The ESPY Golf Swing Coach for Early Childhood Development

By: Charles W. Boatright

SUBJECT– Early Childhood Development and the function of Sports in the child’s life.

ISSUE– How to Improving early childhood development more efficiently and effectively.

QUESTION– What measures can parents and organizations take to enhance a child’s development and ability to learn?

Early Childhood Development Options

Early Childhood Development

Golf used for Early Childhood Development

During early childhood development, if a child can pick up a skill early in their life such as golf or baseball, they will become more proficient as adults. This just doesn’t pertain just to a particular skill, but better dexterity in general and eye-hand coordination. To enhance these skills, ergonomics plays a major role in the ability to perform these skills and avoid injuries from repetitive motion, like the golf and baseball swings.

Ergonomics is a major component of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach. The earlier we can properly train the mind and the body to perform in the manner the body is designed to function, the more natural the skill level can be developed. The older that one becomes, the harder and longer one has to work at adopting good habits in developing their motor skills and muscle memory. The athlete, and especially the golfer, should start physical literacy during their early childhood development. Golf also improves social skills in working with others and sportsmanship to respect others and treat others in a fair manner.

Early Childhood Development Sportsmanship

Another advantage of incorporating the game of golf as part of a early childhood development, especially in a home-school setting, is the ability to maximize how the child uses their pre-conscious, subconscious, and conscious minds in their academics. The pre-conscious and subconscious part of the child’s mind is where information is stored and retrieved. This can also be a means to prevent Alzheimer’s in older adults.

Ergonomics in the Golfers Game and Life

The major part of the ergonomic component in the golf swing is how the lower forearms and wrists function by supinating, pronating, and a special element what is called radial deviation, the turbocharger of the golfer’s swing. The ESPY Golf Swing can establish 80 percent of the golfer’s swing with three very small maneuvers. These three maneuvers are small, but if performed properly have an enormous impact on the golfer’s game with power, speed, and control. The other 20 percent of the golfer’s swing is completing the takeaway swing to the top and executing the downswing.

If the golfer establishes the Ergonomics of Sync, Preset, and Yaw elements correctly into the Lock position, illustrated above, the golfer doesn’t even have to be conscious about being on plane, square at impact, and delivering the horizontal impact through the ball.

The conscious part of the mind is the captain of your golf swing to determine WHAT, the objectives and shot selection. Whereas, the pre-conscious and subconscious parts of the mind determine HOW to perform the three simple elements of Sync, Preset, and Yaw in the golf swing.

Third Law of Motion and the Golf Swing

Remember Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion that applies to the golf swing as well- For every action (TAKEAWAY SWING), there is an equal and opposite reaction (DOWNSWING). The ESPY Golf Swing is established and executed according to natural progression, especially during the downswing. So, if you subconsciously establish the Ergonomics of the Sync, Preset, and Yaw elements in the takeaway swing properly, the downswing is just a natural response to these three elements. Because these are natural maneuvers, the ESPY Golf Swing doesn’t require a great amount of conscious effort.

Now the big obstacles are removed from executing the swing. It happens NATURALLY as a progression of the takeaway by Sync, Preset, and Yaw. The simpler and easier the golfer can establish their golf swing, the easier the mind and body can be trained to function simultaneously and repetitively. Repetition and sequence is a major part of training the pre-conscious and subconscious mind.It’s even been proven that if you want to reduce stress and confusion in your life and your golf game, Keep IT Simple and Sequential. This is the KISS Principle applied to your golf swing.

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