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Lorena Ochoa’s Winning Character and Sportsmanship

The QATSPY Golfer’s Sports Page: Golf Swing Tips

The QATSPY Golfer's Sports Page: Golf Swing Tips

By: Charles W. Boatright


Lorena Ochoa, Character of the Game

Lorena Ochoa

Lorena Ochoa, former world’s number LPGA player in 2007

Lorena Ochoa is expected to play in the exhibition round as part of her tournament in Mexico. She retired from the world of golfing in 2012.





Lorena Ochoa’s True grit and sportsmanship are fundamentals of her golf game and life. These same principles develop character and help one become a successful person on and off the course. Lorena Ochoa’s sportsmanship and character were demonstrated during her 2006 season that set up her success in the 2007 and 2008 golf seasons. Her grinding characteristic and spiritual fiber played an important factor in her becoming the number one LPGA player for 2007 and 2008. Lorena Ochoa took challenges and obstacle in her life and developed an opportunity to achieve her number one ranking. Lorena was determined to use her failure as an opportunity to improve.



She has another quality that contributes to her success as well. She has a quiet, unassuming spirit that she exhibited during her visit to the World Golf Hall of Fame, in November of 2007. She arrived unannounced to tour the facility and went unnoticed until a volunteer recognized her. The staff quickly organized an impromptu welcome reception in her honor. This speaks volumes of Lorena Ochoa and her humble character. Despite what politicians may state, character does matter. These attributes are the spiritual well-begin as person. A humble person doesn’t have the burden that comes with pride. Lorena was humble in dealing with her success of being the number one LPGA golfer. She did something remarkable; she let her game speak for itself. In the book of Proverbs 20:11- It is his deeds that a person distinguishes them self….. In other words, let your work and life speak for itself.

Lorena Ochoa’s  2006 Kraft Nabisco Experience

Lorena Ochoa’s passion and persevering spirit was proven after her heart-wrenching loss at the Kraft Nabisco Championship to Karrie Webb in 2006. This loss only propelled her to work harder during the off-season to prepare for the next season. She used failure positively, as an educational experience and not as a career ending avenue. Failure tells you what not to do next time. The best inventions and motivation come from problems and adverse situations. Remember, things do not just happen; there’s a root cause for everything in life, this where one find their success. She used her true grit and sportsmanship to win eight LPGA events, including the Women’s British Open at the Old Course, Saint Andrews, in 2007. Her character and work ethic allowed her to use the 2006 defeat and difficulties to motivate her to have a successful 2007 season. Remember, there’s no such thing as luck, and nothing is free in life. Success takes hard work and perseverance.


Here’s an article I wrote for The QATSPY Golfer’s Sports Page entitled: Lorena Ochoa’s Perseverance and True Grit


Lorena Ochoa has paid her dues for her success. She’s is a grinder on the golf course and has a beautiful golf swing with great rhythm and tempo that can be examined closely to see what great golf mechanics she has. Her swing tempo allows a spectator to watch for the proper golf mechanics discussed in this book during the takeaway swing. She has worked through difficulties and close loses to obtain the success that she enjoyed in 2007. If you have the opportunity to watch her during her takeaway swing, you will notice that her forearms and hands remain in front of her during her golf swing, even while she lifts her arms during the ratchet maneuver to the top position. She process one of the smoothest and easy takeaway swing that makes it easy to follow each element of her swing. She has another quality that contributes to her success of quiet unassuming nature that she exhibited during her visit to the World Golf Hall of Fame in November of 2007. She arrived unannounced and toured the facilities went unnoticed until a volunteer recognized her and the staff organized a formal welcome for her. This speaks volumes of Lorena Ochoa and her ability to deal with the pressures of being on LPGA and achieving the success of being the number one player in her sport for 2007 and 2008.


Lorena Ochoa perseverance and character was revealed during her heart wrenching lost of the Kraft Nabisco Championship to Kerrie Webb in 2006, but this only propel her to work harder and grinned it out doing the dirt-work, or practice time, in the off season to win eight LPGA events in 2007, including the Women’s British Open at Saint Andrews, the Old Course. She became the first LPGA member to surpass $3 million earnings in a single season only to be followed that up with surpassing annual earnings to $4 million weeks later.


I personally respect her character and her work ethics that she exhibited during the defeats and wins that she had. Sports, athletics and especially golf should be used as showcases to exemplify the importance of physical and mental fitness while demonstrating the best of character under challenging conditions and how to deal with failures and successes. Just because you fail at some point in time especially starting off doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. Failure and success are what we do and not what we are. Humility, perseverance and patience or what I call the quiet strength has served Lorena Ochoa well in her pursuit of becoming a great person and the number one LPGA player for 2007.


Every girl and boy looking at picking up the game of golf as their passion and possible as their profession can use Lorena Ochoa’s character and sportsmanship as a road map for success on and off the golf course.


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