DR-JOCH Golfer’s Technique – Preset the Wrists & Elbows

Preset, Ken Duke Golf Swing Technique

The DR-JOCH golf swing technique describes probably one of the most influential components in the entire golf swing. The term DR-JOCH technique describes the Distal Radioulnar Joint Orientation Capitate Hamate technique used to cam-over and cam the golfer’s wrists. Joch is a German term for yoke, pronounced (jäk, or jock). Yoke is a great term for the golfer to harness their mental and physical golf game. The Ken Duke golf swing, as he described it, is a very similar technique to the ESPY Golf Swing App of presetting the golfer’s wrists.

The Alotian Golf Course, west of Little Rock, Arkansas off Hwy 10, played host to Lisa Cornwell’s interview with Ken Duke described what he called his “Hinge Technique.” This Hinge Technique, in my humble opinion, is one of the best techniques the golfer can use.

Sawgrass 17th Green

The Par-3 green on 17th at TPC Sawgrass

Just a little background on Ken Duke and his “Hinge golf swing technique.” Ken Duke is from Arkansas, where I’m also from. He attended Henderson State University, where he has established a golf training center last year. In 2016, he lead for three days at The Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass. If you recall, TPC Sawgrass has the most famous 17th island green in golf. During The Player’s tournament, Jason Day described Ken Duke’s performance by stating in an interview, “What golf course was he (Ken Duke) playing on?”

The EVERLAST Preset the Gatsby Golf Swing

During the interview that Lisa Cornwell had with Ken Duke, Ken explained that his key component in his golf swing was hinging, or what I refer to as the preset component. But the big question is particularly how to set up the Ken Duke hinge technique.

Golf swing

DR-JOCH Technique used to preset the golf swing

My grandfather, Homer E. Q. Boatright, the Qatsby, focused on the wrists to preset his golf swing. But there is an important distinction to make in presetting the golfer’s wrists, the key is to link the lower forearm with the wrist. It is key in the golf swing to establish a link between the wrist and forearm. I had a unique approach in learning the golf swing. My grandfather’s playing partner was Dr. Choate, who brought anatomy to the golf course. The wrist figure to the right shows an unique connection between the lower forearm and the wrist. The forearm consists of two bones and the wrist consists of eight bones. To properly preset wrists, the golfer must link the forearm and the wrist. I refer to this as the wristband. EVERLAST boxing gloves provide the golfer with best mental image for presetting the wrist, or what Ken Duke calls the hinge technique.

One of the best techniques that I discovered in my seven years of research and attending kinesiology is an obscure joint called the Distal Radioulnar Joint and the Capitate and Hamate (DR-JOCH) joints. Setting these components by camming-over and camming sets up 80 percent of the golfer’s swing. If I knew I could perform two small maneuvers and establish 80 percent of my golf swing, I would gain a large amount of confidence in my golf swing.

The DR-JOCH Technique provides the golfer with muscle memory that provides the golfer’s confidence; and confidence provides the golfer with power and control on a consistent basis. Consistency is king in golf. There is no substitution for consistency. The  DR-JOCH that The ESPY Golf Swing Coach is based on explains how the golfer can trade in his golf glove for a different type of glove, the EVERLAST Boxing gloves to develop a more consistent golf swing with power and control.

Golf Swing Gloves

The EVERLAST Golf Swing DR-JOCH Technique

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