Photo time-Lapse Routine: Golf Game Management Tactic

time-lapse golf swing

Time-Lapse Golf Swing Routine for Better Game Management

Evocative is an excellent golf game management tactic to develop a photo time-lapse golf swing routine for a more consistent and confident golf swing. Evocative is a unique term that is a part of the ASPEN self-coaching app. Evocative is a significant term that can be applied to your golf game to develop a strong mental image, memory, or feeling, based on a time-lapse golf swing process. If you’ve ever noticed Jason Day standing behind his golf ball with his eyes closed, he is visualizing his time-lapse golf swing and shot before he actually takes the shot.

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This is like making your golf shot before you actually take the golf shot. This is like déjà vu all over again in golf, in a time-lapse golf swing sequence. You’ve undoubtedly experienced the situation where your second chance at a golf shot usually has better results than your first golf shot. This déjà vu process is taking advantage of the self-coaching app, Evocative, tactic where the golfer is taking a golf shot that they have already made in their mind. It is like the second man or woman making the first golf shot.    

Visualizing the golf shot

Galaxy S7 smartphone headset of the virtual world of golf.

In my golf game management process, I go through my own time-lapse golf swing routine while standing behind and over my golf ball. I would like to make an important distinction between thinking about my routine and visualizing my routine and golf shot. The very worst thing a golfer can do while either behind or over their golf ball is to actually think. Thinking is a conscious process, while feeling or muscle memory is a subconscious process. The subconscious mind functions best with mental images, like time-lapse photography.

Relying on Your Own Motor Skills and Muscle Memory that You Already Have Developed

One of the best examples of evocative tactics is the simple walking process. When you are walking, you aren’t thinking about all of the muscles and the progression it takes to walk. You’re walking is based on motor skills and muscle memory you have already developed. The only issue you are focusing on while walking is your destination. This is the very same approach the golfer needs to take on the golf course during their game management process.

The advantage of the ESPY Golf Swing is that it takes advantage of a previously developed motor skill and muscle memory. This muscle memory is either developed in baseball, softball, or the tennis swing and allows the golfer to integrate this muscle memory into their golf swing. This is like the golfer taking their baseball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.


Refer to one of many time-lapse golf swing photographs that I studied for my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, that compares the golf with the baseball swing. I spent seven years researching data and photographs that formed the basis of my book that uses the evocative self-coaching approach.

Time-lapse golf swing

Time-lapse photography of comparing the golf swing with the baseball swing that is the basis of my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach.

I had a Static and Dynamics professor that stated to us young engineering students, “If you can draw it, you can solve it.” The same applies to your golf game, if you can visualize your golf shot, you can make the golf shot.

Be Your Own Golf Swing Coach on the Course

There are several resources that indicate the best approach to improving your golf game and game management is using an evocative self-coaching process. Even Sir Nick Faldo, a pro-golfer and golf commentator on NBC, states that the golfer has to learn to be their own golf coach on the golf course. This evocative self-coaching process is a very important component in your golf game management.

I have developed a mental evocative time-lapse golf swing that contains the three Ergonomic elements of Sync, Preset, and Yaw that help me to establish my golf swing. This ESPY App takes advantage of the body’s biomechanics to produce a consistent golf swing with distance and control, including power and speed.

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