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The QATSPY Golfer’s Sports Page: Golf Swing Tips

The QATSPY Golfer's Sports Page: Golf Swing Tips

By: Charles W. Boatright


The Golf Coach APP – Tactic to Improve Your Handicap

Golf Coach App

The 2016 NCAA Women’s Golf Champions, The University of Washington Women’s Golf Team.

There is one golf coach app technique that can secure more wins and more top five finishes for the golfer or golf teams. This golf coach app technique was especially proven during the 2016 Women’s NCAA Golf Championship, held at the Eugene, Oregon Country Club.

The University of Washington ladies’ golf team was facing the University of Stanford, 2015 NCAA Ladies’ Golf Champions, in the final match. It was almost predictable that the University of Washington Women’s golf team was going to win the match, based on this one golf coach technique that Coach Mary Lou Mulflur used, This golf coach technique uses statistic.

Coach Mary Lou Mulflur, the Washington women’s head golf coach, gave her player, Sarah Rhee, some of the best advice a coach can give a golfer on the golf course. Sarah Rhee made a wayward tee shot that landed in the right rough off the 18th hole. Then Sarah asked Coach Mulflur what she needed to do. Coach Mulflur replied, “Keep your approach shot as close as possible; don’t worry about your tee shot, just deal with what the course gives you.”

This was great advice in a game management situation under championship conditions. It’s true that the tee shot sets up a great hole and provides the golfer confidence off the tee box, but the tee shot is not the most critical shot on a hole. Your next shot is the critical shot, but it more specifically, your approach shot into the green. Statistics support this golf coach app, or coaching philosophy. You undoubtedly heard the quote, “You drive for show, but you putt for dough.” But given the following statistics, even your putt is not the critical shot on a hole, It is your approach into the green that is your critical golf shot.

The Critical Golf Shot to Lower the Golfer’s Score

From statistics collected from female college golfers over the past five years, the women college golfers hit about 70 percent of the fairways and hit the GIR (Greens in Regulation) about 50 percent of the time. Compare these two statistics with a third statistic from both men and women college golfers on putting. The statistics indicate why your approach shot into the green is your critical shot for lowering the golfer’s score:


  • 99% of putts from 3 feet
  • 69% of 6-foot putts
  • 54% of 8-foot putts
  • 31% of putts between 10 and 15 feet


Analysis– If the distance of the putt is reduced from 8 feet down to 3 feet, the golfer doubles the percentage, or chances of holing the putt.

This is the reason in Section 12.1.3 of my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, that I establish mental targets for each golf shot to give me the smallest target possible and smallest margin of error. But I’m like most golfers, on some holes like par 3’s, I’m just glad to be on the dance floor, much less where.

The MISSING LINK in Your Golf Game

Golf Coach App

From the putting statistics, to make better than par scores, the golfer’s approach shot into the green must be within six feet target area of the pin to save a stroke, this is similar to how a place-kicker approaches their field goal attempt. The place-kicker isn’t thinking about the area inside the uprights, they are more interested in one spot to place their kick.

This golf coach technique is similar to how the place-kicker is setting up to make a field goal or extra point. They are actually working from a small target outward. In golf, the golf coach technique is like a golfer working from the green back to the tee box. The critical golf shot that the golf has to make is their approach shot.

For the middle to lower handicap amateur golfer, making par or better, it’s not off the tee box, that saves strokes, but the approach shot into the green that saves strokes, based on these putting statistics. So, this should take some of the pressure off the golfer standing on the tee box, where we can have the most impact on our golf coach app in game management. The golfer has the greatest impact on their golf game inside 160 yards of the pin.

As indicated by these statistics for female NCAA golfers, the approach shot is the MISSING LINK in improving your golf game. If we, as amateur (middle to lower handicap) golfers, could work on one element to improve their golf coach app, it would be to improve our approach shot into the green, including chips and pitches. By improving our approach shots from within 160 yards, we could see a 30 to 35 percent improvement in our scoring opportunities.

If we could improve our golf coach app in our game, this would be to improve our approach shot where we could go from 45 or 50 percent putting efficiency to 70 percent efficiency, like the statistics for the tee shot in the fairway. This would translate into at least 30 to 35 percent improvement in our scoring opportunities. If you are a 12 handicapper, for example, improving your golf coach app in the approach shot just by just by 30 percent could improve your handicap from 12 down to either a 9 or an 8. A single-digit handicap would be real impressive for any amateur golfer.

The Great Qatsby Golf Coach App

In Section 12.1.3, I use a dart board golf coach app to improve my strategy in my golf game management. Because working with images engages your subconscious mind, or the golfer’s muscle memory. The subconscious mind works better with images rather than with swing thoughts. This is what sport psychologists call Mental Imagery in Sports.

This is how a baseball pitcher works the strike zone and the count. Most pitchers have a very defined image where they want each pitch to go. They don’t think about their techniques, mechanics, or the entire strike zone during their pitches, but on a very small placement of their pitch. They usually think about the grids inside the strike zone, i.e., lower inside corner of the strike zone for their pitches. Greg Maddux was considered a Rembrandt because he could paint the corners of the strike zone.


Golf Coach App

I had probably one of the best mental coaches and playing partners in golf, my grandfather, Homer Q. Boatright, whose nickname was Qatsby. He got this name due to his hats that he always wore. He always played the percentages with every golf shot; because golf coach app is not about perfection, but about percentages.

To help me carry my golf coach app training to the golf course, I use the 8-10 Rule. This strategy states that out of 10 golf shots made from one spot, I could make eight golf of the 10 shots to a well-defined drop zone. This drop zone is the diameter of a circle, in feet, based on the percentage of the yardage where I want to land my golf shot.

To develop your own dart board, golf coach app to lower your handicap, purchase your copy of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach below:

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