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The ESPY Golf Swing Coach APP- A Paradigm Shift

The QATSPY Golfer’s Sports Page: Golf Swing Tips

The QATSPY Golfer's Sports Page: Golf Swing Tips

By: Charles W. Boatright

The ESPY Golf Swing Coach App to Develop a Paradigm Shift

ESPY golf swing coach app

An ESPY golf swing coach app is a paradigm shift from other approaches focuses on two basic anatomical components called supination and pronation. When a golf coach discusses two of the most common anatomic movements, Supination and Pronation, these relate mainly to the wrists and the lower forearms. But in actuality, this also has to do with two other golfer’s anatomical components that are critical to the golfer’s swing, the golfer’s ankle movements, or weight shift.


Of all the attention given to the golfer’s swing to boost power and speed, the ankles usually aren’t considered as major components. Even most forums for coaching golf state that the golf swing starts from the ground up. I can’t agree more with this type of philosophy.


The ESPY Golf Swing Coach App focuses on presetting not only the wrists/forearms but also the golfer’s ankles, referred to by supination and pronation of each below. In reading Greek mythology, you read about Achillesheel and his point of weakness. Like any component, the golfer can take a weakness and turn it into a strength. This is the golfer’s Achilles’ heel, the golfer’s ankle, can become their stronger component.



Presetting the Wristband & Ankles

In my book in Section 1.11, I discussed setting the heels in the ESPY golf swing coach app in the takeaway swing. Like the wrists that are Sync/Preset in the golfer’s swing, the golfer can also preset their ankles and heels to provide straight, horizontal power and speed at impact. Just like in the right-handed golfer’s case, the supination is used to preset the right wristband, and pronation to preset the left wristband in the ESPY golf swing app. This same technique can be used to preset the golfer’s heels and ankles during the address setup position, as noted above.


The golfer wants to place their weight on the inside of the left foot and the outside of the right foot, for the right-handed golfer. This also allows the golfer to have a slight lift in their left outside heel. This takes a tremendous stress off the golfer’s lower back. This is the predominate place to develop injuries. Some modern-style golf swings discourages lifting the left heel, or Syncing/Presetting the wrists.



Strengthening Your Golf Game with the Ankles


In order to preset the heels and ankles, the golfer needs to spend time during their exercise routine strengthening their ankles. I have weak ankles from my days playing fullback during high school. I’ve incorporated the following exercises:

  • Medicine Ball Burpee
  • Medicine Ball Stocking the Shelves
  • Standing squats, calf lifts.
  • Assisted chin-up jump and leg lifts.
  • Basic, external, and internal calf raise lift (not shown).


These exercises help build the golfer’s ankles. For a full body workout, especially for golfers, consult my CASPER Workout Program.

Performing the Weight Shift


The paradigm shift that I’m discussing in this article about the ESPY golf swing coach app is a significant component. Presetting the golfer’s ankles at address allows the golfer to make a weight shift backwards and then forward and through impact to maximize the horizontal force for power and speed. Presetting the ankles at the address removes the complexity of the golf swing and allows the golfer to make a easier weight transfer forward through impact.


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