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By: Charles W. Boatright

ASPEN A Sports Psychology Self-Coaching Techniques Training Pyramid

ASPEN Self-Coaching Forum for Golf

The ASPEN Self-coaching Forum for Golfers


The ESPY APP (Apperception) forum consist of self-coaching technique that allow the golfer to analyze their golf swing in real-time on and off the golf course. The ESPY APP used on the golf course can make it seamless between how the golfer trains and how he plays. The golfer, using the ASPEN Training Pyramid, self-coaching technique, slows down their perception of the game and steps through their golf swing sequence. The ASPEN Training System develops an intense focus for the golfer to operate within their ZONE of peak performance. The key of operating within The ZONE of peak performance is that the golfer can’t distinguish between their mental and physical performance of course play or practice.

The sports psychologist Dr. Nick Molinaro was featured on GolfFix with Michael Breed on Monday night, April 25, 2016, to discuss how the golfer can retain their focus during the round. Dr. Molinaro used the phrase, Shift attention by being aware, not distracted. What Dr. Molinaro was referring to was where the golfer shifts their attention from THINKING to FOCUSING, with the conscious mind. The golfer shift can shift their attention to HOW, with the subconscious mind, during the actual round using muscle memory.

Wristbands, The Missing Links in the Golfer’s Game

strengthen wrists for boxing

EVERLAST Boxing Gloves, Self Coaching Techniques

WHAT involves swing thoughts, which are never a good thing to have on the golf course right before you make your golf shot. Instead, the golfer wants to feel and focus on HOW the handle of the club feels in their hands. Feel how the waggle, or presetting the wrists into the Lock position feels and how the handle of the club interacts with the hands.

The wristbands are the missing link in the golfer’s swing. This feeling gets the golfer to focus on the target area and muscle memory, or what is referred to as Neuromuscular Performance. This is where the golfer reaches the highest level of performance at the top of the pyramid. Muscle memory also shifts the golfer’s attention from the conscious process (THINKING) into the subconscious process (FOCUSING). These self-coaching technique provides the golfer with the feel, where there is no difference between how the golfer performs on the course and how the golfer trains.

No golf coach can swing the club for you, cause you to understand your golf swing mechanics, or develop your golf game better than you can. The golfer is ultimately responsible for comprehending  the golf swing fundamentals, techniques, sequence, and the feel for their golf game.

There are three relatively new coaching terms that can significantly improve the golfer’s game where they can take their practice workout to the golf course. The first coaching term is Apperception, and this the basis of the ASPEN Training Pyramid. The second coaching term is ExtraSensory Performance. The third term is a self-coaching process is called Neuromuscular Performance. These three terms are a part of the five-tier self-coaching system techniques called the ASPEN Training Pyramid. Below are the list of the five-tiers, with a brief description of each and how they can be applied to one’s golf game.

The ASPEN Training Pyramid was developed by my grandfather, H.Q. Boatright, in 1927 while vacationing in Aspen, Colorado, standing here in front of his tent.

H.Q. Boatright in 1927

My grandfather, H.Q. Boatright, in 1927 in Aspen, Colorado on vacation.

The Five-Tier Self Coaching System

baseball swing sequence

Orientation of the baseball bat and golf club

Tier ONE is Apperception– This is a fundamental part of sports psychology of creating images to take advantage of a previous experience and technique to improve and accelerate the golfer’s training. The golfer can draw from a previous well-established motor-skill developed at a young age like using the baseball-style swing. The golfer can take their baseball-style swing from the batter’s box to the tee box, with little difficulty.

The only designation the golfer needs to make is in the golf club itself. By using the baseball bat model, the shaft of the club is just the extension of the golfer’s arms NOT THE BAT. The actual baseball bat is the head of the club, as noted in the figure of the baseball bat. This process was substantiated in the Golf Channel interview with David Leadbetter, back in the spring of 2015.

