similar the Sync/Preset wrist action in the golf swing was to the baseball swing sequence.)


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A Recommendation for your Golf Game:

I would like to recommend an interesting radio program that I regularly listen to originating from my home state Arkansas on my I-Heart Radio app on KARN 102.9 FM station, out of Little Rock. They air a golf show called Arkansas Fairways and Greens, at 7:00 AM CT each Saturday morning, hosted by Bob Steel, and co-hosted by Jay Fox and Charles Crowson. Bob occasionally as has his guess Alex Myers with Golf Digest and Ron Sirak with Golf Channel. I was interviewed on his show about my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach. This show is worth tuning into for golf news and information.

Jay Fox is an Administrator with Arkansas State Golf Association that discuss amateur golf and rules of the game.


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