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Golf Swing Coach- ESPY App- Know Your Lines

The QATSPY Golfer’s Sports Page: Golf Swing Tips

The QATSPY Golfer's Sports Page: Golf Swing Tips

By: Charles W. Boatright

ESPY App- Golf Swing Coach Tips for Golfers


Some of the best golf swing coach tips for golfers to use in their golf swing are major themes of the ESPY App, a self-coaching app. Some of these tips are:

  • Keep it simple, keep it compact
  • Know your lines
  • Develop critical pauses
  • Develop your cadence or Rhythm
  • Develop your rule of thumbs


I realize this sounds like advice that a speech teacher would give to his/her students preparing to give a speech. But in reality, it is great advice for the golfer to take to the golf course using the ESPY App.



Me at the Dancing Rabbit Golf Course in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

As a matter of fact, the anxiety for giving a public speech and preparing to make a golf shot can be similar. I often use this same analogy for developing a ESPY App a self-coaching technique as a teacher would provide their students in developing public speaking skills. The two are both more mental aspects rather than they are physical aspects.


This article is not about public speaking, but how a person or golfer can apply these same tips to improve their golf game and communication skills at the same time, both involve memory. The following is a brief explanation of the five tips in the ESPY App you can apply to improve your golf game and develop your own self-coaching techniques. If you are expecting to reach a single-digit handicap, you will need to become your own golf swing coach.


The subconscious mind works more efficient with a simple and sequential process that can be more readily followed.

Keep it simple, keep it compact-

In public speaking, there is a term used when the speaker has filler words, or what is technically referred to as dysfluency. This is where the speaker uses the words “ah, uh, or you know” in their speech. In golf, dysfluency is like having filler words, or additional, elements that are not necessary. The key is to keep your golf swing simple and to the point. Additional elements aren’t effective, nor are they dependable. These additional elements are disruptive to the golfer’s game, and worse, can cause injuries. Using the ESPY App, like the Sync/Preset component, reduces stress off the lower back area where majority of injuries occur. The ESPY Golf Swing allows the golfer to synchronize their elbows with their shoulders. This avoids the lower back taking the blunt of the stress in the takeaway swing.


If you add more elements to your golf swing than necessary, you’ve just derailed one of your biggest advantages the golf has, the subconscious mind, where your muscle memory is stored. The subconscious mind works more efficient with a simple and sequential process that can be more readily followed.


The key is to keep your golf swing simple, like the three (Sync, Preset, and Yaw) elements in the ESPY App that I use in my golf swing. This also keep my golf swing compact, (where in my case I’m right-handed), I Sync/Preset my right elbow next to my right side. This is a coaching technique used by Mr. Harvey Penick, whose students were Tom Kite and Ben Crenshaw. Mr. Harvey M. Penick was a head golf coach at the University of Texas. My golf swing coach was my grandfather, Homer Q. Boatright, who emphasized presetting the wrists and syncing the elbow, in the illustration below. These elements are covered in my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach. This Sync/Preset position, or the lock position, is accomplished just with two simple elements, using the thenars and the wristband.

Preset position

The ESPY Golf Swing Lock Position

Know your lines-

To deliver an effective speech, the speaker has to know their lines. In golf, the golfer needs to know two of the most important lines to properly Sync/Preset the wrists, lower forearm, and take the handle of the golf club to the top of their swing.


These two lines are the C-Line and the B-line. The C-Line is how the right and the left wrist and wristband are synced/preset. The C-Line is significant because of how the hands are positioned on the handle of the club. I use several props for the self-coaching technique. One is a pair of boxing gloves, orientated as if they are holding a golf club at address, as noted below. The C-Line goes from the bottom of the left wristband to the middle of the right wristband, where there is an important tendon, called the Palmaris Longus, or Palmer’s, Tendon for short. How these interact with the golfer’s thenars is critical in Presetting the wrists and Syncing elbow.

The B-Line is the golfer’s base of their swing plane, after the golfer has Preset their wrists and Synced elbows into the lock position, like in the Figure of my grandfather sketched out in his Red Book noted above in Figure The ESPY Golf Swing Lock Position.

Develop critical pauses-

Like in delivering your speech, instead the speaker using dysfluency (i.e., uh, ah or you know), the speaker needs to just pause. I have two very short pauses in my golf swing. One is at the lock position after presetting my wrists and syncing my lower forearm and elbows; and the other is at the top of my golf swing, to develop a nice transition between the takeaway and the downswing. You will develop more PC (power and control) than if you have a fast-paced golf swing without these two pauses.


The best way to deliver a confident speech is to get into your cadence as soon as possible, same in golf.

Develop your cadence or Rhythm-


The best way to deliver a confident speech is to get into your cadence as soon as possible same in golf. An ice breaker is the best way to start a speech. In golf, the golfer does this by presetting their wrists and syncing their forearm and elbow. A great golf swing coach technique used in the ESPY App is the simple Sync/Preset maneuvers. If the golfer Sync/preset their golf swing, 80 percent of their golf swing is completed, and they can develop a great cadence for the remaining of their golf swing. Developing 80 percent of the golfer’s swing with two simple maneuvers provides the golfer with a significant amount of mental confidence.


Presetting the wrists and synching forearm and elbow is similar to how a baseball batter sets their wrists and elbows in baseball. I viewed several time lapse photographs of both the baseball swing and golf swing and found this similarity. This is another confidence builder, by allowing the golfer to take their baseball-style or softball-style swings from the batter’s box to the tee box. Refer to one of the time lapse photographs I used to writing by book to help the golfer develop the proper muscle memory below.


baseball swing vs golf swing

Time lapse photography of comparing the golf swing with the baseball swing.



I use my thumbs to represent certain components of the golf club

Develop your rule of thumbs-

Colonel George Robert Hall

The golfer’s thumbs are critical in the ESPY App. The rule of thumbs is an essential component that is used to develop a repeatable and consistent golf swing. I use my thumbs to represent certain components of the golf club, much the same way Colonel Hall used while he was a P.O.W. at the Hanoi Hilton for seven-and-a-half years.

Colonel Hall was able to shoot his handicap of four (4), six weeks after being released from the Hanoi Hilton. See my interview with Colonel George Robert Hall at the Hattiesburg, Mississippi Country Club.

If you want to develop a consistent golf swing and become your own golf swing coach, purchase your copy of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach from the links below or from your local bookstore.

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