Tier TWO is Sequence– The golfer wants to shift their attention from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind to develop effective training techniques. Sequence is the key in the golfer’s swing. The ESPY Golf Swing consists of three (SPY) elements. The reason for defining these elements is that the subconscious mind works off two components– elements and a well-defined sequence. If the golfer can designate each sequence with a name of a step, or sequence, and in an orderly process during training, the golfer will find it easier to execute more readily on the course. Sequence is the fastest method to allow the golfer to get into their cadence and routine. Routine eliminates the distractions that Dr. Molinaro was referring to in his statement- Shift attention by being aware, not distracted.

Tier THREE is Prep and Performance Training– The golfer is replicating similar conditions during training that will exist on the course. One of the best methods to demonstrate this type of training is a football-type scrimmage game. This gives the golfer realistic conditions on how to deal with adrenaline, moving in between shots, and making a variety of golf shots in a short span of time. In my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, I use the condition called Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Syndrome to describe this disconnect. If your recall, Dr. Jekyll developed an elixir in his laboratory that changed his personality. In golf, the golfer has an elixir to deal with called adrenaline. There is a scrimmage-type training in The ESPY Golf Swing Coach called the 405- Training Drill that deals with the golfer’s adrenaline.


Self Coaching Techniques

EVERLAST Label on the wristband to preset the wrists.

Tier FOUR is ExtraSensory Performance– This is probably the biggest advantage the golfer has in applying the self-coaching techniques in the ESPY Golf Swing. This allows the golfer to shift their subconscious mind by using strong mental images for the target, flight path, and golf swing sequence. The golfer, for instance, can use the EVERLAST label on the wristbands of a pair of boxing gloves.

The mental image of the EVERLAST wristbands establishes 80 percent of the golfer’s swing with two simple Sync (CAM) and Preset (CAM-OVER) maneuver. There is a mental image for every step in the golfer’s swing. In an interview I did with a Vietnam P.O.W., he depended on his mental imagery to maintain his handicap of four (4) at the Hanoi Hilton. His name was Colonel George Robert Hall.


During the performance practice sessions, the golfer needs to create a mental image of the boxing gloves wristbands and how the hands are placed on the handle of the golf club. The Boxing gloves Technique Figure below indicates why the orientation of the wristbands is significant in Syncing/Presetting the wrist and lower forearm with the red line. By examining the baseball batter’s left wrist and the right lower forearm, the movement of the left wrist and the right lower forearm takes place below this red line.

NOTE: The wrists aren’t where you would wear a wristwatch, for this is the lower forearm, or the wristbands on the boxing gloves. The wrists consist of two of the strongest and most dexterous muscles in the hand called Thenars (Hypothenar and Thenar) that have direct contact with the handle of the golf club, or, in the case of the batter, the baseball bat.



When I establish my Sync/Preset maneuver, I want all movement to just occur below this red line. This involves properly setting 3-Key muscles for the right-handed golfer that include: the left Hypothenar (pinball flipper), the right Quadratus Pronator (the gear), and the right Brachio-Radialis muscles. You can see the prominent right Brachio-Radialis muscle activated in the baseball batter’s right forearm above. The right Brachio-Radialis muscle allows the golfer to synchronize the right elbow with the shoulders. This was a golf tip that Arnold Palmer gave to President Eisenhower before a Pro-Am.


Arnold Palmer noticed that the President’s right elbow was separating from his right side during the initial part of the takeaway swing and just before impact on the downswing.


Tier FIVE is Neuromuscular Performance– The golfer uses the ASPEN Pyramid Training Technique can utilize both virtual and actual training techniques to establish and reinforce three (Sync, Preset, and Yaw) elements. This sequence develops neuromuscular dexterity (muscle memory) that the golfer can work on throughout the day. Neuromuscular Training is not limited to conditions or situations. This was proven by Colonel Hall’s case of being held for seven-and-a-half years as a P.O.W. at the Hanoi Hilton. After his release, he was still able to shoot his handicap of four (4) at the Greater New Orleans P.O.W. Pro-Am.



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