Golf Swing Coach APP – Dealing with Murphy’s Law

Golf Swing Coach App for dealing with Mr. Murphy

LPGA Pure Silk Bahamas Classic

The Golf Swing Coach APP difference in the 2017 LPGA Pure Silk Bahamas Classic Tournament

I use a simple but effective golf swing coach app in my game management during the round. The simple golf swing coach app states, “One shot can’t win the tournament for you, but one shot can definitely lose the tournament for you.” Then the compound factor can occur, which is Murphy’s Law. Murphy’s Law is like gravity; it affects everyone the same. When a golfer makes an errant shot, they usually start playing aggressively to compensate for the errant shot. This is the compound effect in game management.

On the 14th hole at the Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA Classic on Sunday, 29Jan2017, Stacy Lewis’ tee shot landed just off the fairway in the secondary rough on a slight downhill lie. Stacy will be addressing the ball with her feet slightly above the ball. From the takeaway on the tee shot, No problem, as even most amateurs would probably think to themselves looking at the lie, I got this. As you are aware, the ball will typically trail according to the slope. In this case, the ball has a tendency to trail from left to right. This wasn’t the case in Stacy’s shot.

Stacy’s approach shot on the 14th went dramatically left into a planted or vegetated area. Stacy’s third shot from the vegetated area had to clear a curb along the cart path. You have to be cognizant of Murphy’s Law, in this case, that states- If anything that can go wrong, it will go wrong, even if you’re a professional golfer. Stacy’s third shot hit the concrete curb and bounced back into the vegetated area, but now where Stacy’s fourth shot is at, she had no clear shot without taking an unplayable lie. After taking the option of an unplayable lie, Stacy made a 7 on the par 4- 14th. This took her out of the tie for first place.

Of all the shots I’m most concerned about is the ball being below my feet. This can give a golfer a false sense of security, especially in the rough. When you are in this situation, you want to play conservative golf shot, instead of progressive shot. Your objective is to put your ball into a position where you have the most options. I have to exercise my golf swing coach app discipline in this case and just advance the golf ball down and into the fairway. I realize that this is not the most glorious golf shot, but you are at least looking at par or better, instead of bogey or worse. A great golf swing coach app in your game management is to keep two things in mind- ONE is- “One shot can’t win the tournament for you, but one shot can definitely lose the tournament for you.” Second is Murphy’s Law- If anything that can go wrong, it will go wrong.

This is playing golf from what I refer to as the 8-10 Rule. This states that for 10 golf shots from one spot, I can confidently make eight of the golf shots into a designated drop zone. This is playing golf based on what you can do, instead of what you can’t do. I cover the 8-10 Rule in Section 7.6 of my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach.

7.6     I use these SAFE golf balls for tee and approach shots. Then in the next step, I replace the SAFE golf balls with regular golf balls for the chip, pitch shots, and putting. The putting area is a two-foot radius, marked by a five-gallon bucket. I use the 4O5 Training Drill to help set up the 8-10 Rule, where eight shots out of ten total shots must hit the drop zone. This is a statistical analysis in actual play. If you double the 4O5 Training Drill, you will get 8-10, which is an 80 percent accuracy rate.

For more information on the 8-10 Rule and the 4O5 Training Drill that is similar to a scrimmage-type football practice, purchase your copy of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach from the following links:

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